Comics, Comics, and How?...

Comics, Comics, and HOW?…

This Blog is about The Comics, Their Comic History-Ages, Who were these Famous Comic Artists, What happened to these Famous Comic Artists, What a Comic Artist Earns, and What are the Employment Prospects, and the Future, for the Comic and Illustration Artists, in 2018 and Beyond. I will introduce my version, at this Comic Creating, and explain, which area of Comic Art I would like, to be employed in, and why?

Comic History— The American Comics started in 1842, with the Translation of Rodolphe Topffers work, The Adventure of Obadiah Oldbuck. Then local artist took this medium and created the first American comics. The development of the daily newspaper made the comics popular, by reaching a wider number of readers. The first years established the, (canonical codes, recurring, speech balloons etc), the first genres (family strips, adventure tales). These characters acquired national celebrity and were the subject of cross-media adaptations, and newspapers, were in the battle to acquire, the most popular authors.

The second major evolution happened in 1934, with the comic book, which had a great release, it was the first reprints of the comic strips. In 1938, Superman appeared, which is called the Golden Age of Comic Books. During World War II,  Superheroes and Funny animals, were the popular genres. Later newer genres developed, (Western, romance, science fiction), these reached out to more readers. At the beginning of the 1950’s, as Television emerged, Comic book sales began to decline. Comic books were attacked, as the Media, to Harm Young people. In 1956 the Silver Age of comic books started as the preference, for Superheroes. Children’s comics were, highly popular. The popular heroes, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, appeared in Marvel Comics. These publishing’s lead to the Bronze Age of Comics Books, (from the early 1970’s to 1985’s). These changes were bought about, by many aspects of the comic’s world. The Modern Age seemed a New age, in which writers and artists, recreated the Classic characters, which attracted millions of readers. This was all affected, by the Financial stability, of the agents. The major crisis for comics happened in the 2000’s, linked to the press, just as the Web–comics appeared…

The Funnies– The late nineteenth century, introduced the Mass comics, which were found in the Humour pages of Newspapers. It was in 1892, that William, Randolph, Hearst published, Cartoons in his First newspaper. (The above information, is from the Wikipedia–Free Encyclopedia).

Working on the Comic Art Creation, in which I have drawn and coloured in the Three Stooge’s, and Bobble and Tinkerbell. I have realised, that if I had to choose which area of Comic Art to look for employment, I would choose Illustrations for Movies and Games and Videos. My, particular art Style which is the Realist Impressionist Style, is perfect to creating, People and Characters. If I had not attempted this Type of Art Work, I would not have realised, my Potential and Talent, for creating in this type of Art Comic Creating? and Potential, for Earning Power?…

The Three Stooger’s, Comic Illustration, By Marie Crimi, 2018.

( In the Three Stooge’s Drawing, I used a 2B Lead drawing pencil, and in the Coloured picture, I used Crayola crayons and then outlined the picture, in Fine Art Liner Marker.)  The Crayola Ultimate Crayons are Excellent to use and priced well, at, (for great works.) For Fine and Thick Line Markers to complete, the Comic Art Creations, I used–




Bobble and Tinkerbell, Comic Illustration, By Marie Crimi, 2018.

 ( Drawing in 2B Lead pencil, and in the Coloured picture, I completed in Oil Pastels and Thick Line Marker. ) The Mont Marte Crayon Studio Art, Oil Pastels, sets, can be bought at–



The Greatest Comic Book Artists of All Time– Pencil on paper is how the comics started. In 1938, Superman came into our lives, in the First issue of Action Comics. From this point on Illustrators and Artists have been pre-occupied with the burning desire to create Superheroes. The designing of thses characters, who protect their worlds and live in synergy with words on a page, is art in itself. Comic Book artists, have a huge worldwide following. These Gods, range from the British, Dave Gibbons, to the American legend, Jack Kirby. Comics are preserved as a (low Art Form), but the comics, have a big influence on the pop culture. These following Ten artists, are the Artists who have Excelled in painting Comic pictures, in our Mindscapes.

  1. John Romitax Jr, born-17 August 1956, in New York City.
  2. Brian Bollard, born- 26 March 1951, Butterwick, Lincolnshire, UK.
  3. Will Eisner, born-1917, Brooklyn.
  4. Jim Steranko, born-5 November 1938, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.
  5. Osamu Tezuka, born-3 November 1928, Takarazuka, Osaka, Japan.
  6. Steve Ditko, born-2 November 1927, Johnston Town, Pennsylvania, USA.
  7. Frank Miller, born-27 January 1957, Olney, Maryland, raised in Montpelier in Vermont, USA.
  8. Dave Gibbons, born-14 April 1949, in England.
  9. Steve Dillon, born, Luton, England.
  10. Jack Kirby, born-28 August 1917, in New York City.

