How is Nature Used in Art? and My Art too…

In this Blog, How is Nature Used in Art?, We look into a Few articles, to Find out, what exactly is Nature Art, and how, to Use Nature, in Our Nature, Art Creations, as the Artist?

How is Nature used in Art? — Nature in art can be Many Visual forms, from Photorealism to Abstraction. Art can Copy nature, by Visually copying the Objects, as they are in Real Lifetime. Abstract paintings can look Visually at nature, and then You, Art create a Nature painting. The definition for Nature, is that Nature is Similar, to our natural world, the Physical universe, the Material world, the Material Universe. Nature, refers to the Phenomena, which is the Physical world, or Life as we know it. ( In, Wikipedia ) Nature is all Around us, and Deep within Us. The Earth Sustains our Life force, Without nature, we Would be nothing.

How do you Approach the Topic of Nature in Art? –Art can open our Eyes to the Uniqueness. and Beauty of the Natural world. Nature art can become a Challenging art creation, which Expresses an Object of beauty. Nature art, can Address, important Environmental issues, and Topics on Conversation, Sustainability, Preservation, Biodiversity, and Nature threatened Habitats. Nature art, also can Interact with and Educate, the viewer about. The Issues, by Spreading awareness, about the Nature, Important topics.

In conclusion we have a Natural Instinct, and a Natural need, to Take care, of the Things we Feel, we are Connected Too. Nature Art creating, has the Power to Renew, our Connection with Nature, Instantly. We have the Power too, Take the Action necessary, to Fix, Nature Problems. ( In the, by Thaneeya McArdle, 2008-2022, LLC. )

We can also approach the Topic of Nature art, by Conceptual thinking and Animalistic Consciousness. Both of these Differences, can be Unified in the use of colour, and Decorative Design. ( In, http://www.art-is-fun.com/nature… )

What makes, an Abstract painting Look like nature? –Nature in art can take many Visual forms, from Photorealism to abstraction. Art can copy, nature, by Showing Objects, as they are in Real Life. Abstract, Nature art, can take on the Actual Shapes in Nature, to make the Abstract Nature Art creation. That you Study, Observe, and Contemplate, in the Natural world, Off Nature,? and Natures, Natural shapes, as Objects… ( In, http://www.art-is-fun.com and in the, Original Abstract Art– https://bluethumb.com.au/abstract/art )

How do Landscape Artists Portray Nature? –Landschap or Landscape paintings, Capture the Natural world, that is Everywhere, We look. We do Think of Landscape, as the Genre of Majestic Mountain Scenes, the Hills, and Water scenes.

Yes, Landscapes can mean Any scenery and Feature subject, within them. Such as Buildings, Animals, and People. There is a Traditional Viewpoint, of Landscapes. Overtime, Artists have, Incorporated other Settings. Cityscapes, Urban areas, and Seascapes, capture the Oceans, and the Waterscapes. These, are Featured, in Art works, by Monet on the Seine.

The Landscape is a Horizontal format, which is Necessary to Capture the Wilderness areas, of the Landscape, that the Artists, Portray, in their Art creations. Whereas, a Vertical Landscape, Restricts, the view, of the Subject, in a Landscape. That does not allow, the Impact necessary, for a Great, Painting.

Landscapes and Lanscape horizontal views, are New to the Art world. In the Early Art, the Focus, was On the Spiritual, or Historical Objects, Not on The Natural World… ( In the, Humanities–Visual Arts )

Websites–Landscapes and Artists

  • 12 Famous Landscape Artists You should Know. https.www.invaluable. com/blog…
  • Framing the View: Six Artists, Reveal How they Choose. https://www.the guardian. com
  • Landscape Images. https:..www.shutterstock.com

Videos–How to Paint, A Nature Landscape?.

The following Paintings are My Nature Art Creations. Made in Acrylics Paints and Outlined in Fine Black Marker.

Nature is Nature. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

The Parrot Tulip. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Important Art Information

In Conclusion to How Nature is used in Art, we Can say that, Nature is all We see around us. What is Nature?, Natural and What is made up of, Shapes and the Objects of Nature. Nature is used in Art, as Photorealism, or as in Abstraction Art. Landscape art in particular, is a Horizontal view, made Horizontally, to take a Wider view of the Natural, Subject area, that is Portrayed, of the, Actual, Nature Scene.

Thank you for Visiting this Blog. I hope you found it, Interesting and Educational. If you Liked, you can Like and Share, Thanking You.

Remember to Keep Social distancing, Stay Safe, Work Smart. I look Very Forward to, Meeting You All, in the Next Blog.

