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Portrait’s? Lets See? and My Art Creating Too…

In this Blog Portrait’s, we find the Basic information, we need to use, to attempt, Portrait Drawing. Hopefully the information I set out, helps to give you a Complete picture , off how to create The Portrait , that Represents, the Likeness of your Model. I have also linked some helpful Videos and information. I will make four, attempts at Portrait Drawing, which I have used from reference photos, from Free Photo Stock. In my Portraits. I am attracted to the Colours, and the media to use, to complete the Portraits.

Portrait Drawing Tips For Beginners- Drawing a Portrait can seem a Real challenge if you are new to Drawing from observation. There are so many things that can go wrong, if your Drawing is not in proportion, or you have No concept of how to Represent the basic features, of the Person.

Portrait drawing is The form, and shapes, of Drawing from observation, that focus on Depicting the human face, its characteristics, and expressions.  To draw  a Portrait, from observation, you need to Complete some basic, specific tasks, to Represent the portraits, likeness correctly.

Videos:   of Portrait drawing techniques- bing.com/videos

  1.  How to draw a Portrait with Charcoal/Realistic Drawing Tutorial. ( You Tube- Kirsty Partridge- 19.29 )
  2. How to Draw a Portrait Easily/Tutorial for beginners.  (You Tube- Art by Ali Heider-12.00 )
  3.  Portrait Critique– Fine Tips for Drawing A Portrait Likeness. ( You Tube- 13.35 )

How To Draw A Portrait

  1. Draw an Oval Shape- this is the First and most crucial mark you can make. When commencing a Portrait drawing.  Think about the Type of shape you want to represent.  Long, thin, fat, or thick, the variety of Human faces is immense. So the character you want to serve, needs to Be clear from the start.
  2. Draw a Centre line– the next Few tips are essential, with dealing with the Underlying proportion of Head and face. Draw a Centreline down the center of your Portrait. A vital mark as this is how you Build a framework of underlying shapes, created on the Proportions, Developed from the centreline.
  3. Measure the Halfway point on the Center Line– to find the Halfway point. You can Compare visually, to see the location. Draw a Horizontal line from One end of the oval to the next.
  4. Draw the Eye level– needs to be drawn with a Faint line across the face. Beautiful details, will not be able to be added, if we see heavy construction lines.
  5.  Subdivide the Eye Level into Five Sections– when Learning to draw, a portrait, the early Stages of proportion and construction are very important, because these lines add the Most important lines on the face. From this action, the Redrawing features of the portrait can be drawn. So Sub-divide the eye level horizontally, into five equal parts. The outline of the eyes is drawn on the points created, by the Dividing of this line, into five equal parts.
  6.  Draw the Outlines of the Eye– focus needs to be On drawing the outline, which will represent the eyes. The human face, is Different, in shape, size, so you consider the look, you are drawing from your observation.
  7.  Subdivide the Bottom half of the Face and Repeat– the Focus is to focus, on drawing a line to Indicate where the Nose and mouth will be drawn. If you Make these proportions correct, later in the Painting these features can be illustrated in greater detail later.
  8.  Measure the point on the Bottom Half of the Face– double check that all the Proportions are correct and measure the spaces, with a pencil, by comparing the areas on your drawing, with what you see in Front of You.
  9.  Draw the Nose and Mouth– now you can add more detail to the Portrait, by drawing the outline, of the nose and mouth. Remember to Draw a faint line.
  10.  Draw and Represent, the Jaw line– is the Bone structure that defines the Shape of the head and the face.
  11.  Add the Neck and Ears– The mark needs to be level with the Mouth on the Jawline. From these points, on Both sides of the jaw, you draw the neck.
  12.  Draw the Hairline– remember that the top of the Oval, is the Crown of the head or skull bone. The hair is One aspect of the Portrait, which develops as the Character off the person you are drawing.  Quickly draw fine lines, which help you create, The impression of fine flowing hairs.
  13.  Draw Eyebrows– draw the Hairs above the eyes and eye lashes, this stage adds a subtle detail to your portrait.
  14.  Begin to add Subtle Details to the Various Features– This next stage is to add Tone and shading to the features of the face, the neck, jaw, and hair. Adding all this detail is time – consuming, because you will need to Observe the, fine detail of the individual features and then you Slowly and progressively add the Detail to your drawings. ( All the above information in the, Improveddrawing.com ).

