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Movies, Movies, Movies… 

In this Blog I am aiming to present to you, the How, Why and When of Movie Posters. I will also be giving you important information about the Visual Artist, and their importance in the Film industry. I will be using the Fair Use Law, of the USA, to create my version of a Movie Poster, for this Blog. The poster I will be creating, is of Wonder Woman. I have decided to create the painting in Acrylic paints and complete the painting in Oil Pastels. I will give you information about these two media, that I will be using. I will give you the name of the Art books, and links to Videos on Art creativity, which I have sourced through,…

A film poster is used to promote and advertise a film. Studios print several posters that vary in size and content for Domestic and International markets. They usually contain an image with text. In todays posters the photographs are of the main actors. Before the 1990s, illustrations were common. The text on film posters usually contains, the film title in large lettering, and the name of the actors. It may include a tagline, the name of the director, names of the characters, and the release date and more…

This is the Drawing of the Wonder Woman, Poster, which is from a part of a movie photo shoot. I have used a B2 Drawing Pencil.


This is the Acrylic painting,  part of the Wonder Woman Poster, I have created. In this painting, I use for the back ground, Mont Marte–Silver Series–Acrylic Paints, Cobalt blue, Titanium white, and Lamp black. For the Wonder Woman Outfit, and Skin colour, I use Micador Acrylics, Lemon yellow, Crimson red, Titanium white, and Black.


Film posters are displayed inside, or on the outside of movie theatres, on the street and in shops. The same images appear in the film exhibitions, press book, websites, DVD, packaging, flyers, advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

Film posters, have been used since the earliest public exhibition of films. They began as outside placards listing the programme of,  (short) films to be shown inside the Hall, or the Movie Theatre. By the early 1900’s, they featured illustrations of a film scene or an array of overlaid images, from several scenes. Other posters have used Artistic interpretations of a scene, or even the theme of the film, represented in a wide variety of Artistic styles.

History— Originally, film posters were produced for the exclusive use of the theatres exhibiting the film, and these were then required to be returned to the distributor. After the film left the theatre, the posters were returned to the National Screen Saver Service, (NSS). Which printed and distributed most of the film posters for the studios, in the 1940 – 1984. The posters were then recycled and sent to other theatres, while the film was still running, sometimes for years. When the posters were worn out, they were thrown away.

Collecting—  After the NSS, ceased printing and distributing operations, in 1985, posters ended up in the hands of private collectors and dealers, some posters became very valuable. The record prize, for a Poster on November 15, 2005, $690,000 was paid for the Poster, of Fritz Lang’s 1927, film, Metropolis, sold from, the Real Poster Gallery in London. Note: that Most Modern Posters are not as valuable.

Some Notable Film Poster Artists– Normally the Artist is not identified on the film poster, in most cases, the artist is anonymous. Several artists have become well-known, because of their outstanding illustrations, on film posters. Some examples of Artists, are John Alvin, Richard Amsel, Saul Bass, Reynold Brown, Renato Casaro, Burt Kleeger and John Solie.

This is the complete painting of My Wonder Woman Poster, it is Not Anonymous, I used, the Fair Use–Limitations of copy right law, USA. I did use my Visual Artist Imagination, in the Colour choice, and Media, to Complete this Movie Poster.  The colours I used to complete this painting, were, the Oil Pastels–Creative Pastels, colours, Dark Purple, Dark Blue and White. ( For the Facial features, I used Watercolours– (  I used a Black, Fine Liner Texture, to outline the whole of the painting features, in this painting.

Wonder Woman.   Mixed Media.   By Marie Crimi.   2018. 


Awards– The Annual Key Art Awards, sponsored by the Hollywood Reporter, includes, best film poster in the categories of comedy, drama, action adventure, teaser and international film. In 2006, the original poster, The Silence of The Lambs, was nominated, the Best Film Poster,  ” of the past 35 years “.  (All the above information, From, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Where and How Artists Get Ideas?– “An idea is our visual reaction to something seen, in real-life, in our memory, in our imagination, and in our dreams.” says, Anna Held Andette, from the book, The Blank Canvas.


  1.  On Inspirations, from Award winning director, Michael Apted. Is a (100 minute), exploration of the creative process that takes off from the Question,” how do artists get ideas? “, and soars into the fascinating worlds inhabited by seven diverse artists– includes David Bowie and Roy Lichtenstein– who discuss, just how and why they work, the way they do.
  2. Why Man Creates – Comments on the creativity of Saul Bass- Organised in eight major sections, appropriate whenever creation problems– solving is the goal. (25 minutes.)

Books to get you Thinking and Inspired.