Remember if you have a Comment or Suggestion, You Are Welcome, Anytime.

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Easter. The Christian Celebration, of All time, and Easter cards, for You too…

In this blog we Celebrate, the True story, of Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday. I have made Easter cards for You too…

The Easter, Christian holiday the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, after he was Crucified by the Romans on Good Friday, more than 2,000 Years ago.

Easter Sunday each year, is Celebrated on a Different day, because it is based on the Dates of the Spring Equinox, and The First spring, Moon cycle, which happens between March 21 and April 25 Each year…

The Easter story–Easter or Resurrection Sunday, we Celebrate as the, Most important Date, in all of Human history. That is, Jesus Rising from the Dead.

All of Christianity and all Eternity, Believes the Truth of the Resurrection. ( in the, http://www.crosswalk.com… )

What is the True meaning of Easter Sunday--Easter, is called Pascha ( Aramaic, Greek, Latin ), or the Resurrection Sunday. which is a Christian, and A Cultural holiday, that remembers the Rising of Jesus, from the Dead. Described in the New Testament as occurring on the Third day, after, Jesus’s Burial, following his Crucifixion, by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD. ( in the, wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter )

How did Easter get its Date?–in 325 A.D. Emperor Constantine, met other Church leaders and together, Agreed that Easter, would Happen on the First Sunday, after the First Full Moon, after the Spring Equinox. There is controversy over the Celebrations date, which Continues, with Many of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, Celebrating the Resurrection, at the End of Passover Week… ( in the, All about Jesus Christ.org/history… )

How exactly is Easter Determined each Year?–Since it is Celebrated on a Different Date Each Year–The Date of the Paschal, Full Moon, used to Estimate the Date of Easter, is based on the Mathematical approximations, following a 19–Year cycle, called the Metonic cycle. Both dates may Coincide with the Dates, of the Astronomical events, although in Some years, they Do not. ( In the, Time and date.com/calendar… )

What does, the New Testament say about, the Resurrection of Jesus?. —That, Easter Celebrates, and is One of the Main beliefs, of the Christian Faith. In that, the Resurrection of Jesus, as the Son of God, is the Belief and Proof, that God, will Righteously Judge the world, After Death. ( In the, wikipedia.org./wiki/…

What is the Origins, and the History of the Easter Egg?--Most Historians, believe Easter Eggs, came from Anglo Saxon, Festivals in the Spring, to Celebrate the Pagan Goddess, of Eostre. The Goddess, who could be the Name, for Easter? Which represented the, Dawn in spring, and the Eggs were Buried, and Eaten during the Festival. Eggs are believed, to be a Symbol of Fertility and Rebirth of Nature, after the Dead of Winter… ( In the, nbcchicago.com/news… )

Why do we Have Easter Eggs?--Easter eggs, were a Symbol of Fertility and Rebirth, in Pagan cultures. In the Early Christian, Celebrations of Easter, Easter eggs were used to Symbolize, part of the Easter story. Easter eggs, Represent the Empty Tomb, from which Jesus, Resurrected… ( In the, http://www.chaseoaks.org/blog/easter-eggs… )

What is the Easter Bunny?–The Easter Bunny, was a Mythical creature, who Delivered, Easter eggs, to Children. The Modern version, of the Easter bunny, is from the 17th century, Folkloric Osterhase, a German Egg Laying Hare.

The following are Easter cards, I have made for You, for Easter Celebrations, for Resurrection Sunday, or Easter Sunday…

Easter Cards, 2022. Colour Pencils. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

In Denmark, until the 1920’s, this Tradition was, current in Jutland and on the Island of Langeland only…

Videos–You Tube–Easter, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • The Resurrection of Jesus–Easter Sunday–You Tube, ( 28.3.2013 )
  • The Easter Story, ( Jesus Sacrifice )–You Tube, ( 16.4.2017 )

Easter is the Christian Celebration, of the Risen Jesus Christ, from the Dead. Easter, is called Resurrection Sunday. We celebrate Easter, in Many ways. The Easter egg is a Symbol, of the Empty Tomb, on Resurrection Sunday. Easter, is the Promise, to all off Humanity, of an Eternal Life, After Our Death.

Have a Happy Easter, Be Safe, Eat Easter eggs in Moderation. See You All, Next Blog…

I Am creationsbymariec.art





The Importance of Repetition, as An Artist?, Why Life-Long Learning is? and My Art too…

In this Blog, the Importance of Repetition, as an Artist. We think about this Word repetition, what it Means, to Us all as the Artist? and If the word, is Appropriate or Not, in the Context of Art creating?. Then the Blog, looks into, Why Life-long learning is Important, to the Individual and to the Artist? I give You insight, into Why I make Art, and Share Two paintings, I have Art created, Especially for You all.

