Inktober 2019, My First Try and My Art Creations, Collage.

In this Blog on Inktober, 2019, I explain to you what Inktober actually Is, and I hope the information helps you to think about contributing to the 2020, Inktober Challenge. I attempted Inktober, 2019 for the first time. I will tell you about the method I used for Inktober that actually made me, meet the challenge, for the first time. I will show you the Art Work I Created. Actually you will see, as long as you stay true, to creating your way for the month of October, every year, you will be greatly rewarded for your effort, as a true Artist.

Inktober by Mr Jake Parker, 31 Days, 31 Drawings, Inktober. Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month in October. Mr Jake Parker, created Inktober in 2009, as a challenge to improve his inking skills, and to develop positive drawing habits. Since 2009, Inktober has grown, worldwide, with thousands of artists taking on this Month Long Challenge, every year. Parker say’s that anyone can do Inktober, all you need to do is pick up the Inktober Rules.

  1.  Make a drawing in ink ( you can do a pencil under drawing if you want )
  2.  Post it online
  3. Hashtag it with,   #inktober and Inktober 2019#
  4.  Repeat

Note That:  you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the post once a week. Whatever you decide, just be consistent with the postings. Inktober, is about growing and improving and forming positive habits, so the more you are consistent, the greater your work improves.

My method for doing the Inktober, 2019, I did not follow the Inktober Rules, I made my own rules, to suit my time and style of making Creative Art.

Every Monday morning around 10am, I would sit in my Art Studio, and search the internet for free photo stock. I chose this year, to search for Flowers and People, photos, to get ideas to draw, in 2b Eco pencil, in my style and technique.

I would draw, Six different pictures, in my art style in pencil, on each art notebook page. When I drew all the pictures on each page, I would trace over the Picture in Sharpie–fine black Marker. The next morning at 11am, I would sit in my Art studio, and Colour the page in Watercolours, and the next days, to complete the Six pages in a week.

On Monday morning, I would start the above method for the next week again, for the Six days. The first 15 days, I used this method and made my pictures of flowers.

The next 16 days, the free photo stock pictures I searched for were, for People pictures. I drew them also in 2b Eco pencil. Then I used Sharpie Thick–Coloured Markers. Then each day, I would Colour the pictures in, Pearl Watercolour, Colours. If you look at the paintings, you will see the Different effect in, the Different media I used. It, Does make a difference, to the Art Creations I made For this Inktober, 2019.

Note that I have only picked out Eight paintings, in each method used, to give you an idea, of what I Art Created. I think you can see that the Style looks the same for all the paintings. I think that the Technique of the Media used give, a very different result, so I think we can say, that indeed, the Materials used in Art Creating, Does give paintings, a Totally different result…To the Paintings.

Basic Watercolour, Colours, used, in the following Paintings.

SDC10996 (2)

SDC10997 (2)

SDC11000 (2)

SDC11005 (2)

SDC11001 (2)

SDC11004 (3)

SDC11007 (2)

SDC10999 (3)

The following,  Paintings, use Pearl–Watercolours, do notice the different effect in these paintings.

SDC11020 (2)

SDC11022 (3)

SDC11015 (2)

SDC11016 (3)

SDC11019 (2)

SDC11018 (2)

SDC11014 (2)




The following pictures are a few of the initial drawings, for the Inktober, 2019, for the above Paintings. The drawings, initially were made in a 2b Eco Pencil.


SDC10986 (3)


SDC10992 (2)

SDC10991 (2)

SDC10985 (2)

That is all, this year Inktober is over.  Next Year YOU, make something beautiful for Inktober, 2020… and Share and Beyond for Inktobers…

Inktober Websites

  1. Rotorua NZ/ The Inktober Show     https://www.rotorua.com/visit/whats on/all/Inktober-show
  2.  Inktober on Twitter: “Official prompt list for #     https://twitter.com/inktober/status
  3.  Inktober – Home/ Facebook      https://en-gb.facebook.com/inktober
  4.  #inktober# Inktober 2019/Doodles in 20019     https://www.pinterest.com/pin
  5.  Drawings and Stories and Prizes, oh my/Inktober 2018…      https://www.you tube.com/watch?

