Acrylic Paints. Opportunities for An Art Creative Adventure, with the Materials, Media and Technique…and My Art Too…

In the Blog Acrylic Paints, I will share information on Acrylic Paints and their Media, and how you can use texts and videos to empower your art creations, in Acrylics. Most importantly I share, how you can find Places, in your life, to paint from. I have Art Created Two Paintings, in Acrylic paints, using the Watercolor Technique, in My Unique Art Style.

Acrylics–Introduction to the Medium, Acrylics

  • Why Acrylics–Acrylics are a Modern painting choice. With Painting techniques. you can use Acrylics using the Traditional painting techniques, or there are a Variety of other possibilities for An Art Creative Artist, and Adventurous Artist, as well. Use Acrylics as Watercolors, Oil techniques. You can Blend acrylics, and you can Use other Creative techniques. The Video to watch: 14 Acrylic Techniques.

Getting to Know Acrylics--the property of Acrylics is open to Many techniques and styles, for Exploration and adventure. This method helps the Artist, Art create, Unique and Creative art.

Acrylic Techniques–

  • Acrylic and Colors
  • How to be Art creative with Acrylics

Choosing your Colors--Understanding Color theory is Important, to create Outstanding Paintings. Color gives to the Art creation, a Unique style and Art definition to the Painting. Color is usually the Determining factor, that Attracts people to a Painting.

Learn–Understanding Color, Seeing Values of Color, and how to Chart Colors. Watch the Video on; Mixing Color primates and, Get help with Acrylic color charting.

Acrylic Mediums--look into, Art is Fun, by (Thaneeya). Mediums are Versatile. They are Liquids or gels, that you Mix into the Acrylic paints. These create Different effects and finishes, by Making the Paint Thicker, thinner, glossy, matte, textured, slow-drying and a lot more.

  • Texts–Everything you need to know about Acrylic painting, for Beginners.
  • Modern Acrylic painting for Acrylic painters and For beginners.

Brush Styles–Brushes 101: 15.03.2018 by Chellam, say;s that Different brushes could be used for Different Effects and techniques. You should Use two brushes, that Feel right and help you, Create the Most art. Combining other Brushes, can give you A total different results, and can help you Grow as an Art creative Artist. Look into and Read this Article: 12 Fun and Easy Ideas for Acrylic Painting.

The, 14 Acrylic techniques that Beginners should Try…08. September, 2021. Go and Check, this article out, As a Beginner or Accomplished Artist, it is Informative.

  • Use more water
  • Dab either, stiff bristles or paper towel
  • Try dabbing
  • Experiment, dripping, acrylics
  • Lift sections of paint
  • Use painters, Tape, gives shapes
  • Splatter Acrylic paints
  • Try dry brushing
  • Switch, your palette knife
  • Add details, Use a fine wired brush
  • Use lighter paint to Highlight, a Darker section
  • Go deeper with layering
  • Mix colors and Color combinations
  • Use different tones of the Same color

Color Basics

With so many Colors available, we know that we can use the Three Primary colors, (blue, red, yellow), / we prefer to Buy colors already Mixed in the Tube. Knowing how to Limit your Color palette, while Mixing the colors, you need is, Professional and Cost effective, for the Art creative Artist (in the Boddy Evans, Article, 31.10.2019)

Also, in the article–by Marion Boddy Evans–it Lists these Two texts, which will be Helpful, for the Art creative Artist.

  • What supplies are needed, for Acrylic painting.
  • Tips and techniques for Mixing Skin tones for your Paintings.

Painting Everyday Life–there is no need to Travel the world to find Engaging, Subjects to paint. You can find Excellence, in your Mundane, Everyday life. For example, in Your Kitchen, and in your garden. This is Naturally how to Train your Eyes to become An Artist, Art creative. To be a Genius and Art successful.

  • Painting Nature–you find Wonder and beauty in the Natural world. Bringing people and Artists, true Joy and Love. A Simple and colorful flower, can be a Source of Enchantment and Observance, for the Art creative, Artist. Acrylics is the way to Translate, the Beauty of nature, that Surrounds us as Artists. The use of Different Art techniques, using Acrylic paints, make our Expression, a Unique Art creation.

Landscapes–Our Joy of Art Expression, gives Beauty, diversity to the Landscape paintings, we Art create. The artist Never needs to travel far, to find Exciting, Subjects to paint. The Hillsides, the Seascapes, the Mountains, and all of Nature, Everywhere, An Artist looks. Acrylics, is the Medium that Helps us Express the Beauty, we all See.

Art and Landscape–YouTube, Videos

  • How to Paint Landscapes, In Acrylics. 10.47
  • Painting Realistic Landscapes. In Acrylics. 0.15
  • 10 Landscape painting tips, for Beginners. 8.28

The Following Paintings, I made in Acrylic Paints, with My Unique Style and The Watercolor Technique. Both Paintings are off the Universe, a Nature Theme or Subject. Remember if you have a Comment to Make, Please make the Comment, I am Happy to Hear From You.

Moon Night. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Mysterious Universe. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Animals and Acrylics

Animals are Four legged creatures, which are very Beautiful and fascinating to watch. Acrylic paint is an Excellent medium to show off, Fluffy fur. Details in their Twinkling eyes, Gestures, and in their Movements.

Videos–How to paint Animals in Acrylic paints.

  • Acrylic Animal Portrait techniques. Video, 1 of 2. 1.27.315
  • Easy Animal painting Ideas, for the Beginner, Acrylic Paints. 25.12

Art, Practicing on Your Own

  • Do your own Kind of Art, You get to Choose.
  • Select subjects, that Appeal, to your Artist style and Technique uses.

How to be Art creative?

  • 9 Ways to Boost your Artistic creativity–Empty easel.com
  • How to be More creative in Art: 5 Ways–In Evolve Artist
  • 10 Ways to Create Art, even if you have No talent

The meaning of Colors, and how To use Colors in Your Art

  • Using color in Art/a Beginners Guide to Color theory
  • The role of Color in Art

Explore Texts, that are Art creative, that Inspire, and give you Greater Ideas and thoughts. most of all, Motivate you, to Keep on Art creating.

  • Self-critiquing your Art. YouTube–How to Analyse Your art. 7.27
  • Texts--Practicing Art on Your Own. In the Blog, 5 Tips for the Serious Self-Taught Artist–by Erika. Cuncaster/Art
  • Videos-On how to Be Art creative.
  • How to Use Color in art--To make an Impact, on your Audience, in the Art You create.

In concluding this Blog, it is important to say that Acrylic paints and media, with color can make a Big difference in how, an Acrylic painting looks.

There are many Subjects to paint in Acrylic paints, like in Nature, in your House. Anywhere you go to Travel or on a Short visit.

There are many Texts, Videos on how to use Acrylics and Color, And how to Self-Critique your Art Creations, in Order to Improve, and Be Successful in Art.

Thank you for visiting this Blog. If You Found this Blog, Interesting, Informative and Educational, Please Do Like and Share. Thanky. Remember to Social Distance and Stay Always Safe. See You, Next Blog.

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moon night

a4 size. made on acid free watercolor paper. acrylic mixed media colorful art. original only, for sale.


mysterious universe

a4 size. made on acid free watercolor paper. made in acrylic, mixed media, colorful colors. original only for sale.