Improve Your Chance of Success in Your Paintings, and My Art Too…

In this Blog, Improve Your Chances of Success, In the Paintings You Art Create. We Research and learn, what is Art and how to Use Color, to be A Successful Artist. The Question is, Why? is Color so Important, in Art Creating.

Scott Maier says, improve your Odds of Success in Your Painting, by making a Simple Sketch and Value Painting. This Priority is, Essential to your Art Creating.

The simplest tools that can help you, to Make Genius Artworks, can be overlooked. We are usually Motivated by our Vision to, and an Impulse to paint, without having Clarity and Focus. When we choose a Photograph, to work from, we do not Make a sketch, and other Art, planning choices.

You can easily Improve your paintings by, Making time for Quick and easy studies.

How the Above all Helps, A Painting?

You can never Guarantee, that Every painting you start, will be Excellent, even though you have Followed, all the Above steps.

Although, it is True to say that making Simple Sketches and Value studies, A Regular habit in Your Art creating, will improve your Art Creations. But, not necessarily, help You as An Artist, to Improve Your Chances, of Becoming a Successful, Artist. (In the Artist Network, by Artist-Scott Maier. Artist, Content Director. ANW.com)

Interesting and Important Articles–On how to Improve Your Art Creating-Fast

Study Color Theory

If you want to become a Successful artist, you Must learn, about Color Theory.

Color theory is a set of Rules, Guidelines and Principles that help Artists, decide how to use Color effectively in their Artwork. Humans are Visual Beings, the Way you use Colors in your Art Creations, can make a huge difference, between selling Your Art, or Your Art being Ignored by People.

Articles on Art Theory for Artists

  • Color Theory for Artists. mirandabalogh.com/
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Color theory for Artists. https://draw paint academy. com/

Color Theory Explained.

The best way to Understand Color Fundamentals, is to Purchase a Color Wheel, or make one, Using the Paints you have. Another Technique is to Mix Your Own Colors.

Study Value Scales for Artists

Value represents the Lightness or Darkness of a Color. It is this, that makes people appreciate Art Creations.

For this Blog, I Share Four, A4 Size Art Creations, I decided to Art Create. They are, Four Paintings, A Series of Paintings. Two of the Same Drawings, for each Paintings. The First Painting is Similar, Same to the Three, following paintings. The Paintings have been made, in the Same background Colors. Then in the Main areas of the Paintings, I have Colored in using, Similar Coloring markers, in a Different way. In Order to give the Paintings, a Unique Color. Too Attract, an Audience, to the Four Paintings.

I Would like to note, Your comments, in response to the Four Paintings. Do You think that Color and Color Value, make a Difference in the Following Paintings. Maybe be, Why and How, in your Honest opinion? Thanking You…

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Music, Music 001. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Music Alive 002. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022...

More Music 003. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Then There, Was Music 004. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

In conclusion to this Blog, we Find out that as an Artist You need to Study Color, and Color Values, in order to Draw an Audience to Your Art Creations. An important point is to Paint Less, and produce, Quality, Colorful Art.

It is Very Important, to make Time at the Initial stage, to Make Quick sketches, and Value Studies, in a Medium of your choice. This is what Could make You, although No Guarantee, a Successful Artist.

Thank you for visiting My Blog. Remember to Stay Safe and to Social Distance. Stay Happy and Highly Productive. See You All Next Blog, in November, 2022…

I Am creationsbymariec.art artcreationsbymariec.art etsy.com/Artpaperdesignsmarie patreon/artcreationsbymariecart.com/patreon

music. music 001

a4 size, on acid free, watercolor paper, made in colorful markers. original only.


music alive 002

a4 size, acid free watercolor paper, made in colorful markers. original only…


more music 003

a4 size, acid free watercolor paper, made in colorful markers. original only…


then there, was music 004

a4 size, acid free watercolor paper, made in colorful markers. original only…



Does the idea, of the Starving Artist, Help or Hurt the Artist?

In this Blog, we note what Artists have to say about the Starving Artist, and if this Statement Helps or Hurts, their Art Practice, and Art Success. I will be posting Two paintings; I have made for this Blog. The Paintings are different, yet Similar to each other.

