How to be a Successful Artist? and My Art Too…

In this Blog, how to be a Successful Artist?, we Investigate what it is, we need to do, to be Artist successful. I will also be Sharing My Art creations, as Mixed media, Abstract art, which I have Recently added as An extra, as The Abstract Part.

Artist Network Employees, say to be a Successful artist, it takes Lots of Effort, Persistence, and a Commitment to Grow and succeed. The Best artist Advice on how to Succeed as an Artist, is given by the Successful Artists in the Juried Gallery Exhibition of the 2021, International Association of Pastel societies, featured in the Best Pastel Artists, who Share what Contributed to Their Success.

Whether you Paint in pastels, or prefer Watercolour, Oil or Coloured pencil, or?, if you are a Beginning Artist, Experimenting with all Media. Inspiration can be Found in the following Words of Wisdom. You only Need One Artists advice, to Launch into Your Next stage of Art, Growth and Success.

  • Go your Own Way–you must be True to Yourself, and do What you Love. We all have a Unique way of Creating, that makes You Happy and fulfilled. Art style, has No rules. No Genre, is Better over Another. You will be more Successful if you Follow your Heart. ( Julie Freeman )
  • Think First–we all need to Think first and Analyze how to Do it. What we are Going to Art create? It becomes a Natural habit, to First Understand your Intention, from the Start of Art Creating. ( Elena Prudnikan )
  • Don’t be Afraid–paint what is Scary, that is Important for Your Growth and Learning. ( Nancie King Mertz )
  • The Artist, Steven Aimone, says, When you Have No idea what to Do, just do the Boldest thing, That comes into your Mind. ( Debora Stewart )
  • Stop and Listen–for your Paintings to be Open to interpretation, you Need to Invite Your Viewers, to Complete the Picture in Their imagination.
  • An Artist needs to Stop painting. Before a Painting becomes Overworked. As an Artist, you Should let the Piece sit for A little. The Art creation will tell you, what the Painting, needs.
  • Keep it Loose–An Artist must Remember, to keep a Composition loose and Abstract, during the Painting process. This approach Allow, for a Poetic quality and a Strong foundation. ( Barbara Saenicke )
  • Paint Small and Often–using this Method of Art creating, Leads to Art break throughs, and Helps to Experiment, further in Smaller Art works. ( Beth Williams )
  • Be Selective–there is No need to Describe, every Single detail. ( Silja Salmistu )

( All the Above in the, Artists, Network )

How to be More Art Creative: the Best Tips from Artists and Experts

Call it flow, call it Focus, it is a Magic feeling, of You being Full of ideas, and One Idea, Leads to another. Being Art creative, feels like the Most Natural thing in the World, and you will Always have Ideas, and Inspiration. It helps to have Every day, Art wisdom, a Creative prompt, and a Place to start. Maybe? Check out An Artist, that will Inspire You?. These Suggestions, and Others will Help you Recapture the Feeling of Flow.

Picasso, was Very Art Creative, He said,–” Inspiration exists, but has to Find you Working” . You put Time in your Studio, and You Keep, on doing, and Your Art creativity will Grow, Greater.

A Jug of Tulips. Mixed media, Abstract. Marie. Crimi. 2022...

Flower Vase, in Abstract Scene. Mixed media, Abstract. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Tips, Prompts and Quotes, from Creative Professionals

Maybe a Simple ten minute, Art creative warm up, using an Easy prompt. Maybe Reflecting on a Quote, or Breaking up, An, Idea you have?. Find ideas that Resonate, take Notes in your Journal or sketchbook. Commit to Not judge, any Work that you, make in the Warm up. The truth is, that it is Hard to initially get started. These, Prompts should give you A Place, to begin.

Articles–On Art creativity

  • Danny Gregory’s, 11 Ways to be More creative starting now.
  • Jeanne Oliver’s, 42 Art prompts, for Discovering New creative Ideas.
  • Fall in Love with the, Creative Process, 23 Art and Creative Quotes.

Articles, on Creative block

  • Fighting through, Creative block
  • Curing your, Art Burnout ( Eric Maisel )
  • Three Creative challenges, to Improve Your Art

Articles–Give Yourself, an Art Challenge

  • Art challenge: 30 Paintings in 30 days.
  • Dean Mitchell’s, 5 Keys to Creating Art, that’s all Your own.

