Acrylic Paints. Opportunities for An Art Creative Adventure, with the Materials, Media and Technique…and My Art Too…

In the Blog Acrylic Paints, I will share information on Acrylic Paints and their Media, and how you can use texts and videos to empower your art creations, in Acrylics. Most importantly I share, how you can find Places, in your life, to paint from. I have Art Created Two Paintings, in Acrylic paints, using the Watercolor Technique, in My Unique Art Style.

Acrylics–Introduction to the Medium, Acrylics

  • Why Acrylics–Acrylics are a Modern painting choice. With Painting techniques. you can use Acrylics using the Traditional painting techniques, or there are a Variety of other possibilities for An Art Creative Artist, and Adventurous Artist, as well. Use Acrylics as Watercolors, Oil techniques. You can Blend acrylics, and you can Use other Creative techniques. The Video to watch: 14 Acrylic Techniques.

Getting to Know Acrylics--the property of Acrylics is open to Many techniques and styles, for Exploration and adventure. This method helps the Artist, Art create, Unique and Creative art.

Acrylic Techniques–

  • Acrylic and Colors
  • How to be Art creative with Acrylics

Choosing your Colors--Understanding Color theory is Important, to create Outstanding Paintings. Color gives to the Art creation, a Unique style and Art definition to the Painting. Color is usually the Determining factor, that Attracts people to a Painting.

Learn–Understanding Color, Seeing Values of Color, and how to Chart Colors. Watch the Video on; Mixing Color primates and, Get help with Acrylic color charting.

Acrylic Mediums--look into, Art is Fun, by (Thaneeya). Mediums are Versatile. They are Liquids or gels, that you Mix into the Acrylic paints. These create Different effects and finishes, by Making the Paint Thicker, thinner, glossy, matte, textured, slow-drying and a lot more.

  • Texts–Everything you need to know about Acrylic painting, for Beginners.
  • Modern Acrylic painting for Acrylic painters and For beginners.

Brush Styles–Brushes 101: 15.03.2018 by Chellam, say;s that Different brushes could be used for Different Effects and techniques. You should Use two brushes, that Feel right and help you, Create the Most art. Combining other Brushes, can give you A total different results, and can help you Grow as an Art creative Artist. Look into and Read this Article: 12 Fun and Easy Ideas for Acrylic Painting.

The, 14 Acrylic techniques that Beginners should Try…08. September, 2021. Go and Check, this article out, As a Beginner or Accomplished Artist, it is Informative.

  • Use more water
  • Dab either, stiff bristles or paper towel
  • Try dabbing
  • Experiment, dripping, acrylics
  • Lift sections of paint
  • Use painters, Tape, gives shapes
  • Splatter Acrylic paints
  • Try dry brushing
  • Switch, your palette knife
  • Add details, Use a fine wired brush
  • Use lighter paint to Highlight, a Darker section
  • Go deeper with layering
  • Mix colors and Color combinations
  • Use different tones of the Same color

Color Basics

With so many Colors available, we know that we can use the Three Primary colors, (blue, red, yellow), / we prefer to Buy colors already Mixed in the Tube. Knowing how to Limit your Color palette, while Mixing the colors, you need is, Professional and Cost effective, for the Art creative Artist (in the Boddy Evans, Article, 31.10.2019)

Also, in the article–by Marion Boddy Evans–it Lists these Two texts, which will be Helpful, for the Art creative Artist.

  • What supplies are needed, for Acrylic painting.
  • Tips and techniques for Mixing Skin tones for your Paintings.

Painting Everyday Life–there is no need to Travel the world to find Engaging, Subjects to paint. You can find Excellence, in your Mundane, Everyday life. For example, in Your Kitchen, and in your garden. This is Naturally how to Train your Eyes to become An Artist, Art creative. To be a Genius and Art successful.

  • Painting Nature–you find Wonder and beauty in the Natural world. Bringing people and Artists, true Joy and Love. A Simple and colorful flower, can be a Source of Enchantment and Observance, for the Art creative, Artist. Acrylics is the way to Translate, the Beauty of nature, that Surrounds us as Artists. The use of Different Art techniques, using Acrylic paints, make our Expression, a Unique Art creation.