In Concluding this Blog, if you are an Artist or think you are an Artist, I think you should participate in Inktober, from next year, 2020. It will make you A Greater Artist, Challenge your Art Skills, and improve your Art Habits. It could also give you a newer Perspective, on the art you create and what direction you might want to take in the near future, in your Art Career. The Possibilities can be endless for each individual, that takes part each year in the Inktober Challenge. The sharing of your work, could make a big difference to your Art Creating, and to your Self Esteem.

Thank you for visiting my blog, Inktober, 2019. I hope this Blog gave you an insight into Inktober, and I hope that you will participate and contribute in sharing in next years, 2020 Inktober, and for many years.  Have a Safe and Productive Week, See you in my next Blog…

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Positive Painting Colours and My Art Creations too..., Uncategorized

Positive Painting Colours and My Art Creations too…

In this Blog, Positive Painting Colours, I think it will be interesting to see how Colour can be used, to Sell our Art Creations. To see further if Colour can be used in other ways, and if Yes, how and why? I will also include, Two colourful Art Creations, I have made for inclusion in this Blog.

Use the hidden meaning of Colour in your Art–colour is a powerful tool to use in your Art creating, because a colour or colours can bring in the Viewers focus, right into and onto your Art. Colours also have a Positive effect on our Mental State and overall Health, as individuals. Colours can also have the great benefits of relaxing and calming our Minds and Our whole bodies.

Colours in our Art and in our Designs, help us as Genuine individuals to show our Natural style and good taste, in Interior design, in Graphic design, in Advertising and lastly as Creative Art Creators of Successful Art.

As Artists we Internally teach ourselves naturally, which colours are Positive or Negative in our Art Creations, and we use the Colours to our Advantage in our Art, to Entice people to our Art Works.

We examine how the Cool and Warmer colours, Affect our audience, via the Colours we use, in our Art work.

Cool colours--Blue under tones, Calm the mind. Many decorators use Blues — in quiet environments.  Blue lowers the Heart rate and Slows down, our hunger.

This painting, Mixed Media Collage, was made in the Preparation Stage on Creatives Acid free, Watercolour paper. Using the Creatives Coloured Card stock, and I cut the shapes, and after drawing the Bird, I glued the shapes on the Water colour paper. I used Mont Marte–Matt Colours, Cobalt blue and a littlest of the Phthalo blue, to make the wash. When dry, I used Colourful Crayons, to colour the Bird, using both Cool and Warm colours. To complete the Painting, I used for the outline of the Picture, a Sharpie, Black Fine Marker.  I think, the completed Painting looks both inviting and interesting in the both the Cool and Warm colours I have used.

Gummy and Bird.   Mixed Media Collage.   By: Marie. Crimi.   2019.

SDC10978 (2)

Blue is a Strong and dependable Colour. Blue is used in Uniforms and in Business suits. Dark Blue is the Colour mostly worn by Top Professionals, in our Societies. Blue and Greens are used to advertise, Medicines and Health care products. In Theatres Green Walls calm, the Nervous system of Actors. Dark green is best in Studios and in Offices. Green is the go to Colour, for Our Outdoor products.

Warm colours–the Yellow undertones, can Insight happiness or Pure violence. Red, orange, yellow colours, make you, Hungry and Thirsty for alcohol. Red is the colour, that Attracts people, and Increases their heart rates.

The painting that follows is a Painting made as a Mixed Media Collage, in Creative, Colourful Watercolours, on Acid free, Creatives Watercolour paper. For the Collage part which was made first, Creatives Acid free, Coloured Card stock, shapes were made and glued onto the Watercolour paper. Then I drew the Flowers, over the top, in a 2B, Eco Lead Pencil. I mixed Acrylic Silver Series–Mont Marte, Matte colours, Virdian and a littlest Cobalt blue, with water, and I painted this onto the Collage. When dried, I used Watercolours to colour the painting. To complete this painting, I traced around the Flowers in, Sharpie, Black Fine marker. I am thinking the result is Unique, and the Colours, are the Enticing Factor in this painting.

Spring Flowers.   Mixed Media Collage.   By: Marie. Crimi.   2019.

SDC10979 (2)

The Colour, History Theory–the Philosopher, Leone Bettista Alberti (c. 1435) and the Artist/inventor, Leonardo da Vinci (c. 1495) were the First to write on Colours.

It was in 1666, that Isaac Newton’s Theory of Colour, and the Primary colours was introduced.