The above information was found in, (

UTUBE–Videos, that I think are very Interesting to watch.

  1. Comic Book Greats, Jack Davis Harvey, Kurtzman, Stan Lee.
  2. Illustrations and Drawing Tips: How to become a Comic Book Artist.
  3. Artist Paolo Rivera gives a Tour of His Studio (Part 1).
  4. Where have all the Great Comic Artists Gone?. Very Interesting.

Which Media do Comic Artists Use, to Create Comics?…– Inking IS one of the most misunderstood disciplines of the Comic Art World. The craft is actually quite complicated, with a variety of tools and methods used to complete the comics.

  1. To start Inking, you need a surface to work on, in most cases paper is needed. Bristol / Board is the comics industry choice, and Strathmore and Canson paper, being the brands you find in any Art store. The smoother the paper the better the results.
  2. If your are going to use a Brush, Quill or Refillable pen, most artists rely on India black ink. There are several Acrylic inks that work well. Tools that require old fashioned Ink wells or Require filling, are, Brushes and Quills. You can find brushes in all varieties, Shapes, Sizes and Price range. Most inking requires, a Pointed rounded brush. It allows the inker to vary the Line, tiny to thick, in a Single stroke, and it will produce consistent lines. Quills are easy to use, you only need One quill nib: The Hunt #102. This gives a mix of Fine detail, to Thick lines, the versatility of using this tool, is Totally, different to any brush work.
  3. The Disposable option for inking, there are dozens of brands, styles and uses of markers. Popular in the West are the, Manga. The Best Professional Markers, are the Copic, Micron and the Prisma colour. Copic Multi– liners are the Excellent choice, over all the other markers in this range. The Sharpies are good, for notes and rough work, but they are not good to work on comics, because they bleed badly, and are not worth the Effort or Money.

This information was all in the: (Underdogs: Tools of the Trade: Traditional Inking- September 9-2014.–Made by Brock Beauchamp–is the artist/writer/creator/organ grinders monkey, for the Web comic Variables by SelfCentEnt.).

Some Texts, on what Media, Comic Artists Use?

  1. How the Comic book is made-material, history used…
  2. Best Comic book Creator 2018-software for making Comics.
  3. Comic book Publishers, faced with Flagging sales, look to.

Some Amazon Texts–On Comic Art Creating.

  1. Amazon Comic Art-
  2. Comics Sketchbooks: The Private worlds of……
  3. The Silver Age of Comic Book Art.

What is Needed to be A Comic Artist?– Training and Education–Cartoon artists get paid $38,000 a year, says College Crunch. The demand for cartoonartist is high. This fieldis very competitive, many cartoon artists get College degrees, in Art,Graphic art or Artistic design, their start Happens when they are contracted for a Trade publication, Newspaper or a Magazine.

Which are the other places that Cartoon Artists find Employment?— In animated cartoons for Large Entertainment Companies, which pay the Highest wages. Such as Pixar, DreamWorks and Blizzard. Which pay the artists $65,000–$150,000, to produce Movies, Television comics and Illustrations, used on their Websites, and Computer and Video games.

How much Does a Comic Artist earn in 2018?– Cartoon artists–also create Advertisements for Advertising agencies and Large companies, and can earn from $15,000 – $80,000. Some artists are hired as Freelancers and others are full-time in House, Illustrators, who produce Brochures, Television Ads, and Ads for Websites.

Cartoon Artists who work for Newspapers, Magazines and Comic books, get an average salary of $28 an hour, according to the Labor Statistics website. Lesser known Artists get $15 to $20 per Illustration. The employment of Cartoon Artists is projected to increase by 12 percent through 2018, and Beyond, according to the Bureau of Statistics. Information in, How Much does a Cartoon Artist Earn?. (June 11, 2011, By Maria McCarron.)

In Conclusion on this exploration into Comic Art and Illustration Artists, we can conclude with out a doubt, that YES, there is a Great Employment Opportunity for Excellent Artists, in the High End of Art Illustrations, in the TOP, Movies and Video Games, Industry.