Landscapes–Our Joy of Art Expression, gives Beauty, diversity to the Landscape paintings, we Art create. The artist Never needs to travel far, to find Exciting, Subjects to paint. The Hillsides, the Seascapes, the Mountains, and all of Nature, Everywhere, An Artist looks. Acrylics, is the Medium that Helps us Express the Beauty, we all See.

Art and Landscape–YouTube, Videos

  • How to Paint Landscapes, In Acrylics. 10.47
  • Painting Realistic Landscapes. In Acrylics. 0.15
  • 10 Landscape painting tips, for Beginners. 8.28

The Following Paintings, I made in Acrylic Paints, with My Unique Style and The Watercolor Technique. Both Paintings are off the Universe, a Nature Theme or Subject. Remember if you have a Comment to Make, Please make the Comment, I am Happy to Hear From You.

Moon Night. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Mysterious Universe. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Animals and Acrylics

Animals are Four legged creatures, which are very Beautiful and fascinating to watch. Acrylic paint is an Excellent medium to show off, Fluffy fur. Details in their Twinkling eyes, Gestures, and in their Movements.

Videos–How to paint Animals in Acrylic paints.

  • Acrylic Animal Portrait techniques. Video, 1 of 2. 1.27.315
  • Easy Animal painting Ideas, for the Beginner, Acrylic Paints. 25.12

Art, Practicing on Your Own

  • Do your own Kind of Art, You get to Choose.
  • Select subjects, that Appeal, to your Artist style and Technique uses.

How to be Art creative?

  • 9 Ways to Boost your Artistic creativity–Empty easel.com
  • How to be More creative in Art: 5 Ways–In Evolve Artist
  • 10 Ways to Create Art, even if you have No talent

The meaning of Colors, and how To use Colors in Your Art

  • Using color in Art/a Beginners Guide to Color theory
  • The role of Color in Art

Explore Texts, that are Art creative, that Inspire, and give you Greater Ideas and thoughts. most of all, Motivate you, to Keep on Art creating.

  • Self-critiquing your Art. YouTube–How to Analyse Your art. 7.27
  • Texts--Practicing Art on Your Own. In the Blog, 5 Tips for the Serious Self-Taught Artist–by Erika. Cuncaster/Art
  • Videos-On how to Be Art creative.
  • How to Use Color in art--To make an Impact, on your Audience, in the Art You create.

In concluding this Blog, it is important to say that Acrylic paints and media, with color can make a Big difference in how, an Acrylic painting looks.

There are many Subjects to paint in Acrylic paints, like in Nature, in your House. Anywhere you go to Travel or on a Short visit.

There are many Texts, Videos on how to use Acrylics and Color, And how to Self-Critique your Art Creations, in Order to Improve, and Be Successful in Art.

Thank you for visiting this Blog. If You Found this Blog, Interesting, Informative and Educational, Please Do Like and Share. Thanky. Remember to Social Distance and Stay Always Safe. See You, Next Blog.

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moon night

a4 size. made on acid free watercolor paper. acrylic mixed media colorful art. original only, for sale.


mysterious universe

a4 size. made on acid free watercolor paper. made in acrylic, mixed media, colorful colors. original only for sale.



Does the idea, of the Starving Artist, Help or Hurt the Artist?

In this Blog, we note what Artists have to say about the Starving Artist, and if this Statement Helps or Hurts, their Art Practice, and Art Success. I will be posting Two paintings; I have made for this Blog. The Paintings are different, yet Similar to each other.

What is an Artist? –An Artist is a person who Practices or Performs Art. The term describes Visual artists. This can be applied to many other Types of Creative People. The Definition of Artist is used widely. Whether you work on a Painting, sculpture, or musical composition. An individual can be Classified, as an Artist. An Artist creates work for their Own pleasure. Other artists, make Art for Society’s satisfaction. (In the, http://www.njai.org/what-is-an-artist/)

Some Important Questions to ask About Being an Artist.