After Newton’s Colour Theory, Moses Harris created the First colour wheel, Red, blue, yellow, as the Primary colours.

In the early Twentieth century, the German painter Johannes Itten, added the Secondary and Tertiary colours. Also gave us the Idea of the, Warm and the Cool colours, and the fact, that these Shades have Either the Warm or a Cool base.

The Complementary and Colour Harmony, give a Great visual impact, when they Lie near to each Other. The complimentary colours, are Opposite, to each other on the Colour wheel.

The Meaning of Colour

  1. Red–Strength romance excitement, vitality, physical power, outgoing, ambitious and impulsive.
  2. Orange–is a Cheerful colour.
  3. Yellow–Sunshine, represents light.
  4. Green–Colour of harmony, balance, security.
  5. Blue–Sea and sky, cool expansiveness and openness soft and soothing, compassionate and caring.
  6. Purple–a Regal colour, a dignified colour, you need to use with discretion. This colour, is Tiring on the Eyes, and can give, a Sense of frustration.
  7. Brown–Is Living wood and Earth, can be Rich and Subtle and extraordinary. It is both a Cool and Warm colour. A Steady, dependable, conservative, conscientious and a reliable colour.
  8. Gray–is a Cautious, comprising colour. Gray gives a sense of peace and serenity.
  9. White–Is Symbolic of safety cleanliness and purity. Gives the Impression of youth, perfection and innocence.
  10. Black–A Mysterious, hidden colour, gives the feeling of Evil, darkness. Total Negative connotations, the symbol of grief.

The Successful Artist uses colour to their Art Advantage. The New Artist, is not aware of this total Power of Colours, on the viewer. All above information in the, (Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee).

Artist Colour Mediums or Media?

  1.  Acrylic paint
  2.  Blacklight paint
  3. Encaustic paint
  4. Fresco
  5. Gesso
  6. Glaze
  7. Gouche’
  8. Ink
  9. Latex paint
  10. Magna paint
  11. Oil paint
  12. Primer
  13. Stencil
  14.  Ink wash
  15.  Tempera or poster paint
  16.  Vinyl paint (toxic, poisonous)
  17. Vitreous enamel
  18. Watercolour

The Common Drawing Materials

  1.  Chalk
  2. Conte’
  3. Crayon
  4. Graphite
  5. Ink
  6. Pastel
  7. Pixel

Common Supports (Surfaces) for Drawing

  1.  Canvas
  2. Card stock
  3. Concrete
  4. Fabric
  5. Glass
  6. Human body
  7. Metal
  8. Paper
  9. Plaster
  10. Scratchboard
  11. Stone
  12. Vallum
  13. Wood

Common Drawing Tools and Methods

  1.  Brush
  2.  Finger
  3. Pen
  4. Ballpoint pen
  5. Fountain pen
  6. Gel pen
  7.  Technical pen
  8. Marker
  9.  Pencil
  10. Mechanical pencil
  11. Coloured pencil
  12.  Stylus

The above information is taken from the List of Art Media–Wikipedia, https://en. Wikipedia.org/wiki/list-of-artistic-media

Colouring Media, and Brand Names–for Commonly used Media in Art Creating.

Colour and Branding

Brands and Colour are linked. Colour offers the Instantaneous method for Conveying meaning and, a message, Without using words. Colour particularly, is the Visual component, that People remember about a Person’s Brand. The Colours, are then followed, by the Shapes and symbols, then Numbers and Finally the Descriptive words. Many of the Popular Recognizable brands in the world, Rely on Colours, as their Recognition factor, for find Sales. It is a Fact that Colours, Increases a Brands recognition by up to 80%, of the Time, for a Product.

Information and Web Addresses to use, for Positive painting Colours, in Your Art Creations.

