How is Nature Used in Art? and My Art too…

In this Blog, How is Nature Used in Art?, We look into a Few articles, to Find out, what exactly is Nature Art, and how, to Use Nature, in Our Nature, Art Creations, as the Artist?

How is Nature used in Art? — Nature in art can be Many Visual forms, from Photorealism to Abstraction. Art can Copy nature, by Visually copying the Objects, as they are in Real Lifetime. Abstract paintings can look Visually at nature, and then You, Art create a Nature painting. The definition for Nature, is that Nature is Similar, to our natural world, the Physical universe, the Material world, the Material Universe. Nature, refers to the Phenomena, which is the Physical world, or Life as we know it. ( In, Wikipedia ) Nature is all Around us, and Deep within Us. The Earth Sustains our Life force, Without nature, we Would be nothing.

How do you Approach the Topic of Nature in Art? –Art can open our Eyes to the Uniqueness. and Beauty of the Natural world. Nature art can become a Challenging art creation, which Expresses an Object of beauty. Nature art, can Address, important Environmental issues, and Topics on Conversation, Sustainability, Preservation, Biodiversity, and Nature threatened Habitats. Nature art, also can Interact with and Educate, the viewer about. The Issues, by Spreading awareness, about the Nature, Important topics.

In conclusion we have a Natural Instinct, and a Natural need, to Take care, of the Things we Feel, we are Connected Too. Nature Art creating, has the Power to Renew, our Connection with Nature, Instantly. We have the Power too, Take the Action necessary, to Fix, Nature Problems. ( In the, by Thaneeya McArdle, 2008-2022, LLC. )

We can also approach the Topic of Nature art, by Conceptual thinking and Animalistic Consciousness. Both of these Differences, can be Unified in the use of colour, and Decorative Design. ( In, http://www.art-is-fun.com/nature… )

What makes, an Abstract painting Look like nature? –Nature in art can take many Visual forms, from Photorealism to abstraction. Art can copy, nature, by Showing Objects, as they are in Real Life. Abstract, Nature art, can take on the Actual Shapes in Nature, to make the Abstract Nature Art creation. That you Study, Observe, and Contemplate, in the Natural world, Off Nature,? and Natures, Natural shapes, as Objects… ( In, http://www.art-is-fun.com and in the, Original Abstract Art– https://bluethumb.com.au/abstract/art )

How do Landscape Artists Portray Nature? –Landschap or Landscape paintings, Capture the Natural world, that is Everywhere, We look. We do Think of Landscape, as the Genre of Majestic Mountain Scenes, the Hills, and Water scenes.

Yes, Landscapes can mean Any scenery and Feature subject, within them. Such as Buildings, Animals, and People. There is a Traditional Viewpoint, of Landscapes. Overtime, Artists have, Incorporated other Settings. Cityscapes, Urban areas, and Seascapes, capture the Oceans, and the Waterscapes. These, are Featured, in Art works, by Monet on the Seine.

The Landscape is a Horizontal format, which is Necessary to Capture the Wilderness areas, of the Landscape, that the Artists, Portray, in their Art creations. Whereas, a Vertical Landscape, Restricts, the view, of the Subject, in a Landscape. That does not allow, the Impact necessary, for a Great, Painting.

Landscapes and Lanscape horizontal views, are New to the Art world. In the Early Art, the Focus, was On the Spiritual, or Historical Objects, Not on The Natural World… ( In the, Humanities–Visual Arts )

Websites–Landscapes and Artists

  • 12 Famous Landscape Artists You should Know. https.www.invaluable. com/blog…
  • Framing the View: Six Artists, Reveal How they Choose. https://www.the guardian. com
  • Landscape Images. https:..www.shutterstock.com

Videos–How to Paint, A Nature Landscape?.

The following Paintings are My Nature Art Creations. Made in Acrylics Paints and Outlined in Fine Black Marker.

Nature is Nature. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

The Parrot Tulip. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Important Art Information

In Conclusion to How Nature is used in Art, we Can say that, Nature is all We see around us. What is Nature?, Natural and What is made up of, Shapes and the Objects of Nature. Nature is used in Art, as Photorealism, or as in Abstraction Art. Landscape art in particular, is a Horizontal view, made Horizontally, to take a Wider view of the Natural, Subject area, that is Portrayed, of the, Actual, Nature Scene.

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