What is an Artist? –An Artist is a person who Practices or Performs Art. The term describes Visual artists. This can be applied to many other Types of Creative People. The Definition of Artist is used widely. Whether you work on a Painting, sculpture, or musical composition. An individual can be Classified, as an Artist. An Artist creates work for their Own pleasure. Other artists, make Art for Society’s satisfaction. (In the, http://www.njai.org/what-is-an-artist/)

Some Important Questions to ask About Being an Artist.

  • Is it a Good idea in the 2000’s, to be an Artist? –The article-Art in America, say’s, Fame as we know, is always Changing. The Artist, who end up in History books, are the Artist, who keep doing what, they Want to do. Even after the applause disappears, because preferences are always, changing. Then sometime, it Comes Back into Fame. (In, The Art in America, Magazine)
  • What can an Artist Earn? –In the Artists Salary’s in Australia, In 2.8.2022. the Average salary for an Artist is $93,373 Per year. In Australia for The, 39 Artists that Reported their Art income. Which Are the Highest paid Locations, in Australia, for Artists?
  • Surry hills, NSW
  • Kew, Victoria
  • Quean Beyan, NSW
  • Parramatta, NSW
  • Sydney NSW

The Similar Art professions in Australia, Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director, 3D Artist, and The Concept Artist.

  • What is the Best and Easiest way to Start as an Artist? –https://www.artbusinessinfo.com The Artists who make a Commitment, to their Art, by being a True Artist, turn up to Art create, Each and Every day. Make the Art, and then Sell their Art. Most important, is to Just make a Start, At Art creating.
  • Are there Starving Artists or What? –Ashley ‘Smash’ Gallagher (In the article, Grey Journal, says in the Final paragraph of the article, that its True the Life of an Artist is like Gambling, you Never know? It is the Hustle in each Artist, that makes their Stories Unique and Worth telling. Continuing to say, that it is What we make of our Art situation, and the Actions we Take, that Individually, make our Future as a Successful Artist or Not. Gallagher says, Seize the Opportunity and Try different Opportunities as they Present. Gallagher says, to Keep doing Your Art and To Never, Ever Give up.

In the Forbes Women, Article by Celine Da Costa, says What you should Do to avoid being a Starving Artist?

  • Do not Demonize, Commercial work, because there are A hundred, thousands of Artists, in Art expressions, who have Managed to Keep their Unique, Expression despite, Producing content for the Masses.
  • Focus on the Bigger picture–to Avoid being a Starving Artist. You must Grow your Exposure, like an Entrepreneur, who grow, Their influence, You need to Market Yourself, Your Product, Build Connections and Plan for Better things to come, in the Near future.
  • Get used to Dealing with Rejection, as an Artist. You need to Accept Rejections as a Part of the Art, Process. You need to Expose, Yourself to A lot, of Newer Opportunities.

Persistence is One Key trait, of All artists. Take Feedback, and Work towards, Improving Your Art creations.

You know that Art, is Subjective, and so is Your appeal, because you Cannot please Everyone, in the Real World. Do Dismiss, all your Existing beliefs and, Create A New World for Yourself.

Does the Idea of Starving Artist, Help or Hurt the Artist? –Six, Artists, opinions.

  • Discourages pursuits–Hurts, if your Industry is Not seen as Adding to the Economy, You and Artists, are Ignored. Dawn E
  • I think the Statement, Stops Young artists, when they Think they Will Struggle Financially. It makes a lot of Potential creatives Give up on their dreams. Brooke R
  • Interesting? –Not sure, if it Hurts or Helps, I think it Expresses, the Struggles, an Artist Can face.

An Older Label

  • In general, labels Are Bad, forcing you into a Slot, that May feel good, at first, Then Eventually, it Inhibits. Kimberly S

Answer To No One

  • I guess, it is the Price we pay, for Answering only to Ourselves, and No one else. Daniel T

Underestimated Value

  • Hurts. Art is considered, not a Real job. People assume, that all Artists are losers. Its Degrading. Tracey D
  • Hurts. People Discount the Talent, Skill and time to Produce an Art Creation. People feel they Should not pay, for the Time and Value, of the Art creation? Wendy W

The Well-Fed Artist

  • The Artist needs to Read, helpful Articles about Developing strategies to Sell and Create, a Successful Art Business.
  • The Artist, needs to Embrace the Art business. How to make the Art business and How to Market their Art creations. In order to be Art creative, and how to make Money from Art sales, so he can, Live and Enjoy, His Art created life.