THE Above Information,  12: Principles of Constructive Drawing- in the Drawing Academy.com  ( Very Useful Information )…

Start Drawing: Techniques for Pencil Portraits,   https://www.skillshare.com/classes/start-drawing-techniques-for-Pencil

Drawing is art that is accessible to anyone. Originally a self- taught Artist, I learnt a lot through practice, and alone. Then through studying Tutorials, posted by peers online, and Taking classes with professional artists. By studying the works, of the old masters. I have been able to Reach a new level of Art Knowledge, that I want to pass onto willing Art students… ( this information, is from an Artist on Skill share, who teaches on this platform )

Which media to use for Portrait paintings?

The importance of colour in Art History?- Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, show how colour can be Used powerfully to capture a feeling.

  1.  Watercolour pencils– Techniques and Tips…   https://www.montmarte.net/slow/watercolour-pencils
  2. Watercolours– How to draw and Paint Watercolour Portraties for Beginners…   https://www.solving-watercolour.com-to-draw-portraities
  3.  Crayons– How to create a Crayola Crayon Portrait,   https://the postmansknock.com/how to create-Crayola-Portrait?
  4.  Oil Pastels– How to use Oil Pastels, ( Easy Peasy, Art School )   https://easy peasy art school.com.au/use-oil-pastels.

The Paintings that follow Below, are all made using the reference photos of Portraits, from Free Photo Stock, from the Internet. Made on Creative Acid free, Watercolour Paper, A4 size.  The back ground colour is made from a mix of the same Acrylic, Mont Marte Semi-Matte Colours, Cadmium Yellow and a small amount of, Yellow Orange. The background colours look different, because less or more water is mixed into the Colours. The Colours are applied to the Watercolour paper, separately.

I then used the different types of Art Medium, in each painting, to complete the Painting. I made the Paintings, with different media, because I like to Work in colours, and I was Curious to see, what the result would be for each of the Portraits?

In Conclusion, I Honestly think, no matter which Colour medium an Artist uses, especially in my Situation, the Result is similar and fine for the Paintings, I have Portrait Art Created.

Serene.   Watercolour Pencils.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


Blondie.   Watercolour.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


Sweetest Girl.   Crayons.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


Casual.   Oil Pastels.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


How to get Commissions for Portraits?

Videos – You Tube:

  1. The 5 Stages of a Successful Portrait. Commission, Allain Picard, August 23, 2017,  5.07.
  2. How to get Art Commissions, in 2020 ( Tutorial ), Dan Ekis, 31 March, 2019,  12.54.
  3. Commission Guide, ( Part 1 )  Advice, Information page, and Free resources.  Nadiaxel, April 26, 2019,  14.34.

How to Frame Portraits- 

  1.  You Tube- How to make a Unique Photo Frame at Home. Globe Studio One,  July 16, 2018,  5.10.
  2.  You Tube- Large Screen Digital photo Frame,  mguerrand,  October 24, 2018, 4.15.

Why do Portraits-   https://www.tate.org.uk/art/art-portraits.   Portrait painting continues to Grow, it is an old Art Form, going back to Ancient Egypt, 5,000 years ago. Before photography, a Painted or sculpted, or A drawn portrait, was the only way to record the Appearance of Someone. What was very Expensive, is Affordable for every Person Today…

In concluding this Blog on Portraits, so Many things can go wrong, if you are Drawing a Portrait from observation. To draw Excellent portrait’s, you need to observe your Model well and Get the proportions correct, at the Start, of the drawing. In History, in order to Record an image of a person, A painting or a sculpture, had to be made. Today we have many Ways to record an image of a person, and it is Affordable to create, in Whichever way you Choose.