  1. In particular the “Creative Artist:  A Fine Artist’s guide to expanding your Creativity and Achieving Your Artistic Potential” by Nita Leland.
  2. Talking with Artists, Vol 1,2,3 ( many illustrators ).
  3. The Creative Habit; Learn it and Use It For Life.

The above all in the,  ( https//

How much money does a Visual Artist, Make a Year?– The Visual Artist, fill our world with beautiful objects, used for decoration and utility. The Art they produce, is Fine Art, sculptor, illustration or oil paintings, and their salaries depend on their Employers and the Location of their jobs.

The most successful Visual Artist makes more than $90,050 per year, Artists as at May 2011. The Average wages can be $53,400, which is $25.67 per hour. The Lowest–earning 10%, earn, $19,150.

Roughly, 4,290  Artist out of 11,000, Visual Artists work for themselves, earning an average of $49,930 per year

The next largest employers are the Motion picture and Video industries, in which 1,970 Artists earned, a Mean annual of $65,980.

Formal Education is not necessary for the Visual Artists, a Portfolio is required, being documents made up of the Artist’s most Creative works.

Future Outlook for Visual Artists– Jobs for the Visual Artist will increase by 8% from 2010 – 2020, which is less than 14%, compared to all other Occupations. As always it all depends on the Economy, individuals spend more on art, when the Economy is good. Print Artists will lose out, as it all Transfers over onto the Internet.

Information in the USA, ( ).

Acrylic Paint–  When you are a beginner it can seem hard, to choose Acrylic paints, there are so many different Brands, colours, and variations to choose from. Remember that selecting paint is a Personal experience, it all depends on the Style of art you prefer and on the Technique you will use. What you need to do is get some Paint and make art. As you gain the Experience, with Acrylics, you will know what Brands and varieties you like the best.

When shopping for Acrylics you need to consider the Quality, Colour, Permanence, Viscosity, tube or jar, drying times, and the Brands. Artist’s quality paints, (Professional) come in a range of colours and have a High permance rating, higher than Oil or Watercolours. Artist’s Acrylics have many Colours, which are vibrant, and have a smoother consistency, which make the paints easy to Blend and layer.

Drying Time–  Artists prefer Acrylics, because they dry quickly. To slow down the drying time some Artists, use a Retarding medium or you can buy Interactive open acrylics, which already have a built in retardant, that Slow down the drying time, as long as a Few weeks. These paints also Replicate oil paints, as an Acrylic paint.

Major Tip–  If you use different paint Brands on the same painting, make sure the Quality is the same, and made with the same binder. Otherwise the different Chemicals can cause, Curdling, poor adhesion and many other Irregularities.

Some Acrylic Texts:

  1. Secrets of Acrylics, By, Jeremy Yarnell. (
  2. Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable Guide, By, Lorena Kloosterboer. (
  3. Acrylic Painting Mediums and Methods, 2018, By, Rheni Tauchid and Alice Tamazoneichert. (

Oil Pastels–  Are pigments mixed with a binder to create a Soft, easily blended slightly greasy stick. Oil pastels include mineral oil, so never really dry. These oil pastels dissolve, for water effects, either with oil painting mediums, or with water. These mediums are very Versatile, giving a recognisable look to your paintings and drawings, by looking Similar, to other mediums.

Oil Pastels offer the Artist, a Virtual unlimited potential for creative expression. They also are a Safe alternative to soft pastels . Oil Pastels, can be used for Impasto, etching, washes, monoprint, stencil, and screen techniques. The Artist can combine oil pastels with soft pastel and in Mixed media.

Fine paintings produced by oil pastels, are loose Jazzy abstracts and Non–representational art. Most techniques that work well for pastels, work well with Oil Pastels, you can put light over dark, as well as dark over light colours.

The Future For Oil Pastels–  is as wide as your imagination. Artists that discover oil pastels, Create unique paintings, that add to a body of Knowledge, that is a Fine Art Medium, that is creative and easy to use… (For more information–,

Some Oil Pastel Books:

  1. Oil Pastels for the Serious Beginner: Basic lessons, in becoming a Good Painter, 2002, By, John Elliott. (
  2. Oil Pastels Work Station, 1994, By, Jan Hughes. (
  3. Mary Cassatt, Oils and Pastels, 2000, By, E John Bullard. (


The following Movie Poster, I created from a DVD Cover, which was for a Golden Palette, Monthly competition, where, I belong in the art society. We have a different, theme each month, its to show our unique Art Styles… This painting is for private use and will never be Sold.

Dirty Dancing.   Mixed Media.   By Marie Crimi.   2017.  


Thank you for visiting my,   ,Blog.

See you all next Blog.

Have a great week… Oh if you would like a A4–coloured photo quality, copy, of the Wonder Woman, painting I have done in this blog,  I will only charge you for postage and handling, only $10.00 Australian, for each copy…


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