For Sale, The Three Stooger’s, Comic Illustration, By Marie Crimi, 2018.

1. $15, for A4, Photo Quality Colour Print, Includes Postage and Handling. 2. $80, for Original–A3 size, Watercolour- Acid free paper, add extra $15, for Postage and Handling.



For Sale, Bobble and Tinkerbell, Comic Illustration, By Marie Crimi, 2018.

1. $15 for A4, Photo Quality Colour Print, includes Postage and Handling. 2. $80 for, A3, The Original Painting, on Watercolour paper- Acid free, add an extra $15 for Postage and Handling.


Thank you for Visiting My Blog this week, I look forward to your visits and comments, and suggestions too. See you all Next Week. Have an Excellent and Successful Week. I  am,





Finally Finally, Hello, I am finally organised to start my Art Creations Blog.

My name is Marie Crimi, and I am West Australian. I have lived in West Australia all my life. I have travelled a lot over the years, usually on my work holidays, the longest holidays I went on were, to Europe in 1995, for six weeks. I went on a Tour of Western and Eastern Europe, and I had the best experience. I had great travel companions who I met on the tour, a Trafalgar Tour for under 35 year olds. I also met some lovely People on my journey, and mostly great Hotel Reception Staff. The other longest holiday I had was when I went to Hong Kong for one month, I had friends who lived in Hong Kong and I had the time and experience of my life, I also took tours into China. I will always remember Honk Kong as long as I live, it was the most amazing experience, and the shopping experience was to die for, so good, quality merchandise and cheap to.

My Art Journey started in 2008, because I had been a creative type mostly shopping and looking for beautifully styled, coloured and unusual fabrics. The reason I was so attracted to fabrics, is that I had always as a teenager, had an interest in making my clothes. The reason for this was that, I had time on my hands to do creative work, and I enjoyed the challenge of teaching myself to fashion design, from texts that I bought, and others through my public library. The most important reasons were that, I loved colours, also I had a lot of social functions to go to and the reason is also, the interest rates were high, and I was making good money, so when the big fabric stores had their sales, at the end of each season, I made the effort to go into the city, and buy fabrics at 60 – 80% discount. Talk about a bargain, you have no idea, how blessed this situation made me. My friends were buying Big Designer labels, and using up all the money they earned.  To this day, I have all the excellent clothes I made, then. Yes still very fashionable  and highly appealing. But yes, all good things come to  an end.

For most of my life I made and wore, unique fashion, but enough is enough. I thought and thought, and I decided it would be cool to be interested in Art Creating, and an art studio would be a lot more manageable. Art mediums are colourful, affordable easy to store, and easy to move out and on. So art chose me, Art Creating it IS…

The mediums I like to use are, Acrylics, Pastels–Hard and Soft, Textures, Crayons, Watercolour Pencils , Oil Pastels and coloured papers for mixed media, collage…

I have been doing art for ten years, and I have never had an Art Creation Block, when I need to do the art I get busy, and the art happens. I am self taught once again from art magazines and library texts. This eight years I have for most of the time occasionally, been part of an art group at the gallery that exhibits our work. I belong, to two art society, in my local area, I have been lucky so far. Both societies, have three or four times a year, an art gallery that exhibits our art creations. Last year in September  I was Resident Artist at this, Art Gallery. My work does sell, occasionally.

My drawing skills are excellent, in thirty minutes I produce a picture. When it comes to the painting part, I need time to plan well and then I paint in many sittings to complete a reasonable piece of Art work. I have my unique art style, I think because I am self taught it has excelled, the art style process in my situation. I prefer to work in my art studio at home, because in a group situation, people seem to interrupt my work process and I lose the Flow of  doing. In art classes, people are shows and take over the class, so no work or learning. When I am in my space, I feel happy and empowered, and I accomplish great art creations.

The art work I create is usually for Art Exhibitions or for Golden Palette, which are always on a particular topic chosen by different members of the art societies, I belong too. When I am resident artist, I produce the art of my choosing. I also draw and paint gift cards, for Christmas and special occasions each year, I will be planning to sell these on Etsy Sell. I do Monument Art, it is usually of a religious nature, and the art has a high exposure and appeal to people…

The size of my art work is A3, in size. I present my art work for exhibitions, in store bought frames, the reason is, the frames are affordable and I can sell my art work for less, than if I had frames made and fitted by a professional art supplier.