The following Two Paintings, are Different, yet Similar because, they are both of a Nature, and Natural Scene. The first Painting is A Religious Worship, Temple on the Mountain. The Second Painting is of A Stream on a Mountain. Both Paintings are made on Acid free, Watercolor Paper. Mixed Media, Colorful Paintings, made in Silver Matt, Mont Marte Acrylic Paints. The Paintings are Completed Using, Fine liner Marker.

Worship Temple, on the Mountain. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

A Stream in the Mountain. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

The following are a Few Websites to check out, on Strategies to develop, to be A Successful Artist.

  • How to become a Successful Artist in 2000, https://www.the collector.com/
  • 9 Things you should Give up, to be A Successful Artist
  • 12 Steps to become A Successful Artist/ Job monkey.com
  • 10 Things each Artist should do Before 10.am/ Artwork Archive
  • 7 Steps to becoming a Full-time Artist–Lifehack
  • How to become an Artist Without going to Art School– Proactive Creator

To conclude this Blog, Does the idea of the Starving Artist, Help or Hurt the Artist. In our past experience we could say Yes, this idea was for the Past, it seems Now we have Moved past that Observation, Being of The Starving Artist. We have, Newer ways to make Our Art careers flourish, by Marketing, Ourselves, and putting Our Art out in the World. On many, Of the Social and Media platforms. We can also be Around Positive People, who can make our Art Career choice, become a Great Art Reality, for us as Artists.

In today’s Economy, all is possible, if we Aim to Succeed, because the Opportunities are Too many. We All have the Opportunity, to choose Our Circumstances, Lives, and Destinies.

Thanky for visiting this Blog today, I hope You found it Educational and Helpful. Remember if You liked, to Like and Share, Thanky. See You All Next Blog, Remember to Social Distance and Stay Safe and Happy.

I Am creationsbymariec.art artcreationsbymariec.art etsy.com/artpaperdesignsmarie


Worship Temple, on the Mountain

a4, mixed media, painting. made on acid free, watercolour paper. Colorful Acrylics and completed in Fine liner marker.


A Steam in the Mountains

a4, mixed media, painting, made on acid free, watercolor paper. made in acrylic, colorful paints and completed in Fine liner marker.



Father’s Day–First Sunday in September, in Australia. September 5, 2021…

Today the 5 September, 2021, we Celebrate Father’s Day.

Every Year, First week in September on the Sunday, is Father’s Day in Australia. The Greatest Men on this Earth, both Present and Have Been… Let us Celebrate and Be Grateful for Our Father’s, Without them we Would not be here, Celebrating this Momentous and Great DAY…

Why do we Celebrate Father’s Day?, in Australia?–We celebrate Father’s day to celebrate the Fatherhood, on a Specific day, in Australia, the First Sunday in September.

It is the First week of Spring, and This day is Celebrated Yearly, to show that the Status of a Father in Our society, and to Appreciate and celebrate Fatherhood, in Australia. ( information on, Father’s day, Australia, 2021… )

When is Father’s day, and Why is it Differently Celebrated, around the World?–2021 Father’s day falls on the, 5 September 2021, and Next year the date will be, The 4 September , 2022.

Australia is one of Four countries that Celebrates Father’s day, First Sunday in September. The other Countries are New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinee.

The explanation is that from The News reports on Father’s Day from the United States, Is that Australia, decided to make it a Tradition in Australia too.

Instead of waiting A year to, Celebrate, it was Reinstated later in the Calendar year, Taken from the United states, in the similar season. ( By Angus Kidman, 21 June, 2021. )

How many Children, do Fathers have in Australia?–Statistically in Australia, most Fathers have Two children, (over 40% of Fathers do. ) One third of these fathers became, Fathers between the Ages of 25-30 Years of Age.

Father’s day in Australia–Time and Date?–There are suggestions that Father’s day, may have Originated in Pagan Sun worship. Some parts of Paganism, see the Sun as the Father of the Universe.

In Australia, Father’s Day is, Celebrated First Sunday of September. In other Countries the Third Sunday of June, which is Close to the June Solistice.

The idea of a Special day to Honor Fathers, and to Celebrate their Fatherhood was introduced, Initially in the United States, Of America.

