In Focus--Outdoor Rooms and Creative Art...

In Focus–Outdoor Rooms and Creative Art…

In this Blog, In Focus on Outdoor Rooms, I will be researching what an Outdoor Living Room is, and see if we can reach a conclusion, as to whether this extra space in our homes is worth owing?  I will also check out the Costing, for this major extension, and then conclude, why or why not?, this area is important to our life styles. I am contributing by including My Art Creation Visions, on my Idea of two, different Outdoor Living Designs and Personal Likes.

In Focus Outdoor Rooms–The Interior Designer Ann King, says that in todays world, the distinction between indoors and outdoors can be a little blurry. This is a good thing, because it means we are giving our outdoor living areas the attention to detail they deserve. If you design the room well, you will gain an extra living space, that can be comfortable, highly inviting and flexible. To achieve this result, approach the outdoors as if they are the indoors, consider the light and temperature, in the room. Think about the area’s size, and the materials you could use in the construction, and how these will relate, to the overall interior of this room? Most importantly, think about how you want to use this room, as an inclusive part of your Home?…

A good outdoor area, responds to it’s surroundings.  The outdoor area, should also offer a variety of experiences, and other ways to use this area. In concluding, we can say that A Good Outdoor Space, meets the right balance between function, good looks and character… (The above information is from the House and Garden, Australian Magazine).

The following Art works, give my input to the Creative part. The paintings, are made using a Soft, 2B Lead Pencil, to draw a Moroccan, Outdoor Living Area. To complete the Painting I have used the Anko–Watercolour Paints, which have 12 Colours–in tubes of 12ml. These colors are easy to work with, giving brilliant colour and results to the painting. These paints are budget Creative Art Paints, made in China.

Moroccan Moment--For an Outdoor Zone that Oozes Mystique, look for seating, in a Rich Palette and Jewel–like Accessories–That make the Outdoor Room and Space, Stand Out…

The Moroccan Moment.   Watercolours.   By Marie. Crimi.   2018.


The following is an initial start to the above, painting, of The Moroccan Moment, Outdoor Room.



The following is another painting that I have made of an Outdoor Seating Area, it is made like the above painting, using a Soft 2B Lead Pencil to draw, and I then I use the Anko–Watercolours, and Fine Sharpie–Marker to complete the Painting.

A Good Outdoor Area responds to it’s surroundings, here the outdoor area, embraces the rock wall , that this Home is built into.

The Outdoor Area.   Watercolours.   By  Marie Crimi.   2018.


The Following Art work is the initial, start of the above painting.


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2018,   Patio Enclosure Cost / Average Prices to Build…  ( By Category — Outdoor Living )…   The  Cost to build — depends on your vision. You will spend, anywhere from $8,385 and $24,306, with the average price of $16,189… .

In the Conclusion of this Blog on Outdoor Living Rooms, we can see that an outside living area, is an excellent choice and extension of our living spaces. It has appeal in all climates, to allow us to exit, and exist outside, to participate in the natural air, and a landscaped green environment. It can be an area that is not to precious like our In door living spaces, it gives to us more freedom, to act in other ways, like using the pool, and walking barefoot, and dressing how we want, and with interacting with people, pets and on special occasions. Basically, this is totally Freedom, in all weather and climates.

Thank you for visiting my Blog this week, I hope this blog has been informative for you. I look forward to seeing you, next week. Have an amazing Week…

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