  1.  The Psychology of Colour Symbolism, A comprehensive online course. (From Jill Morton, Colour Matters).
  2. Use the Hidden Meaning of Colour in Your Art–   fine art tips.com
  3.  Bright and Positive Paintings (Leonid Afremov)  https://www.beautiful.info/art-works/bright-and-positive
  4.  The Role of Colours in Art Colours to use, to Enhance.   https://emptyeasel.com
  5.  Colours in Art: A look at the Many Combinations and Effects   https://www.art-is-fun.com
  6.  The Ultimate Collection of Colour in Art:   https://art class curator.com
  7.  Complementary Colours–Art Term/Tate   https://www.tate.org.uk/art

In Conclusion to this Blog, in Positive Colours to use for Your Art Creations, we can agree that Colour is the deciding Factor that Attracts  People, Initially to our Unique Art Creations, and then Finally, Sells The Colourful Expressive Art Piece. So Colour knowledge is One of the major, requirement, we need to learn and use in our work, to be Successful Artists.

Thank you for visiting this Blog, I hope it has been insightful and informative. If you have any questions, or any ideas or art thoughts or suggestions, please contact me. Have a Safe and Excellent Week. See YOU ALL, Next Blog.

I am   creationsbymariec.art     

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September 10, 2019

Image result for image of life


We should try to live a life which is more purposeful and inspiring
A life wherein we believe more in giving than taking
A life which is more liberating if we’re endowed with skills for listening, forgiving
and forgetting.

life which is bereft of any vanity
A life full of empathy
A life which gives us opportunity to improve and is not a tragic past replay
A life which gives us protection from the treachery of our sworn enemies
A life which prompts us to forget and forgive our adversaries
A life in which we seize every good opportunity
A life the key of which remains solidly with us only
A life in which we can restore our lost credibility
A life bereft of any hype and publicity.

life in which we stick to our principles

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Father’s Day?, and My Art Creations too…

In this Blog, Father’s Day, I look for information on Father’s Day and find out Why Father’s Day, is Celebrated and Why. When did the Father’s Day Celebration initially start, and in which country and by Whom?… Think about the Significance of this, Father’s Day, Celebration. How do we, celebrate Father’s Day?. I introduce my version of a Gift card,  for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day?–Father’s day is a Celebration to honour Fathers and Forefathers. This Celebration is celebrated in many Countries in the world, to Express our gratitude for Our fathers. You give Gift cards, bouquets, artificial flowers, quotations, show pieces and many other Thoughtful gifts to your Fathers. In todays Celebration of Father’s day, Gratitude is given also to Step fathers, grandfathers, father in-laws, uncles, and Fathers. Father’s day is celebrated also by, giving Special dinners, to Fathers and Towards Family Orientated activities. The idea of Father’s day celebration was Celebrated in 1909, by Mrs Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, from Spokare in the United States of America. Sonora was very close to her Father, Mr William Jackson Smart, a Civil War Veteran.

Sonora , thought if we Celebrated a day in Honour of our Mother, then we should Celebrate, Our Fathers. 

The following Painting, is my version of a Father’s Day, Handmade Art Creation, card made in my Unique, Style and technique. The Card was drawn on Acid free, Creatives Watercolour, Textured Paper, which is my preferred paper, to use. Then I Coloured, the Card in Watercolour, Creative Colours. The completed card, was finished, in Sharpie Black–Fine-liner, marker.

Father’s Day.   Mixed Media.   By: Marie. Crimi.   2019.

SDC10966 (2)


Finally in, 1972, President Richard Nixon, made Father’s Day a National Day of Observance. In the world, the Date is different for Celebrating Father’s day, and the way in which, People celebrate Father’s day, is different in every situation. ( Free–Information, taken from the Initial, Father’s Day, History. USA.)

Father’s Day in Australia–Many Australians observe Father’s day on the First Sunday of September. This is the day for People to show and Express, their Appreciation for their, Fathers and Father figures.

Father figures, can include Step fathers, father-in-laws, guardians, ( Foster Parents ), and family friends.

Is Father’s Day A Public Holiday?–Father’s Day in Australia is Celebrated on the 1 September 2019, this year, and is not a Public holiday, most Businesses follow the regular Sunday opening hours, in Australia, on Father’s Day.

What do People do, on Father’s Day in Australia?–The Acts of Appreciation, to Fathers are made in different ways.

  • A Day in the Park, movies, at the zoo, or another place of interest.
  •  Handmade or purchased, cards are gifted.
  •  Presents- food baskets, chocolates, clothing, equipment for hobbies, or gift vouchers are given to Fathers.
  •  Breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners at home, in a Restaurant, or in a cafe’.
  •  Father’s day, Charity activities, fun runs, special gifts, raising money for services–visually impaired.
  •  Some families may prefer, to visit places of Worship, Churches, Synagogues or Mosques.