I enjoy the process of working on researching about art, reading, drawing, painting and then exhibiting my work. Art Appeals to me greatly, I like to share what I do and hopefully make a profit also. Most of all I like to see what other people produce, with their art creations… I think that most of all, I love working with colours, in the different art mediums… Different paper and canvas choices are excellent also, for art works. It is great to go shopping for art materials and mediums too…

The art I make is Realist–Impressionist, I have a particular style. The style is loose and free, and very colourful. I usually prepare collage paper cut up into shapes, that are glued on top of watercolour paper. Then I draw a picture in heavy HB lead pencil or in black pen. I then proceed to use acrylic paints and other art medium, depends on the effect, the painting need, to be completed. After completion of the art work, I put the painting aside for two weeks, when I come back I have a fresh perspective, and I know exactly what the painting need to be completed, and then it is ready for framing and labelling.

Usually the painting only needs highlights and outlining in thin or thick texture. I think that most of all I like to frame my art work, and make up the label and put a sale price on the finished framed painting. This gives me great pleasure, because I feel, I have accomplished a genius, unique piece of work, and the work I have done is work that I feel is work worth doing, exactly what I adore doing…

Art work to me represents, a deep and unique, genius creation regardless of whatever the public thinks, artwork is very special to the artist who produces the work, it is an expression of the persons inner world, and that is great and greater in itself. No one has the right, to judge art as inferior or unsuitable for public display… or appeal…

All Art contributes to all of society, and as a cultural acquisition, that should be treasured and loved completely…Making no difference, who the artist is.

I would like to complete my first blog, and say that I look forward in my future blogs each week, to make art contact with you All, by showing you all, what steps are needed, and mediums are used to create my art work. I will use photos and materials, and hopefully give you a new perspective and art outlet, to learn and continue to improve on. I hope you will keep in touch and make helpful comments, and continue to participate in my blogs. I will be giving tips from art research each week, that I accumulate from reading art texts and art magazines, and checking out other Artists  Blogs, and U Tube… Also I will keep you updated on my daily work and life  . Thanking you, and I hope we can be TRUE ARTIST FRIENDS, on our journey in art and life…Bye See You All Next Week…I am,






On Native Australian Flowers, and My Art Creation.

Today I am aiming to bring to you all the important information on the Western Australian Wild Flower, The Red and Green Kangaroo Paw. These natives are unique and beautiful to Western Australia. I have chosen this wild flower because it appeals to me, especially, and then I will be proceeding in the  Art Creation, of the native flower I have chosen,  the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw.  Hopefully this Art creation, is a beautiful representation of one of the Iconic native flowers, of Western Australia. I am planning to use, Acrylic Paints, fine liner texture, and to finish the painting, in hard and soft pastels.

I will be giving the, information, on the Western Australian Native Flowers. Some questions I try and answer, are why the Native plants and Wild Flowers appeal to people, in Australia and in other countries, and who have, and are the Australian Artists who paint these unique and beautiful flowers? Most importantly are these native flowers sold, and to whom and why?.

Australia has the Largest Floral Show On Earth. The wild flower collection in Western Australia, has more than 12,000 species, over 60%  are not found anywhere else in the world. These wild flowers colour the landscapes in Australia, from the Coast to the Forests and the Cities, to the Australian Outback. The six month flowering season begins in the North of Western Australia, in June and July on the wide plains of the Pilbara, Goldfield and the Coral Coast, where the vibrant blooms contrast with the sandy, earth, rugged Canyons and the Turquoise sea. By September, the flowering season has moved south and reached Perth’s Botanical gardens, Nature reserves and National parks, finishing with a profusion in October and November, that  dazzle the spectator with, colour, abundance and sheer diversity in shape and size. Through the Forests and Coastal regions, of the Southwest of Western Australia.  David  Attenborough, wrote that in the Southwest Region of Western Australia there are 400 species of the Native Orchids, which make up 10%  of the 25,000 Orchid species that are out in the world. ( Information all, in the Wildflowers of Western Australia ).

Anne Hayes ( FL. 2010 – ) Paints Australian Wild Flowers since 2010, and paints the wild flowers in watercolours. Her Native plants and Wild Flower Water colours, are in collections in Australia and Overseas.

Patricia Weeks, (2018 – – of Alice Springs, Central Australia, Australia),  is a Wild Flower and Australian Native Plant and Australian Outback , Landscape Artist. Weeks Oil paintings are in Collections in Australia and Overseas.