Father’s day in Australia, 2021 and Beyond?–Yes, in Australia, Father’s day, is In place to Coincide with The Spring’s Birthdate.

This card I made In Remembrance of OUR Father, on Father’s Day. OUR, Father is In Heaven…

Spring Father’s Day, 2021. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

This is the Excellent Opportunity to Celebrate in Nature with Family Membersf and Friends. To Buy customized Father’s day Gifts, like Fishing, camping and Sporting items. Giving Father’s gifts, is an Important part of Father’s day, in Australia

Father’s day Facts– ( In the, Interflora Australia? ),–There are over 4.6 million Fathers in Australia.

In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd, decided to Create an Official Father’s day. After listening to Anna Jarvis ( An American, who Created Mother’s day ). Dodd, was a Believer in Father’s day, because her Father William Jackson Smart, raised his Six children, Alone.

Dodd’s, suggestion was the Father’s day to be on Her Fathers Birthday, On the 5 June 1909. However, the First Father’s day was Celebrated on the, Third Sunday in June, 19 June, 1910.

On the First Sunday in September in Australia, we Celebrate the Love and Dedication of Fathers, Step–Fathers, Guardians, Father-in-laws, Uncles and Grandfathers. We Thank them, for being Our Teacher, Carer, Friend and Role model.

The Traditional flower of Father’s day is a Rose. Red roses are for Living Fathers. White Roses are for Fathers who Have Died.

Every year in Australia, $1.36 billion is Spent on Mothers’ day and $660 million on Father’s day.

Nature Trivia–Do you Know?– That it is the Father–Sea Horse, Whom carries the Eggs and Gives birth, to Their Babies. ( in the, For Teachers, for students, 2021. )

In concluding this Blog, We Must all Celebrate Greatly this Day, which is Truly Great and Momentous, always Has been and Always will be, on this Earth…

Religious Art, and Monument Art Creations...

Religious Art, and Monument Art Creations…

In this Religious Art Blog, we endeavour to find answers in the Religious Art History, and see if Religious Art is appreciated as a culture, and a necessary need in our modern society. Religious Artists are referred to as Fine Artists, it is interesting to see, if their work is respected, appreciated, valued and commissioned by cultures and the world’s society members?. I think as Artists, we are most interested to see, if this Fine Art Career, can earn us Big Payments, for our Future Religious Art Creations. I include a Christian Modern Art-link you can look into, which is very interesting, to find out where the Religious artists, get their ideas and inspiration, from, and the medium they prefer to work in. I will also be showing you via photos, the Religious Art Works, , which is I create for Monument Work, which people pay me well to make for them. Which are for special occasions, for their departed Family Members. Which they display, at the Family Monuments, usually for a month.

The definition of Religious Art is, according to the -(The Free Encyclopedia).  Religious art or sacred art, is the artist’s imagery,  using Religious, inspirations and pictures. These are intended to improve the Mind in the spiritual. The Sacred,  involves the Ritual of culture practices, which are the practical, and operative aspects of the Spiritual, enlightenment, within the Artist’s Religious Tradition.

The Major Religions and Art-

  1. Christian Art–Early Christian Art, survives from dates, near to the origins of Christianity. The oldest surviving art, is dated the year 70, and the oldest Christian Sculptures, are dated, the beginning of the 2nd Century. Christian art  derived its Style, and iconographs from popular Roman Art. The Grand, Christian buildings built under Imperial patronage, bought a need for the Christian vision, of the Roman life and the Official art, of which is the Mosaics in the churches of Rome, which are, the prominent surviving examples. Christian art in the Byzantine Empire, was all about an Abstract version, which replaced the Natural Art–, The Natural Art, conveyed religious Meaning, rather than Objects or People.
  2. The Renaissance–Increased its Monumental secular works, increasing the quantities, provided to the Church, the clergy and its Religious people.  Secular, Non-sectarian, universal art arose, in the 19th-Century, in Western Europe, in which, the Christian themes were made popular. Many popular Artists, such as,  Eric Gill,  Marc Chargell,  Henri Matisse,  Jacob Epstein etc,  have produced well-known works of Art for churches. Through a Social interpretation of Christianity, Frit von Uhde, revived the interest in Sacred art, through his depiction of Jesus, in very, Ordinary life situations.  Since the beginning of printing, the sales of reproductions of major Christian artworks have been the, major element for popularising, The Christian Culture. Further the introduction, of the Colour lithography, led to the Great circulation of The Christian Holy Cards.
  3. In Our Modern Era–Companies specialising in Christian Artists, like,  Thomas Blackshear and  Thomas Kinkade, have been very successful. In the last part of the 20th Century, and first part of the 21st Century, have focused on, the re-establishment in Faith, with art themes that revolve around, Faith, Christ, God, The Church, The Bible and the Classic themes, which are worthy of respect, by the Christian Art World.
  4. The Artist–Makoto Fujimura, has had an influence on the Sacred and Secular Arts. Other notable artists, include, Larry D. Alexander,  Gary P. Bergel,  Carlos Cazaves, Bruce Herman,  Deborah Sokolove and  John August Swanson.