Articles–Listen to Other Artists

  • Doug Kacena, Episode 5, Free your Art, Experimenting With Medium and Meaning.
  • Doug Kacena, Episode 9, The Art of Experimentation.

Advice from Jurors, How to Make Winning Artwork

  • Terri Ford–Every judge, will have a Different outlook. Believe in Yourself, Tenacity, and Due diligence, can Take you a Long way.
  • Mario Robinson–Be Yourself. Let your Individuality shine. No matter what the Subject, Paint it with passion.
  • Mile Beeman–Artists, Paint lots, and Paint, what you Enjoy. Art create, Something Unique, and that has Your Personal style.
  • Robert Carsten–Paint with Love, Do it well. Never Stop learning and Exploring.
  • Barbara Benedetti Newton–A Successful painting, Creates a Relationship through Shapes, Colours, Textures, Lines and Marks. When these Elements are good, they Enter into the Art Viewers, world. The Viewers, Experience, the Artists journey, as their Own. An Artists, Sensitivity and skill as an Art Tour Guide is very important. ( All in the Artist’s Inspiration )

In Conclusion to this Blog, How to Be a Successful Artist. It takes the Artist a lot of Art creating, Persistence, Time and Exploring, New ways of Art creating. Also you Need to paint with Love and Passion. A Successful painting, Creates a Painting relationship, through the use of Shapes, Colours, Textures, Lines and marks. The Painting needs, to Lead an Art viewer, through the Artists, Art journey. Through Their, Art creations, and their Unique, Art Style and technique.

To continue to Succeed at, a Successful, Art career, you must, Never stop Learning and Exploring, in Art and in your Natural environment. You must Do, and Keep doing, Quality Art work and practice.

Thank you for visiting this Blog. See you next Art Education Blog. Remember to Stay safe, Social distance and Work in moderation.

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A Jug Of Tulips

A4 size, Mixed media, Abstract, on Acid free, watercolor paper. Made in Colourful, watercolours and acrylic paints. Completed in Fine sharpie marker.


Flower Vase, in Abstract Scene

A4 size, Mixed media, Abstract. On Acid free, Watercolour paper. made in Colourful watercolors and acrylic paints. Completed in Sharpie fine marker.



Christmas, and What is Christmas Time?. Christmas Facts, and Christmas Cards 2021, for You Too…

In this Christmas blog, we celebrate Christmas by finding out What Christmas is?, and why Christmas is Celebrated, in the World?, and most importantly, How do we celebrate this very Special Christmas celebration. i have made a few Christmas cards, especially. For You.

What is Christmas?, and what is Christmas for?–Christmas is a Christian festival that celebrates the Birth of Jesus the Christ. Christians believe Jesus, was the Son of God. Christmas Is Celebrated every Year on the 25 December, this is the Day the Roman Catholic Church, chose to Observe as the Birthday of Jesus, the Son of God, and of All Humankind. ( In the National Geographic Kids. )

What is the Origin of Christmas?–Christmas is taken from the Old English ” Crista’s Masses “. which means ” Mass of Christ “. the shortened word for Christmas, is, ” Xmas or Xmass “. This has been Used from the 16th Century.

What is the Religious Observances of Christmas?–the Religious observances for Christmas, all centers, on Special Wordship Services. which use Candle light, and the Christmas Mass, is , Celebrated at Midnight. In Bethlehem, Midnight Mass, is Celebrated at the Place of, Jesus’ Birth, in the Ancient Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem.

All The Christmas cards that follow, are Christmas Gift cards, I Have Made for You All, this Christmas 2021…

Do you Know some Interesting Facts about Christmas?–Christmas is a Fascinating time, and a Time of Memorizing Memories, both of the Past and in the Present. Christmas is a time of Merriment, celebrated with Family and Friends, especially for all Children. It is a Time to Give, Christmas Gifts.

Facts about Christmas Time.

Christmas means, ” Mass of Christ “.