  • Is it a Good idea in the 2000’s, to be an Artist? –The article-Art in America, say’s, Fame as we know, is always Changing. The Artist, who end up in History books, are the Artist, who keep doing what, they Want to do. Even after the applause disappears, because preferences are always, changing. Then sometime, it Comes Back into Fame. (In, The Art in America, Magazine)
  • What can an Artist Earn? –In the Artists Salary’s in Australia, In 2.8.2022. the Average salary for an Artist is $93,373 Per year. In Australia for The, 39 Artists that Reported their Art income. Which Are the Highest paid Locations, in Australia, for Artists?
  • Surry hills, NSW
  • Kew, Victoria
  • Quean Beyan, NSW
  • Parramatta, NSW
  • Sydney NSW

The Similar Art professions in Australia, Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director, 3D Artist, and The Concept Artist.

  • What is the Best and Easiest way to Start as an Artist? –https://www.artbusinessinfo.com The Artists who make a Commitment, to their Art, by being a True Artist, turn up to Art create, Each and Every day. Make the Art, and then Sell their Art. Most important, is to Just make a Start, At Art creating.
  • Are there Starving Artists or What? –Ashley ‘Smash’ Gallagher (In the article, Grey Journal, says in the Final paragraph of the article, that its True the Life of an Artist is like Gambling, you Never know? It is the Hustle in each Artist, that makes their Stories Unique and Worth telling. Continuing to say, that it is What we make of our Art situation, and the Actions we Take, that Individually, make our Future as a Successful Artist or Not. Gallagher says, Seize the Opportunity and Try different Opportunities as they Present. Gallagher says, to Keep doing Your Art and To Never, Ever Give up.

In the Forbes Women, Article by Celine Da Costa, says What you should Do to avoid being a Starving Artist?

  • Do not Demonize, Commercial work, because there are A hundred, thousands of Artists, in Art expressions, who have Managed to Keep their Unique, Expression despite, Producing content for the Masses.
  • Focus on the Bigger picture–to Avoid being a Starving Artist. You must Grow your Exposure, like an Entrepreneur, who grow, Their influence, You need to Market Yourself, Your Product, Build Connections and Plan for Better things to come, in the Near future.
  • Get used to Dealing with Rejection, as an Artist. You need to Accept Rejections as a Part of the Art, Process. You need to Expose, Yourself to A lot, of Newer Opportunities.

Persistence is One Key trait, of All artists. Take Feedback, and Work towards, Improving Your Art creations.

You know that Art, is Subjective, and so is Your appeal, because you Cannot please Everyone, in the Real World. Do Dismiss, all your Existing beliefs and, Create A New World for Yourself.

Does the Idea of Starving Artist, Help or Hurt the Artist? –Six, Artists, opinions.

  • Discourages pursuits–Hurts, if your Industry is Not seen as Adding to the Economy, You and Artists, are Ignored. Dawn E
  • I think the Statement, Stops Young artists, when they Think they Will Struggle Financially. It makes a lot of Potential creatives Give up on their dreams. Brooke R
  • Interesting? –Not sure, if it Hurts or Helps, I think it Expresses, the Struggles, an Artist Can face.

An Older Label

  • In general, labels Are Bad, forcing you into a Slot, that May feel good, at first, Then Eventually, it Inhibits. Kimberly S

Answer To No One

  • I guess, it is the Price we pay, for Answering only to Ourselves, and No one else. Daniel T

Underestimated Value

  • Hurts. Art is considered, not a Real job. People assume, that all Artists are losers. Its Degrading. Tracey D
  • Hurts. People Discount the Talent, Skill and time to Produce an Art Creation. People feel they Should not pay, for the Time and Value, of the Art creation? Wendy W

The Well-Fed Artist

  • The Artist needs to Read, helpful Articles about Developing strategies to Sell and Create, a Successful Art Business.
  • The Artist, needs to Embrace the Art business. How to make the Art business and How to Market their Art creations. In order to be Art creative, and how to make Money from Art sales, so he can, Live and Enjoy, His Art created life.