Alison Marjorie Ashby – (1901 – 1987), was an Australian Botanical Artist and Plant Collector.

It may seem that Australian Native and Wildflowers are difficult to buy. No it is easy to buy Australian, Natives and Wildflowers from on line leading florists. The best place to shop online for Native Plants, is ( ) who specializes in Australian Natives. The Top Florists export and deliver Native Australian Plants, both in Australia and Overseas. people buy the Australian Natives because they have a long shelf life, unique, unusual and beautiful. The flowers are a conversation opener, and this also makes the flowers a great selling point.

The following photo shows, the watercolour paper collage, I have prepared to start of the process in my Native Flower creation. I have used the Mont Marte–Silver Series, Light green to paint over the card coloured cut outs, which I glued onto the watercolour paper.



In this next step, I plan to draw firstly in HB Dark Lead pencil, from a free photo search on the Internet, of a West Australian native flowers. I will then trace over this line, with a fine line texture, so that it will be easier to see the picture, and to work on the, painting, through to the completion stage.



I have chosen the West Australian Kangaroo Paw. The Red and Green Kangaroo Paws, are a West Australian Icon. It is only found in the South West of West Australia.  Kangaroo Paws are an unscented flower, they are not insect pollinated. They usually grow between ten or more hairy flowers, that open one at a time and these can be seen unfolding from August to October (winter to spring). This plant should not be treated as a perennial , it does not attract bees or birds, but it grows well in sandy soils, growing to a height to two metres. The Kangaroo Paw was proclaimed the Floral Emblem of West Australia in 1960. It is classed and protected and is seen on uniforms and vehicles of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. (This, Information was found, in the Wildflowers of West

The following photo shows the drawing, I have done, and, then outlined in Black fine liner texture, which makes the picture easy to see, and work on, in the next stage of the painting.


In the following article by Aine Divine, her ideas and creative processes are exactly the steps which I use, to create my unique mixed media, collage, and art creations. I thought I would give you a view into her creative process and art work. In my case, I use Wild Flowers  of Western Australia, and Aine Divine paints flowers.

Aine Divine (in the Artist Palette), says that she finds inspiration in the what is out there daily, to create bold and beautiful artworks. Aine says that flowers are a subject, that are perfectly suited to mixed media. In which shapes and colours are expressed, through mixed media,  the flowers, are then filled, with life and energy. The joy of mixed media, collage is when you initially make a start, and are willing to experiment, with colours and papers, you are then bound to create a painting, that is unique, original each time, you attempt to make a painting.

The top tip Aine gives, is to apply a shady colour, underpainting, with a large brush, in all directions, and to not be to precious with getting a perfect result. Then instantly you should see, a great result. Then you can draw and continue to complete a painting, that will be full of atmosphere, colour and be a creative art, master painting. I can relate to Aine Divine’s ideas because I work in exactly the same style, and use similar art technique. Before coming across this article that Aine Divine wrote, I had not seen an explanation, that referred to exactly in the way I worked, in this particular, art creation style. The power of the written word?

The following photo is the start of the Acrylic painting.  I have used the colours Burnt umber for the trees and for the colour of the soil, that is around the Kangaroo paws. The colours of the Kangaroo Paw I have used are, Scarlet, light green, black and for the whites on the tree trucks, I have used Titanium white. The next stage is to continue in the hard and soft pastels, to complete, the mixed media, collage painting.



This is the completed mixed media, collage, I have Art Created of the Western Australian, Red and Green Kangaroo Paw, which is the Icon, for the State of Western Australia.

The Red and Green Kangaroo Paw of Western Australia, By Marie C, 2018.



I am adding a mixed media, collage painting on Native Plants, that I put in an exhibition earlier, this year 2018.

Bansksias, Bottlebrush, Grevilleas, Native Plants, Of Australia, By Marie C, 2018.


Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoyed my sharing today. I look forward to seeing you all, in the next Blog.



















MY VERSION--on a Seascape, Art Creation.

MY VERSION–On A Seascape, Art Creation

This is a prepared A3 Collaged–Watercolour paper, which has been painted over, with Mont Marte –Silver Series Acrylic Paints.  These are the Acrylic paints, I prefer to use for all my work. On this collaged paper, I  will draw a Seascape picture.


To draw the Seascape picture, I used a Dark black HB lead pencil. I found this picture on the internet, in, for free photos search on Seascapes, landscapes in Australia search.