This is the first stage of My Religious Art Creation.  I used A3, acid free Watercolour Paper, and cut out shapes of coloured card paper and glued this down first, on the watercolour paper.

Then I had some print outs, from some other work I used to draw art in another painting. Actually it is part of the painting further down in this blog.

Then I glued these prints onto the card cut outs.


Next stage, I put a wash down of Lemon yellow, mixed with a little Yellow orange, both  colours are the Mont Marte-Acrylics-Silver-Series. ( https://www.amazon.com/ Mont Marte/Acrylics/Silver Series/Colours. )


In the following picture, I drew the Drawing with a HB Dark Pencil on to, the previous prepared paper. The sketch is from a Free stock Religious Photo, which I drew myself.


The following painting is the complete Religious Art Creation, I created. I used Fine Artist Markers, Mostly Blues, Red, Browns and some Black Marker.

For the Facial Features, I used, Watercolour pencils, I find that watercolour pencils, give a more natural finish and look to Facial Features, in all the paintings I create.


The Markers I used are the, ( https://www.amazon.com/Fine tip, Art markers/s.

The Watercolour Pencils I used are the, (https://www.amazon.com/Faber-Castell, Watercolour Pencils.)

Buddhist Art–Originated on the Indian sub continent following the historical life of Siddhavtha Gautama, in the  6th to 5th Century BC, and later this art practice, evolved through contact, with other cultures. As it spread throughout Asia and the world. In India, Buddhist Art flourished, and even influenced the development of Hindu Art. Until Buddhism nearly disappeared, in India, around the 10th Century,  due mainly to the expansion of the Islam Religion, alongside the Hinduism Religion.

Tibetan Buddhist Art–Often includes depictions of the Bodhisattvas. The Creation of Buddhist Art, is done as a Meditation, also as creating an Object as an aid to meditation.

In the Indian Buddhist Art- Two places suggest the vitality of the Buddhist Art, in Cave paintings, from about the 5th Century AD. One is Ajanta, a site forgotten until 1817, and the other is the Dunhuang, one of the great oasis staging, The posts on The Silk Road.

Islamic Art–A prohibition against the depicting of representational images in religious art, as well as the naturally decorative nature of Arabic script, led to the Calligraphic decorations, which usually involved repeating geometrical patterns, that expressed Ideals of order or nature. It was used on religious Architecture, carpets, and handwritten documents. Islamic Art has reflected, this balanced, harmonious world-view. Islamic art focuses on the Spiritual essence, rather than the Physical form.

Christian Modern Art (The best Directory of Christian Modern Art and Christian Art Links, on the Web).

Who are some of the Religious Artists Of Today? and,  Where do Religious Artists get Their Ideas and Inspiration from?…

I have chosen Five Religious Artists’ for their religious, Inspirations and ideas, for their creative Religious Art Work.

  1. Makoto Fujimura- A great modern abstract Christian painter, who combines Abstract expressionism, with traditional Japanese art of Nihonga.
  2. Howard Finster– Enjoy the Christian Folk Art Paintings and Mixed media work, of this former, Baptist Preacher turned artist.
  3. Thomas Kinkade– The art and paintings of one of the nations most Collected living artists. Mr Kinkade credits, the Lord for the Inspiration and the ability, to create his paintings.
  4. Jaison Cianelli– A self taught American, Christian Artist, born near Boston. Through his Religious art work, he expresses, his Joy of life, with others. He produces, Abstract art, abstract landscapes, using Acrylics, mixed media and digital art.
  5. Akiane Kramarik– USA, born Child Prodigy, her art is inspired by her visions of heaven, and her personal connection with GOD. Akiane’s art depicts, Life, people and landscapes

Some Religious Art Text, I think are Good to Look at.