The following Two Paintings, are Different, yet Similar because, they are both of a Nature, and Natural Scene. The first Painting is A Religious Worship, Temple on the Mountain. The Second Painting is of A Stream on a Mountain. Both Paintings are made on Acid free, Watercolor Paper. Mixed Media, Colorful Paintings, made in Silver Matt, Mont Marte Acrylic Paints. The Paintings are Completed Using, Fine liner Marker.

Worship Temple, on the Mountain. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

A Stream in the Mountain. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

The following are a Few Websites to check out, on Strategies to develop, to be A Successful Artist.

  • How to become a Successful Artist in 2000, https://www.the collector.com/
  • 9 Things you should Give up, to be A Successful Artist
  • 12 Steps to become A Successful Artist/ Job monkey.com
  • 10 Things each Artist should do Before 10.am/ Artwork Archive
  • 7 Steps to becoming a Full-time Artist–Lifehack
  • How to become an Artist Without going to Art School– Proactive Creator

To conclude this Blog, Does the idea of the Starving Artist, Help or Hurt the Artist. In our past experience we could say Yes, this idea was for the Past, it seems Now we have Moved past that Observation, Being of The Starving Artist. We have, Newer ways to make Our Art careers flourish, by Marketing, Ourselves, and putting Our Art out in the World. On many, Of the Social and Media platforms. We can also be Around Positive People, who can make our Art Career choice, become a Great Art Reality, for us as Artists.

In today’s Economy, all is possible, if we Aim to Succeed, because the Opportunities are Too many. We All have the Opportunity, to choose Our Circumstances, Lives, and Destinies.

Thanky for visiting this Blog today, I hope You found it Educational and Helpful. Remember if You liked, to Like and Share, Thanky. See You All Next Blog, Remember to Social Distance and Stay Safe and Happy.

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Worship Temple, on the Mountain

a4, mixed media, painting. made on acid free, watercolour paper. Colorful Acrylics and completed in Fine liner marker.


A Steam in the Mountains

a4, mixed media, painting, made on acid free, watercolor paper. made in acrylic, colorful paints and completed in Fine liner marker.



Wisdom, related to the Broad, and Fundamental Art Concepts, and My Art too…

In this blog Wisdom and Fundamental Art Concepts, we look to see if Wisdom, and Art fundamentals, help us Achieve, our Artist aspirations, in How to proceed to become a Genius and Successful Artist. I have also made, a Series of paintings, (Two), to show how I Proceed, and Try to Succeed at my art, by Working at Art creations, in My Unique Style…

Art Mind set, Motivation, and How to Think like, and Act like a Great Artist? –in the (www.revue fine art marketing.com/mindsets-successful artists ), 3/2/21. If you want to be a Successful artist, how you Think can Make or break your Art business. To cultivate a Professional Artist, mindset, Henry Ford’s quote says, “Whether you Think you Can, or you Think you Can’t, You are Right”. Artist Entrepreneurs, say, the way you think, can Make or Break your Art business. Surround yourself with Positive Mentors and, Remove yourself from Negative people. This will move you Past roadblocks, you will Encounter Throughout your Art career. Remember Anyone can become an Artist, Art professional, with Dedication, Hard work, and the Right mindset.

10 Mindsets of a Successful Artist–

  • Vision of your objectives. In a Year, Five years, and Ten years, from Now?
  • What is your Financial vision. Get out of debt, Generate money for vacations, Fun, Pay the Childs College fees, Support your family.
  • Passion. what you get out of your Business regarding Financial stability and Personal gains, is based on the Effort, you Apply to Your Art business.
  • Planning. If you have to Plan, you Do not have a Destination.
  • Believe. in your Business, and the Business decisions you make.
  • Customers. Excellent service should be Top in Your Art business.
  • Ask for a Sale. Do not be Afraid to ask for a Sale.
  • Do not be Afraid. During your Art career, you Need to Try new things, to Build Yourself as Successful.
  • Manage money. Art is based on Cash flow.
  • Pride. Take pride in All you do. Be proud of your Actions.