Father Day Stories–Focus on the Challenges that some Fathers faced, and achievements, that they made to provide, the Best for their children, in Australia.

History–There are suggestions that this idea, for Father’s Day, maybe Originated in Pagan Sun Worship. Where Paganism saw the Sun, as the Father of the Universe. In some Countries, the Father’s Day Celebration, is Celebrated on the Third Sunday of June, which is closer to the June– Solstice.

The Symbols for Father’s Day–The Images of Fathers, or Father figures, and the words   ‘Happy Father’s Day ‘ are put on Marketing material, such as Posters, Postcards, and Advertisements, to Promote Father’s day. ( Information, How Australia, Celebrates Father’s Day ).

In Concluding this BLOG, on Father’s Day, we can all agree that Father’s Day is a Very Important, DAY, to Celebrate each Year. Our Father’s are Important and Interesting Individuals, who have many stories, and experiences to tell us about. Remember we OWE our Fathers, Respect, Recognition and Love, all the Days of Their Lives. When our Fathers Pass On, we must Remember them Always, because they are the reason we are, HERE, Living and Breathing, Each and Every Day.

Thanking you for visiting my BLOG, I Hope it has made you think on the Importance and Significance, this Holy Day Has?

Have an Excellent, Amazing , Safe Week. SEE You All, next Blog.  Remember if you have any ideas on what you would like me to research, please let me know. If you have any suggestions or comments, please be in touch.

I am creationsbymariec.art    and   Artpaperdesignsmarie  on Etsy.com and on My. Shopify.com.



Anime’ or Manga? and My Art Creations To…

SDC10964 (2)In this Blog Anime’ or Manga, I research what exactly is Anime’ and Manga and where or who found or made this Art Form?  Thinking about how to create or make this art form, and why in particular this art form is highly important to a particular Culture in the world, and Why? Wondering if this art form, affects other Cultures or Not, and why and how? I think you can agree, this is a very interesting topic to read about.  I will also, show you my first attempt, at this art form of Anime’ and Manga.

The begging’s of Anime’ or Manga?–The term Manga was created by the Artist Hokusai, a prolific artist who lived from 1760-1849, who left over 30,000 works. His new term for his artwork was made up of the words  ‘Man’  meaning  ‘in spite of oneself’,  lax or whimsical, and  ‘ga’ , meaning  ‘picture’ . The first examples of Manga, were picture scrolls created in the 6 – 7th Century created by the Buddhist Monks. In the 17th Century, Woodblock prints were popular, these depicted the Age Pleasures, such as outfits and popular places to visit. In the late 18th Century, Kibyoushi, or  ‘yellow covers’  were popular. These were stories of Adults, with Dialogue and text, placed around illustrations. When Japan opened to the outside world, the European artists, introduced Shading, perspective and anatomy, to the Comics. At the end of the 19th Century, Comic strips appeared,  in the Japanese newspapers, and comics, became very popular. During the late 1920s and early 1930s, the Japanese governments, intimidated Artists and publishers. Many Magazines, closed down, or started  censoring themselves.

After World War II, the Cartoons flourished. The first weekly magazine devoted to comics was Shounen Magazine, which was the start of the comics, in 1959. By the Mid–1960s the Manga industry started setting up, Comics, in its present form. Magazines were made for  all the Social classes of people, in Society. In 1956, Toei Animation was founded, its president Hiroshi Okawa, thought about creating its version of the Japanese film Studio, similar to Walt Disney…  It was, Tezuka Osamu, who founded his Animation company, which focused on creating Movies and Series for the T.V.  His Tetsuwan Atomu, became the first Animated Series, for Japanese television.  In the Article, ( by Liana Sharer ).

What is Anime’?– Anime’ is a term used for Japanese Animation. Anime’ covers the serious topics, for the Cartoon. In America, cartoons are Entertainment for children. In Japan people of all Ages, watch Anime’. Most Movies and shows are made for, Children, adolescents, or the young adult. There are also Anime’, made for Older people, and for Business Men. There are many Genres in Anime‘, the Basic categories, are in, Comedy, romance, action, drama, and pornography. Their is also content, for Boys and for girls.