  • The tallest Christmas Tree, was put Up and Decorated in Seattle, Washington, in December 1950. it was 221 Feet Tall.
  • Candy canes, were invented in Germany, in 1837. The candy was made as ‘ J ‘, shaped for Jesus. the Red stripes, Symbolize his Blood. The Candy canes were first exhibited, in Massachusetts, in the United States of America.
  • Did you know that in Japan, it is the Tradition to get Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas. the Japanese people, Need to place their Christmas Lunch orders, at Least Two months, in Advance, to Christmas day.
  • Jingle bells, Jingle bells–This song was Originally a Thanks/giving Song written by James Pierpont, somewhere from 1853 and 1857. It was called, One Horse Open Sleigh. The Astronauts, Thomas P Stafford and Walter Schirra Jr, Played this song, in Space.
  • About Christmas Shopping–between 1-3, Men would wait until Christmas Eve, to do their Christmas shopping.
  • Do you know what the Biggest Christmas gift, off all Time was?–It was the Statute of Liberty, gifted to the United States of America, by France in1886.
  • The Christmas Tree was Commercially Sold in the United States, from the 1850’s. the tree takes 15 years to Grow, before it is Sold, at a Height of 6-7 Feet Tall.
  • Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer, was a First Advertising Gimmick, for Montgomery Ward in 1939.
  • Did you know that the Left over food, from Christmas, causes More than 40,000 Illnesses, Per Year.
  • According to the Bible, Christ was not, Born in Winter.
  • The Christmas Carol, We wish You a Merry Christmas, by Charles Dickens, took Six Weeks to write. The song was Published in 1843.
  • The Facts about Christmas cards–Sir Henry Cole and John Hershey, invented the Christmas card. Their Original cards, made them $20,000 Pounds. Every Year in America, People Buy 1.6 billion, Christmas cards.
  • In the year 1889, Franklin Pierce, was the First President to put up an Official Christmas tree, in the White House.
  • The time from 25 December–5 January is the ‘ Christmas tide, or the Twelve Holy days.
  • The Three Wise Men, Signify the Sermon, of Giving gifts, when the Three Wise Men gave Gifts to Jesus, on Christmas day. The Day of the Celebration of Jesus Birthday.
  • Remember Festivals are times of Joy and fun. All celebrations begin at Home, and the Memories, are Cherished in the Years to come.

In concluding this Christmas Blog for 2021, we know that Christmas is the time when we celebrate, Christmas day, on the 25 December. Which is the Birth of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, and the Savior of the World. We celebrate each Christmas with Past and Newer, Memories that Last a Life time. Christmas is celebrated by Giving gifts, and sharing, Excellent food and sweets, with Family, Friends and People.

You all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happier Newer Year 2022. Remember to Stay Safe, and to Social distance. If you Like this Blog, please like and Do share. See You Next Blog. Thanking You All…

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Christmas time, Fashion and Perfume, and Paintings Too…

Christmas each year falls on the 25 December, it is the Celebrating the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was Born on this date, and Bought Light and Life, Love into the Whole World. Christmas is the tradition, that is Carried through History, and Traditionally. All Christians in the world, Celebrate Christmas day. Christmas day is a Religious occasion for the Majority of People on the Earth. I wonder how some Cultures and People, do not Celebrate, this Special gift to all Humanity, the Gift of Light in Our World? the Coming of the Son, ( SUN ), Jesus.

In this Blog it is the Celebration of Christmas, the Material, and a little Love…. I wonder how most People feel Reading this Blog, where our Lord Baby Jesus, is not the central Person, being Celebrated? but Materialism Is… ( Please refer to my next blog, the true Christmas Blog, 24.12.2021 )

Christmas in particular is a time in December, each year to Celebrate with Family and friends, in Joy and Fun. Too give Gifts and share Excellent Food. Christmas usually begins at Home, and these Memories are then cherished, in the Years to come. Christmas is a time when Adults share with all little ones, decorating the Christmas tree, the House, and Wrapping gifts, and making Cakes and biscuits, with Children. Christmas is the Time to be Happy, Joyful, Grateful and to Share, Laughter, Gifts and Love with Family and Friends, and all People, In the World.

A Christmas Angel. Watercolors. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

Christmas Fashion: the Do’s and the Dont’s for Holiday Success.

Christmas time gives you the Opportunities to Socialise greatly. The Variety of Events happen, Before and After the Celebration time. Each presents you with a Unique set of Fashion challenges. Office Party wear is to the Christmas, Party Fashion you wear.

To help you Navigate your Fashion sense through the Christmas holiday, Celebrations, let us Investigate, some Do’s and Nots to Wear, for Holiday Fashion success?

The Office party–Is still Part of your Work, life?, You will need to Maintain a Professional Look, and show a little Personality. Do Not, Wear Tight-fitting clothes, or clothes that show Too, much Skin. Sheer fabrics, and Cut out Sections on the body, are Not good. the Lace dresses, are Both Feminine and Professional.