To be a Successful Artist, do Not stop Trying, until you Reach your Goal…

How to Apply–Art Fundamentals, Color, Composition, Brushwork and Value?

The Fundamentals of Art are the Building blocks of an Artwork. They are Color, Composition, Value, Form, Brushwork and Perspective. These Fundamentals are Universal across different Mediums and styles. Learning these, will Help you become a Well-rounded, and Changing Artist.

  • Color theory. Art principles, which show us, how we See color, and What color is.
  • Composition. How well all the Visual elements work together, in an Artwork. These are Line, Shape, Color, Value, Space, Form, Texture. This arrangement is the Balance, Emphasis, Contrast, Harmony, Variety, Movement, Proportion and Scale.
  • Form-structure. Conveys, a Three-dimensional, Objects on a Flat surface. This allows you to Paint Convincing paintings.
  • Brushwork. Manipulates Paint on a Canvas.
  • Perspective. Is the Depiction of a Three-dimensional environment, on a Two-dimensional Surface. Which captures the Size, position and the Appearance of objects. Perspective is made up of Two parts: Linear perspective and Aerial–Atmospheric perspective.

Practical tips: Techniques, Processes, Materials.

In the https:study.com/fundamental-art-techniques… in the 7.4.2018., It says people have made Art, as long as they have been on Earth, around 42,000 Years ago.

  • Many Art techniques start Withdrawing. Basically, using any Tool or utensil, to Mark a surface. The Surfaces to be drawn on are Many, Fabrics, paper, animal skins, or even walls.
  • The process. The use of a Substance, that Consists of a pigment, Ground up, a Natural material, or a Manmade material, that Creates the Specific colors.
  • Basic painting Techniques, include Washes, Impastos and Glazes. Painting techniques can Change overtime, with Newer Tools and materials.

The following Two series Paintings, are My Unique Contribution to the, Wisdom and Fundamental Art Concepts. I have used all the Art Fundamentals, of Drawing, Line, Color, Under– Water Perspective and Size?. You can make a comment.

Mermaids’ Day Out. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Under the Sea, Fish. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

As an Artist, Habits to perform, Efficiently and Effectively.

  • Work during your Peak creative hours. This sets you Up for Success.
  • Go to your Studio, or Workspace regularly. Do not Underestimate, the Importance of having your own Space to Art create.
  • Plan your Goals and work. At the start of your Week, Plan what Work you will do, each Day, you can Add to, the Next day.
  • Use Tool and apps, to Optimize your Workflow. Spend money on, Art software, Art equipment, and the Tools, you Need to Make artwork.
  • Take breaks. Do some Planning, to make them Part of your Regular daily life. A well-Fed artist, who Moves, and Stretches, will Work Effectively and Efficiently.

In the (Tessa Vikander) twitter@tessavikander. Being Self-employed, is Challenging. These are the Habits that keep you, Productive and Healthy. From Scheduling, your Time to Managing your Workspace.

Common Artist Pitfalls, and How to Avoid them?

In the https://forum.tip-it/topic/pitfalls-and-how-to-avoid… (24.4.2009), Look in ten of the Common pitfalls, for the Artists definition.

  • Artists get discouraged.
  • They only Copy other peoples, Art works.
  • Artists Do not Focus, on the Business side of Their art.
  • They try to Do every-thing, on their Own.
  • They Ignore, Feedback they receive.
  • They ignore their Health.
  • They pick the Wrong friends. They Do not take the Time to be Inspired. They only Dream.
  • They Do not produce, Artwork.

Artists must be Disciplined. By Creating structure in their Lives, thus Allowing Time to work on their Craft. Artists, have the Opportunity to Create artwork, that gets Better and better, as Time travels on.

Myths and Misconceptions About Art?

In the Bridget Jones-28 July, 2013. Says, the Five Misconceptions about Art, Are?

  • You must be Rich to collect art.
  • You need an MA (Hons) in Art history or Fine arts.
  • The Higher the price, the Better the art.
  • Work Sold, at Dealer Galleries is more Expensive.
  • The Art world is Snobby, and Intimidating.