The importance of Repetition as an Artist?–Scott Christensen, the Landscape oil painter, uses Philosophy, curiosity and Repetition, in his Art creations. He says, that its Important for an Artist, to See things in our world, as Different. How to do This, is by Using Repetition, in How we Actually See a Thing…

You teach your Eyes to only see, what is Important to you. Then you use this Information, to Apply to your, Ideas and thoughts, on How to Art create a painting. In this Format, you See a lot more, and Instinctively know, then How to apply, this Seeing of ideas, in Your Art creations. You are able to, Share, Colour, shape, light and a Vision into What, you see. Then you will, Need to Share, With the Art appreciator, of Your paintings. ( In the, Artists Network, 2022 )

The importance of Repetition in Art–how interesting is, what Christine Alfrey, the Artist, Posted on the 7/10/2017, saying that Repetition art, has Lost its, Direction, individuality, and its Uniqueness. Creating the concept, that Art is Anything and everything. It creates the Concept of ‘Artist’, as that, Anyone can be an Artist?

That leads to the Question, of our Reality, in Today’s world, What is Art? Alfrey, says, that Art is Not repetition, and, Why?, Because Repetition is Not Art. Art is a Unique, Original Design, which is an Art creation, a painting, and Masterpiece of Art…

So why do Artists Use repetition–it helps to Build, the Visual part of the Work, and it also Provides a Deeper meaning, to the artwork. Which hides, The Philosophical and Conceptual identity? ( in, http://www.widewalls.ch/magazine/repetition )…

The Art of Repetition : The Top 10 Pattern Artists?–repeated Forms and Regular arrangements, have been Used in art, from Ancient times.

  • Gustave Klimt--the Motifs, were inspired by Byzantine, Greek and Egyptian art.
  • Mc-Escher–he Developed the art, from Spain, following the Principles of Tessellation, Covering a plane, using One or more Geometric shapes, with No overlaps and Gaps.
  • Anni Albers--created Mass-producible Fabric patterns. making, Striking geometric patterns and Bold colours. Pioneering the Modernist movement.
  • Andy Warhol–worked with Repetition in his Silk screen prints, inspired by the Imagery of Popular culture and Mass production.
  • Keith Haring–created Recognizable set of Images, symbols that he would Repeat as Enigmatic, colourful patterns, in his Paintings and prints.
  • Yayoi Kusama–net paintings made Entirely of repetitive, Semi-circle Brush strokes, lace patterns, on Canvas, suggesting, the Expansion into Infinity.
  • Damien Hirst
  • Sarah Morris
  • Takishi Murakami

Life-Long Learning–is Self initiated Education, that is Focused, on Personal development. It is generally Referred, to the learning, that occurs, Outside of a Formal educational Institute. It could be Described, as Being voluntary, with the Purpose of Achieving Personal Fulfillment.

The importance of Life-Long Learning–whether you study for your Personal interests, and Passion, or chase a Professional ambition. You can Obtain Personal fulfillment, and Satisfaction.

It is Recognized that Humans, have a Natural drive to Explore, learn and Grow. It Encourages us to Improve our own, Quality of life, and Sense of Self-worth. By paying Attention to the Ideas, and goals, that Inspire us.

The Examples, of Life-Long Learning–

  • Developing a New skill
  • Self-taught Study–learning a New sport or activity
  • Learning to use Technology
  • Acquiring new Knowledge–Self-interest course, Via Online education, or Classroom- based Course

The Benefits of Life-Long Learning?

  • Renewed Self motivation
  • Recognition of Personal interests and Goals
  • Improvement, in other Personal and Professional Skills
  • Improved Self-confidence

How to Adopt, Life-Long Learning into Your life?

  • Recognize-your Own personal Interests and goals
  • Make a list of What, you would like to Learn, or be Able to do.
  • Identify how you Would like, to Get involved, and the Resources available.
  • Structure the, Learning Goal into your life
  • Make a Commitment

I have chosen to make Art, My Life-long learning, My passion. Why?, because as a Teenager I needed to Art create, and I was denied, the Option at High School. My classmates, Threw paint onto our White school shirts. The School Principal, Banned Our class, the Option to choose, Art through, our High school Education. I have always felt, I Missed out, On My Unique art expression, as a Young adult.

I have at Created Two Watercolour paintings, to Share with You. I say, they are a Series of Two paintings, because they are of Landscapes, Similar, Not the same. They are Paintings of Nature, which are One subject, so Are the same, A Series of Two, paintings?