For the Office Party. Watercolors. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

The Family Holiday Party–Most families keep Fashion sense–Casual for the Christmas holidays. Do not be to Casual, Unexpected Guests could show up. Relatives might bring a Friend and usually a lot of Photos are taken. So you need to Look, Well groomed and put Together at all times. You can Wear Plain fabrics, that have a Little Accent designs. Do not wear Sequins, nothing that Sparkles, because we do have the Christmas tree and the Decorations. Wear Comfortable trousers, do not Wear jeans. Pick Beautiful prints, they are Fun and Party wear.

Cocktail Party with Friends–This Event allows you to be Yourself, to Express what is the Essence of you. You get to Show a Little skin. Make sure your Under garments are the Right colour, for your Clothing. The Outcome is Too, Wear what makes you Look Beautiful and confident.

The Cocktail Hour. Watercolors. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

The Do’s and Don’ts of what to wear for Christmas can change, it all depends on the People you will be Associating, with, in the Social events. ( All the above, information in The, fashion/luxury, article ) in the Reviewers/article by Emmanuel.

Christmas is a time for being Merry and For the Exchange of gifts, to the people you Love, be it Friends, Family, or Colleagues.

Perfumes are the most Cherished, True who would not love to, Open a bottle of Pleasure on Christmas day. Finding the Right scent could be challenging, especially choosing Perfume which is so Personal, to a Person. The fact, that there are so Many amazingly Perfect bottles of Perfume to choose from. The following List of 20 perfumes, find the Perfect perfume, for Women, Men, Unisex, suitable for Christmas, and for other Festive celebrations, through the Newer year.

  • Tabbacco Vanilleeau de perfume for Women–Tom Ford
  • Bonbon eau de perfume for Woman–Victor and Rolf
  • Yvnesse ( Champagne ) eau de toiltte for Woman–Yves St Laurent
  • Kenzo jungle l’Elephante eau de perfume for Women–Kenzo
  • Sensous Noir eau de parfume for woman–Estee Lauder
  • Thiery Muglar a*Men–Thiery Muglar
  • Pour Lui in Black eau de parfume for Men–Mauboussin
  • La Nuit de l’Homme eau toilette spray for Men–Yves Saint Laurent
  • Phantom eau de parfume for Men and Women–by Kilian
  • Aventus e de parfume for Men–Creed
  • Aventus for Her–Creed
  • Hypnotic Poison eau de parfume for Woman–Dior
  • Muddled Plum eau de toilette spray–Molton Brown
  • Botanical Essence No.15 eau de parfume for Women–Liz Earle
  • Feve Delicieuse eau de parfum spray for Men–Christian Dior
  • l’Ambre des Merveilles perfume for Women–Hermes
  • Baie 19 eau de parfume spray Women–Le Labo
  • The One Essence eau de parfume Women–Dolce e Gabbana
  • Whispers in the Library eau de toilette–Maison Martine Margiela
  • Modern Muse le Rouge for Women–Estee Lauder

Perfume Bottle. Watercolors. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

Articles–How to Know what Perfumes, to Give as Gifts for Christmas?

In concluding this Christmas Blog, it is true to say, that, The Joy and Fun at Christmas time is that it is to be shared, it is made up of Special gifts to Share, maybe Perfumes, and Fashion to wear for Social celebrations. On Christmas day, off Course, all the Special Sweets and Food, to Share and Eat with Family and Friends.

Do you Think, Christmas is a Good Idea???…

Thank you, for visiting this Blog. Have a Merry Christmas. Remember to Stay safe and to Social distance. See you Next Blog…

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How a Strict Artist Schedule can Lead to Creative Spontaneity?, or Maybe Not?…

In introducing this Blog, we Seek to find out if a Strict Artist Schedule or Routine can Lead to Creative Spontaneity, or Maybe Not? I search a few Professionals In different areas of Science, as well as Artists, to see if they Agree or disagree, with this Question. I will be Posting in the Blog, Two paintings, that I Art created, using my Spontaneity of Thoughts and Ideas. Let us See the Results?

In the Art Inspiration, Marike Kleynscheldt says, that a Daily Schedule, Fights, her Artists block. The Art Schedule helps, her to Create Playful and thought provoking Still Life’s. Her Art style is Constant and changeable. Some Still life’s, are Playful and bright. Other Art works are Somber and thought provoking. All her art works, are Small and Uniquely Art created.

