A Spark of Art Inspiration, and My Art Too…

In this Blog, we answer the Question, Art inspiration, and how Does it Help the Artist and Normal individuals, in Our every day Existence. I have made Two painting, which I think, we Can say, that they are actually, a Series of Two paintings. Both Paintings, look Very different, Yet, I have used Exactly the the Same, Acrylic paints and Colours, to Art create these Paintings.

It would be Interesting to have Input from you, as to What you think? If the Paintings are actually A Series? Thanking you…

Why we look to Art for creative Inspiration–Art naturally causes A stir in, Our minds. Could be Curiosity, Awe, Frustration, or Boredom. We can be Surprised by Art work, and the Insights it unveils, in our Own, Minds. Or we can Question the Artist’s intent, and their Ability, to Create, Worthy Artwork.

How is it that, Art causes us to Think creatively or Feel inspired?, How can, Art cause a Change in perspective, as in the Way we Work or create, or in the Way we live?

The Artist’s lifestyle, shows us what we Lack in Our daily lives, the Freedom, from Rules and Rigid constraints.

Art is Wild, and full of Imagination, the Ability to create Something, from Nothing, all for the Purpose, of Art creating something. ( In, https://creative something.net/post/2018… )

The Artist, works Alone in their art studio. Fighting against the Restraint of the 9-5 job, that People have. Artists work on Their ideas, and dreams. Where as in the world, People Fulfill, someone Else’s goals.

Art creation is Distant, from our reality… the Best Artwork, makes us Think, debate or question, the Art works value. It takes our Mind, into Another point in time, A different location, Story, or Existence. Art is like a walk in A dream, that we Can, explore at Anytime.

Remember that Good art, Tell stories, that Captivate, our Minds. Art is the way, to Escape into, a Totally different reality. To shift, the way We think, and our perspective, on a Subject or problem.

The following Paintings, that I have Art Created are, Similar or the same, Series of Paintings, are Of totally Different subjects. I feel that the Paintings, are a Series. They are People doing Something very special. The girl is Down at the beach, showing off, for a Photo shoot. The couple are at Their ceremony together, After their Marriage Celebration. Standing for Photo shoot. I feel, I Can say it is A series of Two paintings. Both Are, A4 size Paintings, made on The same paper. The Colours, I have Used are the Acrylic, Silver series, Matt, the Same colours, used in the Paintings, Differently. The Girl is Celebrating life, and the Couple, are Celebrating their Marriage, for A Long life, Together.

Colourful at the Beach. Mixed media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

An Indian Wedding. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Usually the Art impact, Art has on us, Is very small, a tiny seed, and Yet once exposed, this Seed spreads, and grows, into Something greater. This Enables an individuals mind, to be Abled and capable to Uniquely, art create. ( in the, Art Inspiration Archives, (Artists Network )

Find your Art Inspiration–( in, htttp://felt magnet.com/artist-corner/… )

  • keep your art supplies and tools ready, and accessible.
  • just show up in your art studio.
  • have lots of pictures, and reference material. see something, need something.
  • collect, photos and keep them organized.
  • doodle.
  • try something new.
  • network, in the art community.
  • read books that inspire, you.
  • participate in art challenges.
  • just art create, daily…

Daily Design, Inspiration for Art creatives–( the above in, https://the inspiration grid.com, Google?, in the, texts, articles?… )

  • art design
  • art
  • photography
  • illustration
  • editorials
  • digital illustrations

530, Art inspiration ideas, in 2021. ( in the, https://www.pinterest.com.au/… )

The following are, Just Three artists, Inspiration…

  • Pamela’s pins–Sea scapes, nature, surf, and figurative paintings, That make me, want to Get out, My paintbrushes.
  • Taylor Jane Wilkshire, Art and stuff…
  • Jessica Wright, Art/inspiration…

40 Inspiration Art quotes–from Famous Artists–( in the, https://inspiration feed.com/art-quotes… ) (23.1.2022)

The right word, can Spark curiosity, Reignite passion, and Create wonder. Artists are known to be, Inspiring. Check out, the 9 Mousui blog?, to Learn, the most, About art.

The following, are from 40 inspirational quotes, from Famous artists, that Can feed Your Artist soul and Ignite your Creative spirit. the following are the quotes, I have chosen. You can Search through, on Your own, on the Above, Website…

  • creativity is a drug, i cannot live without. Cecil b. de Mille.
  • one can have, no smaller or greater, mastering than, mastery of oneself. Leonardo Da vinci.
  • Colour is My day-long obsession, Joy and torment. Claude Monet.
  • I paint My own reality. frida kahlo.

Artist life–Fighting through, Art creative, Block?…

Art inspiration, the Artists life–Fighting through, Creative block?…Whether it is A creative, Rut or full blown, Art creation block, one of the biggest challenges, is for artists, to sustain motivation, and to keep, the art creative engine, turning.

  • Kris Parins, welcomes an outside influence. Kris values, her Meet ups, with Artist friends, to make Laughter, but also to Generate new ideas, and Inspiration. It all helps Kris to come back, into Her art studio, feeling refreshed, Energized and ready, to Start Art creating.
  • Tom Lynch’s, Remedy to beat Art creative block, is to Work his art, in Black and white. This jump Starts his desire, to Paint.
  • Chris Krupinski, has learnt that Working constantly on Her art creations, has Kept her motivated, and Opens her mind up, to Newer art ideas, and Inspiration.
  • Betty Dillard Strout, say’s to Keep an open mind. Saying that, if you Start with an idea, This idea can Lead you to another, Better idea. She, stresses, that you Need to Start something, but Remember, to be Open to a change, of Direction.
  • Laurie Goldstein-Warren–says, that a Newer thought, idea or action, on a Familiar subject. Like, looking at blank paper, she usually Decides to Revisit a subject. She then decides to, Choose a different media, and Technique to Paint. This method, brings her Passion for the subject, in A newer way… I think it Opens up her options, to Art creating, A series of Newer paintings. Which is always A good choice…

In conclusion to this Blog, on A Spark of Art Inspiration, we can End the Blog and say, that Yes art, does Inspire us as Artists, and Individuals. It helps us, to Attempt at Art creating, as A way, to Look for Art creative ways to Explore, and Solve all Kinds of Problems, and obstacles…Through the Process of the Art creating.

Thank you for Visiting My blog, today.

Remember to Stay safe, and to Social distance. Do work within, Moderation. See You All, Next blog.

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