An Autumn, River Scene. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

A Serene Landscape. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

The Artists you Admire and Why?– What is it that, Attracts us to them…, Here are a Few conclusions...

  • One main thing is, their Use of Colour and brush strokes.
  • The background Stories-of Many Artists, really Interest and inspire.
  • The Subject they paint, are a Great part of Me, as well?
  • Many Artists, are very Encouraging.

In concluding the Above Artists, Whys?. It is a Great question, to Ask yourself, with Anything in Life? It Opens your Eyes, about all the Things, you have Never thought to Think, about?

( All the above information, in Internet search, Life-Long Learning. Idea came from, In the, Artists Network 2022 ).

In conclusion to Repetition as an Artist is Important, or Why not? Important because it sets the Stage for the initial painting. It helps us to see, what we Actually are seeing, and it helps us Put down on medium, what Values actually make the painting. An excellent, Unique Art creation.

Repetition is Not a Good Option for Artists, says Christine Alfrey, saying, that Repetition Art, has Lost its Direction, and is Not Art. Because, Art is a Unique, Original Expression, of Our imaginations, as the Artist. Each and Every time, we Create a Painting, We are not using Repetition. Therefore, Art repetition is Not art, it is Repeating a Symbol, Characters?

I wonder if You think, that Art is a Repetition, and that we as Artists, are Repeating, Symbols in Our art creating, Over and over again?

I think it depends, how you Understand the word Repetition, as in Art? If you View, Repetition as Symbols, as Specifically Art?, or if You think Your Style, In seeing, and the Technique, you Use are Unique and original, to you, in your Paintings. Therefore you can say, art is Not repetitive to the Artist?

Thank you for visiting my Blog. Remember to Like, and Share if you like, and have Found this Blog Educational, or Interesting. Remember you are Welcome, to Comment or make a Suggestion. Or Say, what you Need to Say to Me.

Remember to Stay safe, and to Social distance. See You All, Next Blog posting.

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A Spark of Art Inspiration, and My Art Too…

In this Blog, we answer the Question, Art inspiration, and how Does it Help the Artist and Normal individuals, in Our every day Existence. I have made Two painting, which I think, we Can say, that they are actually, a Series of Two paintings. Both Paintings, look Very different, Yet, I have used Exactly the the Same, Acrylic paints and Colours, to Art create these Paintings.

It would be Interesting to have Input from you, as to What you think? If the Paintings are actually A Series? Thanking you…

Why we look to Art for creative Inspiration–Art naturally causes A stir in, Our minds. Could be Curiosity, Awe, Frustration, or Boredom. We can be Surprised by Art work, and the Insights it unveils, in our Own, Minds. Or we can Question the Artist’s intent, and their Ability, to Create, Worthy Artwork.

How is it that, Art causes us to Think creatively or Feel inspired?, How can, Art cause a Change in perspective, as in the Way we Work or create, or in the Way we live?

The Artist’s lifestyle, shows us what we Lack in Our daily lives, the Freedom, from Rules and Rigid constraints.

Art is Wild, and full of Imagination, the Ability to create Something, from Nothing, all for the Purpose, of Art creating something. ( In, https://creative something.net/post/2018… )

The Artist, works Alone in their art studio. Fighting against the Restraint of the 9-5 job, that People have. Artists work on Their ideas, and dreams. Where as in the world, People Fulfill, someone Else’s goals.

Art creation is Distant, from our reality… the Best Artwork, makes us Think, debate or question, the Art works value. It takes our Mind, into Another point in time, A different location, Story, or Existence. Art is like a walk in A dream, that we Can, explore at Anytime.

Remember that Good art, Tell stories, that Captivate, our Minds. Art is the way, to Escape into, a Totally different reality. To shift, the way We think, and our perspective, on a Subject or problem.

The following Paintings, that I have Art Created are, Similar or the same, Series of Paintings, are Of totally Different subjects. I feel that the Paintings, are a Series. They are People doing Something very special. The girl is Down at the beach, showing off, for a Photo shoot. The couple are at Their ceremony together, After their Marriage Celebration. Standing for Photo shoot. I feel, I Can say it is A series of Two paintings. Both Are, A4 size Paintings, made on The same paper. The Colours, I have Used are the Acrylic, Silver series, Matt, the Same colours, used in the Paintings, Differently. The Girl is Celebrating life, and the Couple, are Celebrating their Marriage, for A Long life, Together.