When I drew this picture, in HB pencil, the drawing was very light, in the outline  I then used a fine liner texture, to reinforce the outline of the drawing. This  makes it easy to work on the next stage, in the painting of the Seascape


To start the painting of the seascape, I used the acrylic Mont Marte,  Raw umber, which is a slight darker, lighter brown colour. This is my favourite brown colour, I use this colour in most of my paintings. It is my favourite colour because it is a light colour and  a happy colour, and it is very easy to mix with other colours, like oranges, yellows and black. In conclusion, it gives good texture in my artwork creations. I think the colour is pleasant, to look at, in  finished paintings.

I painted the mountains in the background of the painting, and the rocks, pebbles, and the trees on the right side of the painting, in the Raw umber. Later in the process, these trees I will be painting in greens.


I used Titanium white to paint the suggestion of the sea waves, in the middle ground of the painting. I then painted in the sea, in Cobalt blue. This  blue, I use in my other landscape scenery paintings, and the colour is the magic colour in all the paintings I create. This colour, is also my favourite colour.

In A Marine Situation, Bombora—by Lance Ross . According to this article–the Artist says in order to paint the sea and waves well, you need to study the sea wave patterns, how the waves break , their translucency, and the way in which the wind blows its sea spray- -in which direction. As an Artist you also need to know, how sea storms affect, the sky and the sea shore. Lance Ross says, that as Seascape artists, we need to work on memorising the seascapes nature, completely, and then to transfer these images, onto paper or canvas, to give an accurate account of the sea scape as a whole area.  (From the Artists Palette, Art Magazine, p58).

In the next step, I will be painting the trees on the right side, of the painting  and the big trees, leaves , this tree is lying on the sea shore. The green colour I use for this is, Light green– semi matt.  I mix this colour with a tiny amount of raw umber, yellow or black, depending on the colour I need to use. These colours, give me the effective green colour I need to paint, the trees, and the leaves. I use this Green paint, mixed up in the green in combinations in nearly, every painting I paint.

I did, do some research on how to paint trees and their leaves, in the art magazine back issues, I could not find the information I was looking for. I tried to look in the U Tube search site, and I found: (Stay Creative Painting, Sept 25, 2014) . The demonstrator says you can use orange, red and yellow for leaf colours as well, as , like the different shades of greens, it all depends on the seasons. To start the painting of leaves, is to put in layers of tapping dark green on the first layer, and then second layer a lighter dark green. Just tapping  the colour to imply the leaves, randomly. You must be rough and random in the leaf area, with the paint, and use small brush strokes in specific areas only. To finish the trees, leaves, fill out, the leaf area, with very light green leaves.

In the next step I will need to work on the sea shore, and embellish the colour of the rocks. Then one step before completing the painting, I outline the tree, and mountains, in fine liner texture.

In the final stage of the seascape, I paint in the light path, the direction in which the sunlight moves across, the seascape.

Majestic Tree on The SEASHORE, By Marie C, 2018.


I am including this painting that I put in an art exhibition in 2017, which has been created in the same way. The painting gives you an idea of the Unique Art Creations, I create.

Murray River Basin, NSW, Australia, By Marie C, 2017.


Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions. See you all in my next Blog.

ACRYLICS AND WHY?..., Uncategorized

Acrylics and Why?…

Initially I did not start my Art Journey in Acrylic Painting. No No, I started my Art Journey in Watercolour paints, and I used the Cotman, Artist Quality, Watercolour paints. The reason I chose these watercolour paints, was because I was new to art and I had read text on watercolours in the public  library, and I thought it would be a good medium for me to work in. I thought, I could just mix water to the colours, and it would be non toxic and easy to use, and clean up and pack up, after working on art all Day. When I actually went into the Jackson Art Store in my local area, and looked at the watercolour  brands in stock at the Jackson’s  store, I realised that watercolours were affordable , and there were so many excellent colours that did not need any Mixing. I was completely overtaken, I thought easy to use, to clean up, easy to store away,and portable as well… So Watercolours it Was. The watercolour paper I used was, Arches, Watercolour, Rough Paper, 300– GSM.