  1. https://www.amazon.com. Icons as Religious Art, Loyola Press.
  2. https://www.amazon.com. 25 Most Impressive Works of Religious Art, Online School for Religious Art.
  3. https://www.amazon.com. Christian Movies, T.V.
  4. Religious Wall Art, Canvas Print Art.
  5. https://www.amazon.com. A time to  Appreciate Religious Texts.

Which Media do, Religious Artists use to create their Work?–Fine Artists, may create images that exist only in their own imaginations. Painters may choose to work in Oils, acrylics, or watercolours, while the Sculptors may choose to work in, Clay, stone, metal, wood or plaster, to complete their Unique Religious Works.

This is a Monument, Religious Art creation I created for a Deceased, friends Mother, for her Remembrance Birthday. I create Unique Religious paintings, for Monuments a few times a month, without fail. This Art work is made using Acrylics, Mont Marte-Silver Series, Colours and outlined in Fine black marker.

Religious Painting, of Our Holy Lady.  By Marie Crimi.  2018.

I have just realised that, after completing this piece of art, I did not take the finished version, I probably finished it and, gave it to my Friend. I do have a lot happening in my life all of the time, sometimes, I just do automatically and carry on. Sorry.


Who do The Religious Artists Supply Their Art To?Some Artists are commissioned to produce specific pieces of art for Pay, while others sell their works in galleries, online, or in other Venues.

Are The Religious Artist Paid Well?–The Bureau of Labor Statistics – groups Painter’s, illustrators, sculptors, in the category of Fine artists. The Bureau, BLS, says, that a median annual income of $44,600, is the earning power for Fine artists. The highest paid 10% earned $90,000 per year, and a lot more. The lowest paid 10% earned $19,150 or less per year. The BLS reported, that there is a projection of 8% job growth rate, for the Fine Artists, Illustrators, Sculptors, and Painters, beyond 2020’s…

In Conclusion to this Religious Art Blog, we can say that The Fine Artist’s work is in High Demand by our Cultures and in our Modern Society. Fine Artists earn Good Money, for their work in Creating Religious Art Works. We can also say, that there is a need for the Fine Artist to keep producing a High Standard of Religious work, because the statistics say, that the demand will be increasing greatly, in the near Future and Beyond. I hope that this BLOG has given you, a new perspective on another Genre of Art Creating?… That you realise that if you are serious in making Great Religious or Fine Art, the options as Artists is unlimited, for your Art and Earning Power.

Thank you for visiting my Religious Art Blog, and for liking the BLOG. I hope I have given you another Genre to explore, and hopefully excel in. I hope you liked the Religious Art, I created to show to you, which, I Create Religiously. Have an Amazing Week, see you all next BLOG…

Comics, Comics, and How?...

Comics, Comics, and HOW?…

This Blog is about The Comics, Their Comic History-Ages, Who were these Famous Comic Artists, What happened to these Famous Comic Artists, What a Comic Artist Earns, and What are the Employment Prospects, and the Future, for the Comic and Illustration Artists, in 2018 and Beyond. I will introduce my version, at this Comic Creating, and explain, which area of Comic Art I would like, to be employed in, and why?

Comic History— The American Comics started in 1842, with the Translation of Rodolphe Topffers work, The Adventure of Obadiah Oldbuck. Then local artist took this medium and created the first American comics. The development of the daily newspaper made the comics popular, by reaching a wider number of readers. The first years established the, (canonical codes, recurring, speech balloons etc), the first genres (family strips, adventure tales). These characters acquired national celebrity and were the subject of cross-media adaptations, and newspapers, were in the battle to acquire, the most popular authors.