The Acrylic paints are the Choice for Kleynscheldt, she Tried Watercolors and gouache in High school. Her favorite colours were Acrylics. In her Art works, she works on Capturing the Light and texture, in Art objects, shapes and Colour. Kleynscheldt paints Wet on dry, and likes the Quick drying time of Acrylic paints.

Time to Experiment–Kleynscheldt, advice to painters making a Transition from another Medium to Acrylic, is to make Time to experiment with Acrylic colours, and the Medium. Try different Acrylic brands, with their level, of Gloss and opacity. Buy and work, with the Highest Quality paints and Canvases.

Working from References–choose Materials and objects that Inspire you, and do Work from your Photographs, so that you can Change, the Lighting and the position of the Scenery.

More Personal than a Photograph–Kleynscheldt, says a painting, is more Personal than a photograph. A painting is about Feeling and Expressing yourself, through Colour and Texture.it tells you, when to Keep on painting, and when Too stop. She thinks, Paintings should be Beautiful, and most Importantly, a painting should give the Audience an Emotional connection, through the, Art creation.

Nature World. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

Attack Artists Block–Kleynscheldt’s, Method to avoid painters Block. She plans her Next painting, before her Current one is Finished, this keeps her, Art creative Motivated. She makes the Effort to be careful not to Fall into a Art Rut. With her Still Life’s, she Limits the number of Paintings, she Completes of a Subject.

To Shake Things up-Kleynscheldt, believes Artists should move Forward, into whatever Challenges them as an Artist. Also what feels New and exciting. Saying that, when you Feel stuck, you need to Get out, of Your Comfort zone. Change the Project, the Medium, the Props and the Canvases…

Futuristic City. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

In conclusion, Marike Kleynscheldt is a Self taught Artist, from Cape Town, in South Africa. She concludes her Argument, saying, that it is all in the Emotional connection, between, the Painting and the Viewer.

In the Science of Structure–it says, Why? Your Routine is Killing Your Creativity?

Meg Selig of Psychology Today, writes, that a Routine is Nothing more than a Series of Habits. We follow habits with the Intention of making Our Lives easier. Yet, we Never stop to Think about how Limiting, Habits might be? Actually Routines, let you go on Auto pilot, and You regardless, Accomplish your goals.

Annie Murphy Paul, says that, the way we spend our Mornings is Anti-counter, to what Neuroscientists and Cognitive Psychologists, tell us Promote flexible, open Minded thinking. Paul, says that a Strict Routine, will result in a Building, Up of stress, because you feel the Pressure, to Meet the demands of the Routines–Deadlines.

According to Tierney, he says, that Humans should follow a Routine of Complete and Full of Spontaneity. That is NO Routines at all. Tierney believes for Success, in the Material world, both the Internal, and relative to the Real world, you must Try, but Not too Hard… because too Much of Anything, can Never be Good?

Why Spontaneity is your friend?, and How to Embrace it–Sean Parshad, says that Friends come and go, but that Spontaneity, will last a Lifetime, Adding benefits, to your Whole Life. Life is Random in Nature, Adding to life, will Enrich your Life, and make it Feel more, Unpredictable and Yet Engaging? and that, the Very Staff of life, is what makes Random events more Interesting. The lesson is, that no Matter, what it is You Really want to do, the Time to get Started is now. There is No Wrong moment to have a Novel experience, no Wrong moment to Start to really Live… So get out There, and learn to Make the Unfamiliar, familiar. Your Brain, Body, and Soul will Thank you, For it.

Websites and Video’s to Explore–on Art Creativity and Spontaneity…



  • YouTube–Creative People and Art on Another level. 9.43
  • YouTube–Creative People and Art on Another level. 8.58
  • YouTube–Creative People and Art on Another level. 10.32
  • Iin concluding this blog, the artist marike kleynscheldt says that her daily artist schedule, helps her to be art spontaneous, and it also stops her artist block. giving her time to art experiment, by choosing medium and art brands, colors to make her art creations. also helping her to not fall into a art rut, which helps, in limiting the number of paintings, she makes of a subject.

In Conclusion, in the Science of Structure–it says that a Routine or schedule kills your creativity. Meg Selig of Psychology today, says that a Routine is a Series of habits. Then Annie Murphy Paul says, that Schedules, routines are Anti–counter to what Neuro-scientists and Cognitive Psychologists, tell us promote Flexible, Open minded thinking. That Routines, build up Stress, because you feel the Need, to meet the Demands of the routines? Then Tierney, says that Humans should not Follow a routine, at all costs. He believes to achieve Success, in the Material world, yes you Must try, but not too Hard, because too much of Anything, can Never be a Good thing?