The Art of Anime’– The art work is the deciding factor in Anime’. Huge Eyes, Brightly coloured Hair, Well-endowed female characters. Exaggerated Emotional expressions and gestures, are all typical of the Anime’ Style. The Early Anime’ Artists were influenced by early Disney characters, the Seven Dwarves, Micky mouse, and the Non Disney, Betty Boop.

The Following two Paintings, are my First Attempt drawing, An Anime’  and  Manga Girls. I would like to tell You that I use the Creatives Acid free, Watercolour paper, because I find the paper is compatible with my Art Creations. I find this particular paper, easy to use to draw and to colour, in all Mixed Media, that I like to use, and then, to finish a painting.

Anime’ Girl.  Mixed Media.  Marie. Crimi.  2019.

SDC10964 (2)

This is the above Painting. It is coloured in Creative, Oil Pastels, made on Creatives Acid free Watercolour paper. This painting is the before, the end painting, before I finished the painting in Sharpie Marker.

SDC10963 (2)

The below drawing is the drawing I initially drew, of the Anime’ Girl. The picture was an idea from a Free photo stock, photo, of an Anime’, Animation. This drawing is made in my Unique art style and technique…

SDC10958 (2)

Culture in Anime’–Understanding the Culture of origin is important, whether it is in Japanese, Anime’ or Manga, or in the American sitcoms ( comedies ). You have noticed? That, Characters and situations, are Totally different in each culture. Anime’ as an Art form, Expresses many things about Japanese Culture, and its people. These are in the Behaviours, of Characters, and in the Influence of religion.  These are the Two main Cultural discussions, which are Investigated, and debated, in Anime’.

The Formats of Anime’–Anime’ have original stories. Whereas other stories, and characters are taken and used from the Japanese comic books,– ( Manga ). There are many Anime’ Societies on the world wide web, if you are interested, in Anime’ or Manga, you could find a society, near your living location.    From the Anime–project,  ( anime.about.com ).

What is the difference between Manga and Anime’?–Anime’ is related to animation, whereas–Manga is related to comics.

Manga Futuristic Girl.  Mixed Media.   Marie. Crimi.   2019.

SDC10965 (2)

The following Painting is the pre-finished stage. The painting is Coloured in Mont Marte Silver Series, Matt Acrylic, Colours. Next stage, will be to outline the painting in Sharpie Marker.

SDC10961 (2)

This drawing is the initial drawing. It is made on Creatives, Acid free, Watercolour paper. The idea for the drawing came from Free Photo stock, from the internet. This drawing is made in my Unique art style and technique. I used a Staedtler 2B Black Eco Pencil, in both the drawings…

SDC10957 (2)

Anime’–is a better Art Quality, than in Manga. In Anime’–thirty frames are run per second, this gives a Superior Quality to the Anime’. In Magna–panels are used to draw the images, in which, there is more space available, to place the words.

Anime’ and Magna–Manga and Anime, site lists–Wattpad.  https://www.wattpad.com

Has Review, rants, quotes, pictures, drawings, good websites dedicated to Anime’ and Manga, and other texts, with reviews, on wattpad, or in other sites.

  1. Anime’ and Manga News–   https://myanimelist.net/news        ( Read, Discuss up to date Anime’ and Manga news, on the largest data base in the world. Join the Community–create, explore forums, follow the news, and lots more ).

What is the Drawing Technique used, to learn to draw Anime’ and Manga–The Maquette, or Shape-Based Drawing, is the easiest way to learn to draw most things. By reducing complex forms, to simple shapes. This form of drawing, is referred to by other names, such as Construction, Anime’ or Manga. This is the Exact Technique, used By Most Animators. The first step with Maquette drawing, is to reduce the Proportions and Shapes, to a series of Rectangles, and Circles.


  1. 3 Easy Ways to Draw Manga–    https://www.wikihow.com/Draw-Manga
  2. How to Draw Anime’: 50+ Free Step-by-Step Tutorials on the…   https://conceptartempire.com/anime-manga-drawing

In concluding this Blog, we can see that Anime’ and Manga are very important to the Japanese Culture, both for the Young people and for the Older people. Anime’ and Manga, are the Japanese form of Entertainment. Originally, this form of Entertainment, was taken from, the American Walt Disney, Animations.  The Japanese, Genres cover all the situations of Japanese Society, and the Anime’ Movies and Stories, Manga- Comics are an important, part of the Japanese Culture. The situations which are debated, in this culture, are the Japanese behaviours and the Japanese religion. Whereas In America, Animation and Cartoons are popular for Young people. Sitcoms, ( the Comics ), are great Adult Entertainment, in America.