Thank you for visiting this Blog, I hope you found the Information useful and hopefully, it helps you to Attempt to draw Portrait’s, well.   Do not forget, to Like and share this blog.

Have an Excellent week, remember always to social distance. See You ALL next time.



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Organisation for Art Creator’s and My Art Too…

In Organisation for Art Creator’s, we think about what is necessary to work as Art Creators or Art Designers, apart from the Basic necessity of a Well planned working Artist’s Studio. We think how we can make our Art Business, Productive and Highly Successful, and see if other Business are organised in a similar Working, Structure? I think it is very interesting to work out How or Why? and see if their are Actually any Benefits, to Following Good Business Advice? Shall we have a Read and draw our own Private Conclusions? The Art I have created for this Blog, is my Idea of Some of the Amazing Art Creative, Artists… In our Societies’…

People Ask?

  1. What are are the Organising principles of Art?
  2. What are the Elements of Art and Design?
  3. How to Create an organisational chart for Free?
  4. How to Create an organisational chart in Canva?

I made the Following Four Paintings, on Acid free,  Creatives Watercolour Paper, Using the Micador Colours, in Acrylic Paints. I thought they would be a great example of the different Artist Creative Businesses, to give an example where the Organisation for Art Creator’s can be useful.

The Artist Creator.   Mixed Media.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


The 244,  Best Art Studio Organization images   https://www.pinterest.com/scarlet calliope/art-studio-organization .

In Cloth Paper Scissors, Magazine Issue, we explore Mixed media… Ideas for Storage, Design and Art Studio Organization. Our Art Studios are where the Magic happens. It is where we Stitch, cut, glue, paint, mold, and Express our creativity through the Unique process of making art. Sometimes organising our Art Studios can seem impossible, so we keep doing the best we can, in anyway.  A Studio, should be Expressive and Functional. For an Extreme Studio makeover, join Ty Pennington, the host of, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, For complete Storage Ideas and Helpful Advice. For Mum care Advice, Elain Grifflin, a National known, Interior designer and author of Design Rules. In Conclusion, For organising, look for,  the Professional Organizer, Carolyn Woods.

Creative Maker Culture– Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia.  https:////en.wikipedia.org/wiki/maker-culture

The Creative Culture Movement is a Social movement with an Artesian Spirit. The Creative Maker Culture, Emphasises learning through doing. ( Active learning), in a Social environment. Emphasis is Informal, networked, peer led, and Shared learning motivated by, Fun and Self fulfilment. Encouraging the newer applications of Technology, and the Exploration of the intersecting, between the Traditional domains, and Newer Ways of Doing. With Newer Ways of Working. Creative Maker culture, has the Potential to contribute to a more Participatory approach, and to create new Pathways into Topics, that will make them more Real and Relevant to the Student.

The  Business Creator.   Mixed Media.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


Elements of Art/Design and Principles of Design Organisation.

A Continuous mark made on a surface, by a moving point, can be a Flat three dimensional line. Implied, by using an outline, to Create shading and show A shape. Lines can also, Decorate, express emotion, and can direct the viewers eyes. Lines can be, Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved and zigzag. Lines can be, Hard, sharp, straight, geometric, and can be Organic, smooth, soft, flowing, loopy, wavy. Emphasis, is created by Visually reinforcing something we want the viewer, to pay attention to. Proportion is the Relationship of size,  between different parts, of an Art Creation. Variety and variation uses, are a Combination, of different Qualities or instances of an Art’s Element, to Create a desired visual effect.

The Homemaker Creator.   Mixed Media.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…



The Floral Creator.   Mixed Media.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


Organisational Chart Marker/Hierarchy chart Maker   https://creately.com/diagram-type-organisation-chart

The Hierarchical model is the most Popular organizational chart. There are a few models that are Derived from this model. In the Hierarchical chart, Employees are grouped with every Employee, in the Construct, all having one Proper supervisor. The Grouping is made based on a Few other factors. 