General discussion, About Art and the Artist life.

When it comes to Art, we Travel through these Artist life cycles. The steps May, Change…

  • Recognition.
  • Persecution, then, after Death comes.
  • Appreciation and understanding in the Artist life cycle. a Global Genius…

In concluding this Blog about Art and Art fundamentals, we See that Art is the Process of Art creating, through the use of Art tools and Art materials. the Fundamentals help you as the Artist too Refine your Technique and your Artist Style. The More you Practice making Art, the better your Artwork looks. As the Materials and tools change, over the years, so do You as An Artist. You Adapt, and Change happens in your Artwork, for your Art creating, Successful Career.

Remember if You have a Comment, You are Always Welcome.

Thank you for Visiting My blog Today. Please remember to Social distance, Stay safe and be Happy. See you all Next blog.

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mermaids’ day out

a4 size. made on acid free, watercolor paper. colorful acrylics and fine liner marker. original only, for sale.


under the sea, fish

a4 size. made on acid free, watercolour paper. colorful acrylics and fine liner marker. original only, for sale.


Uncategorized, what is fashion design?

Fashion Design, and My Art Too…

In this Blog, Fashion Design, we think about Fashion, Fashion Designers, and If, Fashion Design, Is Art?, I will be Art Designing Two, Fashion Design, designs…

Fashion Design–(from Wikipedia),–Say, is the Art of applying Design, Aesthetics, Clothing and Accessories. Fashion Design is influenced by Culture, and the different Fashion Trends. Fashion Design, has changed Overtime and Place. A Fashion Designer, Creates Clothing, including Dresses, Suits, Pants and Skirts, Accessories like Shoes and Handbags, for the Consumer. The Fashion Designer, Is Specialized in many, Areas of Fashion Design.

  • Fashion Design, Education–To be A Fashion Designer, You need to Train for A Certification, that enables You to Succeed in the Fashion Design Industry. A College Degree is Not Necessary, but an Experience and Love of Fashion Design, will help You Greatly in Your success. As A Fashion Design Major, you will Learn all about, Colour, Textiles, Sewing and Tailoring, Pattern making, Fashion Design, History and Computer–Aided Fashion Design.
  • Fashion Design–Education will help You as a Newbie, to Understand all the Important details, in Fashion Design, and to Complete an Internship in Fashion. Fashion Design, Education will give you, Excellent Experiences, while you assist, the Fashion Designer, who will give you, Full access, into the Wide World, Of Fashion Design and Principles.
  • The Basic Structure that is Fashion Design–Fashion Designers, could work, Full time for One Fashion house, as an In–House Fashion designer. In which, the Company owns, The Fashion designers, Designs. Or the Fashion Designer, works Alone, or as Part of a Fashion Design, Team Member. Whereas the Freelance Designer, works for Themselves, where they Sell their Designs to The Fashion Houses, Or Directly to the Shops, or to Clothing Manufactures, Creating designs, for Women, Men and Children’s Fashions, in the Wider Fashion World.

The Main Fashion Designer, Questions People Ask?

  • Is Fashion a Form of Art?–Yes, it is. It is a Newer Addition, under the Form of Art. One form of Art is Fashion, this is the way One dresses, this Shows different Areas of a Persons, Personality. People by Nature, Express themselves by the Clothes and Accessories, they Wear. ( All in the, Is Fashion a Form of Art, Daily Art Magazine.com and in Fashion as An Art Form, Macauley.cuny.edu )
  • What is Fashion Designing?–It is the Art of Adding, Beauty to Clothes and their Accessories. Fashion Designing is About , Creating or changing People’s Life Styles, based on Current Fashion Trends. Remember that there are Many Specialties’ in Fashion Designing, they are All General, under the Category of Fashion Design. (Look into…, What is Fashion Designing and How to Become A Fashion Designer?, http://www.iifitbangalore.com/blog)

When does an Artist, become A Fashion Designer?–Yes, Yes, You can be A Fashion Designer, if You are Bad at Drawing.

What are the Stages of Fashion Design?