I joined an Art Gallery, where I paid a joining fee per year, to belong to. I could go into the gallery four times a week, for free and to sit and paint with other already accomplished Artists. who were already members. I would go into the gallery two times a week, and on the Saturdays go in to walk through the new art exhibitions every three weeks. This was always very interesting for me to walk through the Gallery, because being new to the art scene, I loved to check out what exhibiting artists, were creating in the art scene. I realised two things, one, that my work was unique in style and technique and secondly, that my work had merit and appeal too. Initially the artists who found fault with my art, were the artists who were trying to convince me that I needed art lessons, to be a better artist. Basically it was that the artists were greedy, they wanted to make money, from my newness, to the art scene. So I kept working on my art quietly and in 2015, I put two painting in a Christmas Exhibition, and I was told I had initially won prizes for both the paintings, I had put in to the exhibition. When I asked the important questions, as to why I was disqualified, I was told by  president of the art society, that something about the framing, not being professional enough, and that the work, was excellent…

Losing out on the big money prizes was not the problem, I got to be acknowledged that my work was of artist appeal and high quality. My sister was with me that moment, and she acknowledged, validated  that I had made progress in my art journey, and that to me was the biggest prize, I could have won. Which was the acknowledgement by my family member… that YES, I was a Great Artist as well. Yes I was right in thinking that I did not need, art classes, I could study, and accomplish high art creativity on my own merits…

Finally, Why I got into Acrylic Painting, I had been visiting  different art galleries for years and looking at paintings, and I realised that watercolour was not a popular medium, people that made art purchases, preferred to buy, Acrylics and Oil Paintings…

I thought I want to sell my creative art work and have my own unique art presence In the art world, therefore I will need to create Art Work that has the possibility of selling greatly.   I also thought, Acrylic painting colours are a lot more Brilliant than Watercolours. From this thought I decided, to read and investigate what Acrylic Paints and painting was about, and why people were buying this form of art creation?…

I read in texts and magazines about Acrylic Paints, and all of the materials said that Acrylics are good to use because, you can use them as watercolours, you can use them to look like oil painting. Acrylics are also non toxic,  and dry very quickly. Acrylics are durable, non yellowing and flexible. They resist aging, like cracking, thinning and wrinkling, in the art work. The colours are permanent, once dry you can not resurrect them. So the artist can build layers of colours, without removing, the before layers of colour.

Acrylic paints are a professional medium, to paint with, and Acrylics have a greater advantage over oil paints. Acrylics dry by the evaporation of water , whereas oils need time and air to dry, and this method takes weeks or months. With  the acrylics you can work at a faster pace and Acrylics are easier to use.

Acrylics are a newer medium, they are a unique medium all on their own, and are not associated with Contemporary or Abstract art.

My goal when using Acrylics, is to work at my own pace, and to use the colours, because they are  brilliant and easy to use, and they dry instantly. The end result is always a Masterpiece of Creative Art.

The reason I avoided Acrylics initially, was that Acrylics were an unknown medium to me, and I had no idea, what the cost was, to buy them. When I noticed artists work, and their work appeared brilliant in colours and texture, and It was hard to work out if the art work was acrylic paint or oils,  I was instantly attracted, to Acrylics.

I have been using Acrylics, since 2013. I enjoy working with Acrylics, because I love the brilliance of the colours , texture purposes, and the end result…

Since 2013 I have been painting in Acrylics. My Art Creations are, New, Unique and Masterpieces. I paint in the Impressionist Realist Style. I paint Australian subjects chosen by society members, in landscapes, Australian Native Plants, Countries I have visited in the world, people, and anything else that appeals to me at any time. I find all these ideas for paintings in photos I have, magazines, texts, newspapers, and from free photo, web searches on the internet.

I also go to as many exhibitions as I can, and check the art work out, for ideas and technique. This method also gives me courage to keep doing and improving on my art creations. Also it gives me great and excellent pleasure to realise that my work is sometimes a lot better, than what is out there in the Art World at any time. To be honest I think this feeling is that I have picked up, that each and every Artist Values and Appreciates their work greatly, above all others art works. I can understand this completely, because in general, it is the inner world of the artist that shows through their unique, and positive creations, and yes, we all acknowledge ourselves as great creators and doers in our lives. To end this discussion, I can honestly say we are doing and acting, in a natural way, completely. When we think like this, we can say, that we are truly normal and Blessed Indeed…

I would like to introduce you to the first two, steps in my Acrylic, Mixed Media, Collage, Art Creations, in this photo I have taken. The first step is the cutting out of shapes in coloured textured paper, and the photo shows, the wash of blue acrylic paint, painted over the top of the shapes.

I will continue the progress and explanation, of the painting in my next Blog. See you all there.