The second major evolution happened in 1934, with the comic book, which had a great release, it was the first reprints of the comic strips. In 1938, Superman appeared, which is called the Golden Age of Comic Books. During World War II,  Superheroes and Funny animals, were the popular genres. Later newer genres developed, (Western, romance, science fiction), these reached out to more readers. At the beginning of the 1950’s, as Television emerged, Comic book sales began to decline. Comic books were attacked, as the Media, to Harm Young people. In 1956 the Silver Age of comic books started as the preference, for Superheroes. Children’s comics were, highly popular. The popular heroes, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, appeared in Marvel Comics. These publishing’s lead to the Bronze Age of Comics Books, (from the early 1970’s to 1985’s). These changes were bought about, by many aspects of the comic’s world. The Modern Age seemed a New age, in which writers and artists, recreated the Classic characters, which attracted millions of readers. This was all affected, by the Financial stability, of the agents. The major crisis for comics happened in the 2000’s, linked to the press, just as the Web–comics appeared…

The Funnies– The late nineteenth century, introduced the Mass comics, which were found in the Humour pages of Newspapers. It was in 1892, that William, Randolph, Hearst published, Cartoons in his First newspaper. (The above information, is from the Wikipedia–Free Encyclopedia).

Working on the Comic Art Creation, in which I have drawn and coloured in the Three Stooge’s, and Bobble and Tinkerbell. I have realised, that if I had to choose which area of Comic Art to look for employment, I would choose Illustrations for Movies and Games and Videos. My, particular art Style which is the Realist Impressionist Style, is perfect to creating, People and Characters. If I had not attempted this Type of Art Work, I would not have realised, my Potential and Talent, for creating in this type of Art Comic Creating? and Potential, for Earning Power?…

The Three Stooger’s, Comic Illustration, By Marie Crimi, 2018.

( In the Three Stooge’s Drawing, I used a 2B Lead drawing pencil, and in the Coloured picture, I used Crayola crayons and then outlined the picture, in Fine Art Liner Marker.)  The Crayola Ultimate Crayons are Excellent to use and priced well, at, https://www.amazon.com/crayola-ultimate-crayon-collection-pieces/. (for great works.) For Fine and Thick Line Markers to complete, the Comic Art Creations, I used– https://www.amazon.com/fine-tip-art-markers/s.




Bobble and Tinkerbell, Comic Illustration, By Marie Crimi, 2018.

 ( Drawing in 2B Lead pencil, and in the Coloured picture, I completed in Oil Pastels and Thick Line Marker. ) The Mont Marte Crayon Studio Art, Oil Pastels, sets, can be bought at– https://www.amazon.com/mont-marte-crayon-studio-oil-pastels/dp/Bo72PRSCJS.



The Greatest Comic Book Artists of All Time– Pencil on paper is how the comics started. In 1938, Superman came into our lives, in the First issue of Action Comics. From this point on Illustrators and Artists have been pre-occupied with the burning desire to create Superheroes. The designing of thses characters, who protect their worlds and live in synergy with words on a page, is art in itself. Comic Book artists, have a huge worldwide following. These Gods, range from the British, Dave Gibbons, to the American legend, Jack Kirby. Comics are preserved as a (low Art Form), but the comics, have a big influence on the pop culture. These following Ten artists, are the Artists who have Excelled in painting Comic pictures, in our Mindscapes.

  1. John Romitax Jr, born-17 August 1956, in New York City.
  2. Brian Bollard, born- 26 March 1951, Butterwick, Lincolnshire, UK.
  3. Will Eisner, born-1917, Brooklyn.
  4. Jim Steranko, born-5 November 1938, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.
  5. Osamu Tezuka, born-3 November 1928, Takarazuka, Osaka, Japan.
  6. Steve Ditko, born-2 November 1927, Johnston Town, Pennsylvania, USA.
  7. Frank Miller, born-27 January 1957, Olney, Maryland, raised in Montpelier in Vermont, USA.
  8. Dave Gibbons, born-14 April 1949, in England.
  9. Steve Dillon, born, Luton, England.
  10. Jack Kirby, born-28 August 1917, in New York City.

The above information was found in, (https://www.creativeblog.com/comics).

UTUBE–Videos, that I think are very Interesting to watch.

  1. Comic Book Greats, Jack Davis Harvey, Kurtzman, Stan Lee.
  2. Illustrations and Drawing Tips: How to become a Comic Book Artist.
  3. Artist Paolo Rivera gives a Tour of His Studio (Part 1).
  4. Where have all the Great Comic Artists Gone?. Very Interesting.