  • Research, Inspiration Board
  • Design–Concept
  • Pattern Making
  • Final Pattern
  • Cutting the Pattern
  • Making the Toile
  • Sewing the Toile

How do You Develop Fashion Illustrations?

  • Understand Body Proportion. Understand, Body Anatomy…
  • Define Character poses–Practice, Sketching Poses…
  • Place the Clothes…
  • Explore and Find Your Style…
  • Thew

The Following Paintings, Fashion Design, Art, Is my Attempt at, Fashion Art Illustration. The Illustrations, are Made on A4, Watercolour Paper, using the Creative Acrylic Paints, and, finished in Fine Liner, Sharpie Marker…

Fashion Sketch 1. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Fashion Sketch 2. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

What is the Influence, of Art in Fashion?–History is considered, for the Fashion Designer, to have started in the 19th Century, with Frederick Worth, who was the First Fashion Designer, to have his Label’s, Sewn into the Garments, He Fashion Designed. ( In the, Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia )

There are Two Ideas about What is Art?

  • Considered by Aristotle ( 384 B.C )–Art is a, Mimesis–( Inspiration ), which represents, Appearances, which Give, to a Culture, Pleasure, Through the Use, off, Accuracy and Skill. Which is Through, the Physical, Material, Man Art Created, World. Which is All, Evident in the World, as we See, and Think We know, the World.
  • Whereas Pluto, the ( Greek, Philosopher, 427 B.C ) said that, the Artist is Inspired, by what He Sees, By God or, his Inner Impulses. Which help Him To Express, which is Beyond, what He, Sees and Knows. Which are His Inner feelings, which are Beyond, What is the Truth. Which are Actually the Essence, or Results, of The Ages and History, as we know. ( Information in the, Hutchinson Encyclopedia )

In the Mitler and Raguns, ( 1992 ), says the Principle’s of Art, take into account, Balance, Variety, Harmony, Emphasis, Proportion, Movement and Rhythm. Continuing to Say, that Art is Subjective and Open to Interpretation. There is Not a Definite Limitation, to what can be Called Art. The Art Definition, is up to the Audience, in Every Culture. Who See Art, in Their Unique Way, and Cultures–History.

Fashion Design Videos, too Watch…

  • How to Become a Fashion Designer–You Tube. ( 19.5.2019 ) 18.4mts.
  • Free Fashion Design Videos–Pexels
  • Fashion Design Tutorials 5: Shapes & Proportions–You Tube ( 9.5.2016 ) 28.37mts
  • Lindor Visits–Queens Fashion Designer. 9 Hours ago. You Tube. New York. 4.36mts
  • Oakland Fashion Designer gets Boost, from Steph Curry. 8 Hours ago. Yahoo News–CBS–San Francisco

Fashion Design Websites, too Look At…

In concluding this Blog on Fashion Design, we can truly say that, Fashion Design is a Form of Art. Fashion Design Art is Art, because Mitler and Raguns, agree that Art is Subjective, to Open Interpretation. The Art Interpretation, is up to the Individual, and their Culture, to decide what is Fashion Art, or Art. So we can conclude, without Doubt, that Fashion Design, Is A Form Off, Very Important Art, in the Whole of the World and Existence.

Thank You, for Visiting this Blog, Fashion Design, and My Art Too.. I hope you found the Blog and Fashion Illustrations, interesting. If You found the Blog Educational, please Like and Share. Thanking You. See You Next Blog. Remember to Stay Safe, Too Social Distance, Be Happy, and too, Work in Moderation…

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fashion design sketch 1

a4 size, made on acid free, watercolour paper. using colourful, Acrylic paints and Fine liner-marker. original painting, only this one available.



fashion design sketch 2

a4 size. made on acid free, watercolour paper. made in colourful, Acrylic paints and Fine liner-marker. original painting, only this one available.



How is Nature Used in Art? and My Art too…

In this Blog, How is Nature Used in Art?, We look into a Few articles, to Find out, what exactly is Nature Art, and how, to Use Nature, in Our Nature, Art Creations, as the Artist?