  1.  Function, grouped according to the Function they Provide. 
  2.  Geography – Employees are grouped based on their Region.
  3.  Product, if a company produces Multiple products, or offers different services, can be Grouped accordingly.

In my opinion, I think that the No. 4 Network structure, which helps Visualise both the Internal and External Partnerships, is a Decentralized, Construct which has the most Flexible structure.  This, All relies on Open communication, between reliable Employees, whom, are both Internal, and External Partners. This I think is the best Hierarchical option, for Art Creators and Art designers, to Follow and Work With.

In Concluding this Blog, we see how important Organisation is in Particular to the Art Creation and Art Design Culture in our Societies’. We can tell that the structure of a Business needs to be set up, and followed through a, Hierarchy or some Planned Organisation Method. In Order for a Business, to Prosper and too function on a Daily basis. This all makes any Construct or Business, Accountable and Financially Viable. For daily operating in an organised Manner, keeping the Employee motivated, functioning, Highly productive, Conscientious and Self fulfilled, as an Employee and Mostly as an Individual. Organisation Procedures, are Necessary for An Art Creation or Art Design Business…

Thank you for Participating in this Blog, I hope it was interesting to read. Remember  to Like, and to Share, if you found this Blog Valuable or Interesting.

I am  creationsbymariec.art      Website:   artcreationsbymariec.wordpress.com     Etsy.com/Artpaperdesignsmarie.etsy.com

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Fighting Art Creative Block, and My Art Creations Too…

In this Blog,  Fighting, Art Creative Block, we know as Artists that Art Creative Block is a Very Big Problem for the Artist. I investigate, what Art Creative Block is, or if there is a problem at all. Then try to conclude, how we can move past this Problem as Artists, and as A Productive Changing Society, Generally. I think this is an interesting Issue to explore, because I Believe that All World Cultures, Succeed and Prosper, on Human Resources and People Power. Think and Think?,  and then I will share in this blog, my solution to my problem of Art Creative Block.

Fighting through Art Creative block-whether, it is a Creative slump or a Full blown block, is one of the Biggest problems for artists. It is sustaining motivation and keeping the Art creative engine turned up. There are Five artists, who will be Sharing jump starting, Ideas and inspiration, their way… ( The following information is from Anne Hevener, Artist’s Magazines Editor in Chief. )

Artist Kris Parins-says,  Welcome an Outside Influence. He says a get together with Artist friends to cure art block, and maybe, to get out of the studio. To spend a few hours, Laughing, sharing your enthusiasm, and to be open to new opportunities. Lastly you need Human contact and outsider influence. You need to Share images of your works in progress, or just to talk, encouragement makes an Artist feel wonderful and alive.

Tom Lynch-says,  an Exercise in Black and White, help him to break the Art block. Visiting an Art Gallery, museum or art fair, or a simple exercise in making Art creations in Black and white, start his desire to paint. He focuses on Tone and contrast , which make, future paintings, show better light and dark tones.

Chris Krupinski-says,  Paint all of the Time. To be a better artist you need to Work on your art all of the time. I found this improved My art greatly, and opened my mind to New ideas. When the Creative block happened, I would just Start doing the art, and as I worked I moved past the block, Ideas arrived and kept on coming, to me.

Betsy Dillard Stroud-says,  Keep an Open Mind. Sometimes just starting one idea, can lead you to another, better idea. My Motto is to just start on something, and to stay open to a Change in The art direction.

Laurie Goldstein-Warren-says,  A new take on a Familiar Subject. Laurie says when she has a block, she looks at one of Her before art creations.  Using a Different art media, Different paper, canvas, brushes and paints to Colour the art. She might head into the Social or into the Natural Environment, this all makes a Difference to her Art perspective in many ways.

My Method of getting through the Art Creative Block, is to draw what appeals to me at the time, and to think hard after a long walk or a swim, what the painting needs to be Coloured With. In the following Four Paintings, I think you can say the Paintings are Original and Unique. I attempted to Move and create this Art, by using the Medium that I do not usually use, even though I own these media. I decided on the Colour scheme and how to best use the colours to Benefit greatly the Art creation. I can honestly say, I worked easily, and did not experience Art Creative Block. I enjoyed the process, and greatly. I think you should, draw what appeals to YOU, and Use different Media, Paper, canvases and colours. Go ON SEE What the result is for You?