Sean Parshad, says, that Friends come and go, but Spontaneity, will last a Lifetime, because it Adds Numerous benefits to your Lifetime. Concluding that there is no Wrong moment, to Start to really live. So make the Unfamiliar, familiar. Your Brain, Body and Soul, will Thank you, for it.

What do you think? Should we have Schedules and Routines, and Follow them Continuously? or should we Attempt Spontaneously everything, in our Lives? or What should we Do, and be?

Thank you for Visiting my blog, How a Strict Artist Schedule, can Lead to Creative Spontaneity?, or Maybe Not?…

Remember to Social distance, Stay safe and Work within Limits. See You all Next Blog…

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nature world

mixed media, a4, watercolor acid free paper, acrylics and fine marker. colorful art.



futuristic city

mixed media, a4, watercolor acid free paper, acrylics and fine marker. colorful art.



Artists and their, Art Sketchbooks, that keep them Art creative, and My Art Expression Too.

In introducing this Blog on, Art Sketch booking and Art Journaling , it is interesting to Find out if there are Benefits, to Applying this Technique to an Artists Art Style. I wonder Why and How to Start and carry through, on this Art adventure. Let Us see if it is an Art Adventure, or What? In My Art Expression Too, its about Me, I Art sketchbook, People and other Situations. In My Art creating. Today I have made Two Portraits, and My Art is about Colors…

Why create a Custom Art sketchbook, Journal?-First you have to decide what you want from your Art sketchbook? The Power in Creating an Art journal, Sketchbook, is to start to Create one, as you start to Art create, your Art creating keeps on, Motivating you, to keep Art creating.

You Discover things, about Yourself and get to Appreciate you and Your Art creating, Style and technique, and Why…an Art sketch journal, is a Special place in which your Mind. Your Observation skills, Your sketching and Your diary all Combine, too Make or give you a Realization, Why you are the Artist you are? and in Your use of Art materials, and Ideas? in the End, Why you Art create the Way you Art create?

Cathy Johnson prompts, the Artist in her Art journaling Sketch book, Workshops to Ask Why? and…

  • What do you Want from your Art Sketchbook Journal?
  • What goes into your Art Sketchbook Journal?
  • When or how do you see Yourself, Art Sketchbook Journaling?

The Next step is, to Decide what it is you want, to include into your, Art Sketchbook Journal?

  • Number one priority, is too choose, a Ready made Art Sketchbook, Journal.
  • Then take into account the, paper quality, color, and the Cover.
  • Cathy Johnson, ends the discussion, in saying, that Remember there are no Mistakes, when you Attempt your Art Sketchbook, Journal. ( In the Artist Inspiration, Artists, Art journal, by Courtney Jordan )

These Artists reflect on How keeping a Daily Art sketchbook, can give you Many reasons to Make Sketching, a Daily Motivator. Two Artists with different Styles of Art creating, say that Yes, the Art Sketchbook, has a Great Influence on their Art Creative Journeys. A Traditional Art Sketchbook is a Collection, of Blank Canvas’s. Today some Artist like to use a Digital Sketchbook, in which they, like to Work on their Art Sketchbook Creating.


The following Information is all Valuable,-How do Artists use Art Sketchbooks?-An Artists sketchbook is Personal, it could be used as a Daily ritual, that Records their Art Inspirations, Feelings, and Technical Blueprint, for a Project, or a Newer challenge, for a Newer Expression in their Art creating Journey. If you Keep and use Art Sketchbooks, You will become a better artist. You will also be Inspired Endlessly, either with New ideas or Resurrecting Art ideas, from Your Previous Art Creations…( In the Skill Share Blog. , 13 March, 2020 ).

Important Information-( Skill share, Blog ) – 2020 ,- The link between Creativity and Wellness, and Three small Steps to Practice, Art Creativity today.

Video’s on Art sketchbooks/Art Journal Tours

  • You Tube-Makoccino-6.39
  • You Tube-Betty Franks Art-32.52
  • You Tube-Visual Mind-10.29
  • You Tube-Pocket Journal, Pam-10.08
  • You Tube-Minnie Small-4.30

The Artists network says, that the World of the Art Sketchbooks and Art journals is Colorful, Different and very Inspiring for the Artist. We listen to Five Artists, to find out how, they Stay Art Sketchbook Creative, and see which are their Preferred, Media and Materials to use.