Thank you for visiting my Blog, Have an Amazing safe Week, See you all Next BLOG. If you have any Questions or Areas you would like me to research, please be in touch and let me know.  I am   creationsbymariec.art        Artpaperdesignsmarie.etsy.com    Artpaperdesignsmarie.shopify.com



Different Approaches to Drawing, and My Art Creations To., Uncategorized

Different Approaches to Drawing, and my Art Creations To.

In introducing this Blog Topic, on Different Approaches to Drawing. I research into what is Drawing, and investigate how to Draw, and find out if there is an easier way to draw and create Unique Art. And see, if there are any other ways to draw. I also wonder when Art Started and Why, why is Art, So great or Not so great, let us see?…

Different approaches to drawing–What is drawing? Drawing is a form of Visual art, in which the person uses different drawing Media, to mark the paper, or another Two-dimensional medium. A drawing media, releases a small amount of material onto the surface, leaving a visible mark.  The most common support for drawing on, is paper. Other materials can be used, cardboard, wood, plastic, leather, canvas, and board. A wide availability of drawing media, make drawing one of the most common Artistic activities.

Drawing is used in Commercial illustration, animation, architecture, engineering and technical drawing.

Drawing as Artistic Expression–Drawing is generally used to express a person’s creativity, which has been prominent in the Art world, throughout History. Drawing, has been regarded as the foundation for an artistic practice. In the 14th Century the wider availability of paper, made Art popular. Drawings were used as a great tool, in thought processes, and in investigation. Drawings acted as a Study medium, while Artist’s were preparing, their final Presentation, of work.

The Renaissance, Drawing techniques, enabled Artists, to represent things, realistically, and Drawings also revealed, the Artist’s interests in Geometry and Philosophy.   (The above information, in Wikipedia free, encyclopedia).

Artist’s Network, says that drawing should be enjoyable and that sketching, should be a vehicle of speed, and immediate action. Most people think drawing, uses One Method, the Linear method, that is drawing, from the top of the page, to end of the page. This method of drawing, is a difficult approach to use. In reality, there are many ways to draw, the differences in drawing, give the individual Artist, their Signature Style and Technique creation. If you practice the Different drawing techniques, you eventually find what is comfortable, for you. Which is what then gives to your art work, a Unique expression of an Art Style and Technique.

The Maquette, or Shape- based Drawing technique, is the easiest way to learn to draw, most things. By reducing Complex forms, to simple shapes. This form of drawing, is referred to by other names, such as Construction, Anime’ or Manga. This is the Exact Technique used by most Animators. The first step with Maquette drawing, is to reduce the Proportions and Shapes to a series, of Rectangular and Circles.

The following Art Creations of Tinkerbell, are made in the Maquette drawing Style. I have used circles, rectangles and smaller shapes, to Fashion these drawings. This Style of drawing, is my Unique Style of Drawing. Very easy to Learn and to Teach yourself, and draw with. I initially used, a 2B, Eco Black Pencil, and then outlined the drawings, in a Sharpie, Fine Black Marker.  I used textured, Creatives, Acid free, Watercolour Paper, because I find it is, best Suited and a pleasure, to work in my Style of Art Creating.

To colour the Maquette Style, drawings in, I have used the Colourful Crayola, Crayons, which were Smooth, speedy, and easy to use. I have placed these paintings, of Tinker Bell, in my Etsy Shop.

The ideas for my paintings, I find in Free Photo Stock on the Internet. Of course I draw them all, in my Art Style and Technique. I use Mixed media, colourful mediums, to colour my Art Creations. I use either Creatives, Textured Watercolour paper, or The Creatives, Canvas Paper, which also has an amazing, Texture to work on… I enjoy doing Art and I like to Share, what I Art Create.

Tinker Bell.  Mixed Media.  By  Marie. Crimi.  2019.