Which Media do Comic Artists Use, to Create Comics?…– Inking IS one of the most misunderstood disciplines of the Comic Art World. The craft is actually quite complicated, with a variety of tools and methods used to complete the comics.

  1. To start Inking, you need a surface to work on, in most cases paper is needed. Bristol / Board is the comics industry choice, and Strathmore and Canson paper, being the brands you find in any Art store. The smoother the paper the better the results.
  2. If your are going to use a Brush, Quill or Refillable pen, most artists rely on India black ink. There are several Acrylic inks that work well. Tools that require old fashioned Ink wells or Require filling, are, Brushes and Quills. You can find brushes in all varieties, Shapes, Sizes and Price range. Most inking requires, a Pointed rounded brush. It allows the inker to vary the Line, tiny to thick, in a Single stroke, and it will produce consistent lines. Quills are easy to use, you only need One quill nib: The Hunt #102. This gives a mix of Fine detail, to Thick lines, the versatility of using this tool, is Totally, different to any brush work.
  3. The Disposable option for inking, there are dozens of brands, styles and uses of markers. Popular in the West are the, Manga. The Best Professional Markers, are the Copic, Micron and the Prisma colour. Copic Multi– liners are the Excellent choice, over all the other markers in this range. The Sharpies are good, for notes and rough work, but they are not good to work on comics, because they bleed badly, and are not worth the Effort or Money.

This information was all in the: (Underdogs: Tools of the Trade: Traditional Inking- September 9-2014.–Made by Brock Beauchamp–is the artist/writer/creator/organ grinders monkey, for the Web comic Variables by SelfCentEnt.).

Some Texts, on what Media, Comic Artists Use?

  1. How the Comic book is made-material, history used…www.madehow.com/volume-6/comic-book.html
  2. Best Comic book Creator 2018-software for making Comics. http://www.toptenreviews.com.software/entertainment/best-comic-book-software.
  3. Comic book Publishers, faced with Flagging sales, look to. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/22business/media/comic-book.

Some Amazon Texts–On Comic Art Creating.

  1. Amazon Comic Art- https://www.amazon.com/comic-art/s
  2. Comics Sketchbooks: The Private worlds of… https://www.amazon.com/Comics-Sketchbooks-Private-Creative-Talents/…
  3. The Silver Age of Comic Book Art. https://www.amazon.com/Silver-Age-Comic-Book-Revised/dp/1480806366

What is Needed to be A Comic Artist?– Training and Education–Cartoon artists get paid $38,000 a year, says College Crunch. The demand for cartoonartist is high. This fieldis very competitive, many cartoon artists get College degrees, in Art,Graphic art or Artistic design, their start Happens when they are contracted for a Trade publication, Newspaper or a Magazine.

Which are the other places that Cartoon Artists find Employment?— In animated cartoons for Large Entertainment Companies, which pay the Highest wages. Such as Pixar, DreamWorks and Blizzard. Which pay the artists $65,000–$150,000, to produce Movies, Television comics and Illustrations, used on their Websites, and Computer and Video games.

How much Does a Comic Artist earn in 2018?– Cartoon artists–also create Advertisements for Advertising agencies and Large companies, and can earn from $15,000 – $80,000. Some artists are hired as Freelancers and others are full-time in House, Illustrators, who produce Brochures, Television Ads, and Ads for Websites.

Cartoon Artists who work for Newspapers, Magazines and Comic books, get an average salary of $28 an hour, according to the Labor Statistics website. Lesser known Artists get $15 to $20 per Illustration. The employment of Cartoon Artists is projected to increase by 12 percent through 2018, and Beyond, according to the Bureau of Statistics. Information in, How Much does a Cartoon Artist Earn?. (June 11, 2011, By Maria McCarron.)

In Conclusion on this exploration into Comic Art and Illustration Artists, we can conclude with out a doubt, that YES, there is a Great Employment Opportunity for Excellent Artists, in the High End of Art Illustrations, in the TOP, Movies and Video Games, Industry.


For Sale, The Three Stooger’s, Comic Illustration, By Marie Crimi, 2018.

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For Sale, Bobble and Tinkerbell, Comic Illustration, By Marie Crimi, 2018.

1. $15 for A4, Photo Quality Colour Print, includes Postage and Handling. 2. $80 for, A3, The Original Painting, on Watercolour paper- Acid free, add an extra $15 for Postage and Handling.


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