How is Nature used in Art? — Nature in art can be Many Visual forms, from Photorealism to Abstraction. Art can Copy nature, by Visually copying the Objects, as they are in Real Lifetime. Abstract paintings can look Visually at nature, and then You, Art create a Nature painting. The definition for Nature, is that Nature is Similar, to our natural world, the Physical universe, the Material world, the Material Universe. Nature, refers to the Phenomena, which is the Physical world, or Life as we know it. ( In, Wikipedia ) Nature is all Around us, and Deep within Us. The Earth Sustains our Life force, Without nature, we Would be nothing.

How do you Approach the Topic of Nature in Art? –Art can open our Eyes to the Uniqueness. and Beauty of the Natural world. Nature art can become a Challenging art creation, which Expresses an Object of beauty. Nature art, can Address, important Environmental issues, and Topics on Conversation, Sustainability, Preservation, Biodiversity, and Nature threatened Habitats. Nature art, also can Interact with and Educate, the viewer about. The Issues, by Spreading awareness, about the Nature, Important topics.

In conclusion we have a Natural Instinct, and a Natural need, to Take care, of the Things we Feel, we are Connected Too. Nature Art creating, has the Power to Renew, our Connection with Nature, Instantly. We have the Power too, Take the Action necessary, to Fix, Nature Problems. ( In the, by Thaneeya McArdle, 2008-2022, LLC. )

We can also approach the Topic of Nature art, by Conceptual thinking and Animalistic Consciousness. Both of these Differences, can be Unified in the use of colour, and Decorative Design. ( In, http://www.art-is-fun.com/nature… )

What makes, an Abstract painting Look like nature? –Nature in art can take many Visual forms, from Photorealism to abstraction. Art can copy, nature, by Showing Objects, as they are in Real Life. Abstract, Nature art, can take on the Actual Shapes in Nature, to make the Abstract Nature Art creation. That you Study, Observe, and Contemplate, in the Natural world, Off Nature,? and Natures, Natural shapes, as Objects… ( In, http://www.art-is-fun.com and in the, Original Abstract Art– https://bluethumb.com.au/abstract/art )

How do Landscape Artists Portray Nature? –Landschap or Landscape paintings, Capture the Natural world, that is Everywhere, We look. We do Think of Landscape, as the Genre of Majestic Mountain Scenes, the Hills, and Water scenes.

Yes, Landscapes can mean Any scenery and Feature subject, within them. Such as Buildings, Animals, and People. There is a Traditional Viewpoint, of Landscapes. Overtime, Artists have, Incorporated other Settings. Cityscapes, Urban areas, and Seascapes, capture the Oceans, and the Waterscapes. These, are Featured, in Art works, by Monet on the Seine.

The Landscape is a Horizontal format, which is Necessary to Capture the Wilderness areas, of the Landscape, that the Artists, Portray, in their Art creations. Whereas, a Vertical Landscape, Restricts, the view, of the Subject, in a Landscape. That does not allow, the Impact necessary, for a Great, Painting.

Landscapes and Lanscape horizontal views, are New to the Art world. In the Early Art, the Focus, was On the Spiritual, or Historical Objects, Not on The Natural World… ( In the, Humanities–Visual Arts )

Websites–Landscapes and Artists

  • 12 Famous Landscape Artists You should Know. https.www.invaluable. com/blog…
  • Framing the View: Six Artists, Reveal How they Choose. https://www.the guardian. com
  • Landscape Images. https:..www.shutterstock.com

Videos–How to Paint, A Nature Landscape?.

The following Paintings are My Nature Art Creations. Made in Acrylics Paints and Outlined in Fine Black Marker.

Nature is Nature. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

The Parrot Tulip. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Important Art Information

In Conclusion to How Nature is used in Art, we Can say that, Nature is all We see around us. What is Nature?, Natural and What is made up of, Shapes and the Objects of Nature. Nature is used in Art, as Photorealism, or as in Abstraction Art. Landscape art in particular, is a Horizontal view, made Horizontally, to take a Wider view of the Natural, Subject area, that is Portrayed, of the, Actual, Nature Scene.

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