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Art: Drawing Approaches and training–(in  Concept art.org)–The ‘Concept art’, was used in the 1930’s by Walt Disney, Animation. A Concept Artist is an individual who creates Visual design for an item, character, or for an area, which does not exist. This is not limited to, film, animation, and recently added to video game production. Being a Concept Artist takes a Big commitment, vision and a clear understanding of this important position. Concept art has taken the Digital technology, and  popular programs for the Concept artist, are Photoshop and Corel painter. Others include, Manga Studio, Procreate and Art rage, programs. Concept art ranges through Stylized to photorealistic, Art spectrum. Concept Artists need to adapt to the Style of the Studio, they are employed by. The abilities of the Artist, to produce Multiple styles, is valued highly by the Artist’s Employer.

Tinker Bell.  Mixed Media.  By  Marie. Crimi.  2019.

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Developing different Approaches to Drawing Art–Gesture and Beginning Approaches, (in Utdallas.edu ) –The mark that records the movement of the Artist’s media, is a Two dimensional movement in space, which is the most basic feature of drawing. In addition to this is spatial notation, in which drawing arouses a time response – which is the time required, to make the movement, that creates the Mark. Time is also involved in Seeing and in Scanning objects in space. So Movement and time are two of the most essential features in making and looking at a drawing.  Handmade quality is highly valued, one-of-a-kind, drawings are called, A Facture. It is the term used for the time and effort, that you put into making a Creative product. It includes the media, and all the creative tools that made the original marks. For example, the Cross hatched line, the scribble, the faint trailling line, the boldly stated, ripping mark-all are signs of A Facture.

Gesture Drawing–There is a physicality of motion in drawing that is not always visually evident in other Art forms, the result of this process, Communicates an Emotional and intellectual reality to the Art Creation. Gestural drawing is an exercise in the seeing the form. The hand duplicates the motion of the eyes, making the movement, that instantly defines, the general characteristics of A subject: in the Placement, of shape, proportion, and relationship between the parts, and the definition of its, Area, volumes, as well as their arrangement in Space and time.

Perspective Drawing–Learn to draw by putting things in Perspective. In the Art world Perspective, is about your point of view, and the Relationship of Objects to one another.

Linear Perspective Terms–Visual depth is expressed through Linear, and atmospheric perspective, as well as through the use of colour. With Linear perspective, depth is achieved through lines, and the Size and the placement of Objects. The Horizon-height will affect the placement of the Vanishing points, as well as the scene, at eye level. The Vanishing point, is the place where Parallel lines appear, to meet together, in the distance. A scene can have a limitless number of Vanishing points.

The Ground Plane–Is the Horizontal surface, below the horizon. The Orthogonal lines, are lines which are Directed to a vanishing point. The Vantage point-not to be confused with the Vanishing point. The Vantage point, is affected by the Placement of the horizon and the Vanishing points.

Pencil Drawing Techniques: Pro-tips to Sharpen your skills–For many Artists, Pencil drawing is the skill that introduced them into the Art world. Understanding how to draw with a pencil, can help you Improve your skill in other areas, of your life. The first step, is to master how to hold a pencil correctly.

The next Drawing Technique is– Line weight, which Outlines different objects. Lines also emphasise, the shadows of an object. Thicker lines can fade and disappear, which can give the 3D form in a painting. As an Artist you need to find the Style, that is right for You. Find the Right paper texture, it makes a big difference, in the effect, it gives to your work. A Rough tooth in paper, is most visible and the ridges will grip the colour, from your pencils. A Smooth toothed paper, provides an easier surface for, Blending colour pencils. Remember use the Right eraser, it makes a big difference to your work. Protect your paper as you work on the Art piece, by putting a Piece of paper under your hand, to avoid smudging the lines you are drawing, when working on your Art creations. Lastly but not least, Break Out of Your Comfort Zone. The Pencil drawing techniques, help you understand the essentials of the medium, but you need to explore by Breaking the rules, and find out what works for You, as an Artist. Remember that Individuality gives YOU, your Signature style and Techniques. This Leads you to make, Genius Art Creations, and Hopefully earns you Good Money for Your Efforts.

In Conclusion, I would like to say that, I think that we can all be Art Creative, especially using the Maquette, Shape-based drawing style, we have no excuse, to not attempt Art creating. We know there is value in doing Art, because we have seen how it can help us navigate, our way in all other, Life situations. Art Creating is a Help and a Blessing to the very young, and to all other ages.

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