Pink in the Middle.   Watercolours.   Marie  Crimi.   2020… 


The Creative Block Information?

7 Types of Creative Block, ( and what to do About Them?)

  1. The Mental Block. This is where you get trapped by your own thinking. The Solution, you need to change your mind. What, if?, and Adopt different perspectives. Go somewhere New, or Read/watch/listen to something new.  Talk to People, who may give you an Alternative point of view.
  2.  The Emotional barrier. Creativity can be intense. Its not a comfortable endeavour. May be the Subject matter is painful?…, whatever, its all a Form of resistance, that leads to procrastination. You can try a Routine, Commitment, or Meditation.
  3. Work habits that do not work. Maybe, no Drama, you are Working, in a way that is not Compatible with your creative process. Look for the Right balance of routines, Systems and spontaneity, for creativity to thrive.
  4. Personal problems. Creativity demands Focus and its hard to concentrate when some dispute, is happening.  Use your Creative Rituals, to set problems aside, focus for an hour, or a few days, or each day. You should get a Newer perspective, on your Personal situation.
  5. Poverty as in time poor, knowledge poor, have a thread Bare network, or short on equipment to complete the job?  Set yourself a Challenge to achieve as much as possible, with what you have. Question whether, more Resources, always equal More Creativity.
  6. Overwhelm, comes from too much or too little?. You are feeling paralysed by Options, obligations?, to tired. Time to Cut down, say No, schedule your time better, leave the World behind, it will not End.
  7.  Communication breakdown, could be a Marketing problem, you do not have a Hotline to people who matter in your field, so you Struggle to attract the opportunities. The Solution, here is where Communication blends into communication skills. You need to adapt, at Understanding and influencing the Right people, in marketing or networking. To succeed you need to Grow a thick skin for Rejection or criticism.

Interlude.   Watercolour Pencils.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


In Creative Block Therapy,   here is another twist, on Artist Creative Block…

  1.  Creative Blocks, Creative Blocks, or Barriers to inspiration, can be described as the inability to access One’s internal creativity.
  2. How to Overcome Artist Creative Block and, To,  Art appropriate.
  • Take a look at your culture.
  •  Create from childhood Experiences.
  • Artist Sketchbooks. Look back over past sketchbooks, to see what you can.
  • Have more than one artwork project on the go, at the same time.     ( In the Creative Blog/Art Design Inspiration. )   Get the weekly tips and inspiration/sign up…

A Rose By Another Name.   Mixed Media Collage (Acrylics).   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


Healthwise–Visual Art Therapy–Art Therapy is using Visual Art Materials. You may, use Pens, pencils, crayons, paint, chalk, or Collaging. You do not need to have Art Skills or Experience. With support from Your Art Therapist you will use Art Media, to Express your feelings or experiences. The Art Therapist will provide Ideas or prompts. Group Focus could focus on a particular Theme or activity each session.

Man and Colours.   Gel Pens.   Marie  Crimi.   2020…


Quote: By A Patient–” My Hope is that I make People Smile with my Art Work and through doing, Art Therapies I can challenge my Mind to get to a better place”…

In concluding this Blog, Fighting Art Creative Block, we know that we need to change our Environment, be around people and communicate.  We need to do the Art daily, we need to try different Mediums and we need to Critic the Art process,,s for us as Artists and maybe give, Respectful, and Art changing, Help to other Artists. This should all help us to be and become Amazing Productive Artists, who should not Suffer Debilitating, Art Creative Blocks.  The above Explanations, give us the information we need, to Succeed in all our Creative Endeavours.

Thank for visiting my Blog, remember to Like and Share, if you found this Blog Helpful for Your Art Creative Life.    I am creationsbymariec.art


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Stay Safe, and You have an Excellent Week,    See YOU ALL,   Next BLOG…