Yes, I Am. Mixed Media. Marie Crimi. 2021…

A Day Out. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

  • John Belardo-Is a Sculptor, Draftsman. He goes to Museums to Draw Sculptures, Copying the Great works by Michelangelo, and other Artists from, the Renaissance Mannerist and Baroque times. He likes to use a 4b Pencil and eraser. He tells his Students to use a Sketchbook, to Understand, Concepts of Forms, and Light, and to make honest, True drawings.
  • Thomas Cran-Says, the Sketchbook is an Anytime, Anywhere media, Especially useful when he is Travelling. He uses Ink pens, Hard cover Sketchbooks, that have Thick paper.
  • Gary Faigin-says, that Art Sketchbooks are, for Developing his Concepts for paintings, Drawing from his Imagination, and for Sketching People, he Sees and The places. His preferred Drawing media, are Pens, pencils, inks, such as Sepia inks. Saying, you need a Little freedom, to Work in a Sketchbook, where No Limitations or Judgements, are placed on you.
  • Virginia Hein-Uses the Art Sketchbook, for, Observing sites, in her Home city. Hein likes to do, High Speed sketches, and Slow views, from a Moving car. The media she Uses, are Pencils, colored pencils, fountain pens, calligraphy pens and Watercolors. Hein, says you need the Freedom, to work in your Own way. So you can Art create, Good details, that show, a Sense of time, and Location. Concludes that, as Artists, there is Always Some-thing, New to learn.
  • James McElhinney-Is a Unique Artist, his Art Sketchbooks are Panoramic works, which Interpret the World, that he Sees, Everywhere he looks. He likes to use, Colored pens, watercolor paints, and Retractable pens. He advices, to Draw linear Lines first, and then Paint in Watercolor, or Colors. ( Article in, Artists Network (staff), 2021 )

Iconic Places-Prashant Miranda, is an Illustrator and Happy, Travel Art Sketch booker. Miranda says, that the Places that are Recognizable to you, are the Art fun, Sketch Subjects, for you to Art Sketchbook. These give you, an Instant Compositional focus. These can be in the Natural environment, or the Manmade-material world.

  • Everyday Locations-Everyday errands, take you around your City, take an Art Sketchbook. The Best locations to draw, are Places you know.
  • Green locations-Go where Nature is, Botanical gardens, Community gardens, Grove fruit trees, and Nearby parks, your Back yard or porch. Go to a Natural location and Stay for an Hour. draw In your Sketchbook.
  • Very Un-Artful Places-Some of the Best places to Art sketchbook, are Places that have Nothing to do with Art. Places could be Locations, you would never think to Sketchbook.
  • James Gurney and Marc Taro Holmes, are Artists who take their Ideas for, Art Locations, from Parking lots, Car decker trains. Marc shares, his Ideas and Strategies on, Urban Art Sketch Booking, from his Drawings of birds, People, Locations, Urban buildings and Objects.
  • Tours of Houses-Seeing Historic houses, Fancy interiors, and check out the Architecture, and the Interior design, Style.
  • You could go, to Show rooms, like Ikea. Perfect to Art Sketchbook, where you do Not need to do a Thing, to Set the Stage, for your Art Sketch booking.

In conclusion to this Blog on Art Sketch booking, Journaling. We can say that if We keep an Art sketchbook and Do Art every day, there are Many benefits to our Health. Also Art Sketch booking will keep us Highly Motivated in Art creating, and keep us Motivated in other Areas of our Lives. For the Artist, Art Sketch booking, Journaling, will Improve Their Art creating, and bring Fresh, New ideas, Thoughts and Art inspiration, To their Art Creating, Careers. Without a Measure of Doubt, Generally our Whole lives Will improve, And, We will be Filled with Pure energy and a Love of just Being.

I hope you found todays Blog, Interesting and Educational. If you did, Please Like and Share, Thanking you.

Remember to Social distance, Stay safe and Be happy. Be Work productive in Moderation, take care, I look forward, to Seeing you in my Next Blog.

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Yes, I Am

A4, Mixed media. Watercolors and Fine line, Marker. Made on Acid free, Watercolor paper, in Colorful, colors.


A Day Out

A4, Mixed Media. Watercolors and Fine line, Marker. Made on Acid free, Watercolor paper. in Colorful, colors.