Colourful at the Beach. Mixed media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

An Indian Wedding. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Usually the Art impact, Art has on us, Is very small, a tiny seed, and Yet once exposed, this Seed spreads, and grows, into Something greater. This Enables an individuals mind, to be Abled and capable to Uniquely, art create. ( in the, Art Inspiration Archives, (Artists Network )

Find your Art Inspiration–( in, htttp://felt magnet.com/artist-corner/… )

  • keep your art supplies and tools ready, and accessible.
  • just show up in your art studio.
  • have lots of pictures, and reference material. see something, need something.
  • collect, photos and keep them organized.
  • doodle.
  • try something new.
  • network, in the art community.
  • read books that inspire, you.
  • participate in art challenges.
  • just art create, daily…

Daily Design, Inspiration for Art creatives–( the above in, https://the inspiration grid.com, Google?, in the, texts, articles?… )

  • art design
  • art
  • photography
  • illustration
  • editorials
  • digital illustrations

530, Art inspiration ideas, in 2021. ( in the, https://www.pinterest.com.au/… )

The following are, Just Three artists, Inspiration…

  • Pamela’s pins–Sea scapes, nature, surf, and figurative paintings, That make me, want to Get out, My paintbrushes.
  • Taylor Jane Wilkshire, Art and stuff…
  • Jessica Wright, Art/inspiration…

40 Inspiration Art quotes–from Famous Artists–( in the, https://inspiration feed.com/art-quotes… ) (23.1.2022)

The right word, can Spark curiosity, Reignite passion, and Create wonder. Artists are known to be, Inspiring. Check out, the 9 Mousui blog?, to Learn, the most, About art.

The following, are from 40 inspirational quotes, from Famous artists, that Can feed Your Artist soul and Ignite your Creative spirit. the following are the quotes, I have chosen. You can Search through, on Your own, on the Above, Website…

  • creativity is a drug, i cannot live without. Cecil b. de Mille.
  • one can have, no smaller or greater, mastering than, mastery of oneself. Leonardo Da vinci.
  • Colour is My day-long obsession, Joy and torment. Claude Monet.
  • I paint My own reality. frida kahlo.

Artist life–Fighting through, Art creative, Block?…

Art inspiration, the Artists life–Fighting through, Creative block?…Whether it is A creative, Rut or full blown, Art creation block, one of the biggest challenges, is for artists, to sustain motivation, and to keep, the art creative engine, turning.

  • Kris Parins, welcomes an outside influence. Kris values, her Meet ups, with Artist friends, to make Laughter, but also to Generate new ideas, and Inspiration. It all helps Kris to come back, into Her art studio, feeling refreshed, Energized and ready, to Start Art creating.
  • Tom Lynch’s, Remedy to beat Art creative block, is to Work his art, in Black and white. This jump Starts his desire, to Paint.
  • Chris Krupinski, has learnt that Working constantly on Her art creations, has Kept her motivated, and Opens her mind up, to Newer art ideas, and Inspiration.
  • Betty Dillard Strout, say’s to Keep an open mind. Saying that, if you Start with an idea, This idea can Lead you to another, Better idea. She, stresses, that you Need to Start something, but Remember, to be Open to a change, of Direction.
  • Laurie Goldstein-Warren–says, that a Newer thought, idea or action, on a Familiar subject. Like, looking at blank paper, she usually Decides to Revisit a subject. She then decides to, Choose a different media, and Technique to Paint. This method, brings her Passion for the subject, in A newer way… I think it Opens up her options, to Art creating, A series of Newer paintings. Which is always A good choice…

In conclusion to this Blog, on A Spark of Art Inspiration, we can End the Blog and say, that Yes art, does Inspire us as Artists, and Individuals. It helps us, to Attempt at Art creating, as A way, to Look for Art creative ways to Explore, and Solve all Kinds of Problems, and obstacles…Through the Process of the Art creating.

Thank you for Visiting My blog, today.

Remember to Stay safe, and to Social distance. Do work within, Moderation. See You All, Next blog.

I Am creationsbymariec.art artcreationsbymaric.art etsy.com/Artpaperdesignsmarie

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How to be a Successful Artist? and My Art Too…

In this Blog, how to be a Successful Artist?, we Investigate what it is, we need to do, to be Artist successful. I will also be Sharing My Art creations, as Mixed media, Abstract art, which I have Recently added as An extra, as The Abstract Part.

Artist Network Employees, say to be a Successful artist, it takes Lots of Effort, Persistence, and a Commitment to Grow and succeed. The Best artist Advice on how to Succeed as an Artist, is given by the Successful Artists in the Juried Gallery Exhibition of the 2021, International Association of Pastel societies, featured in the Best Pastel Artists, who Share what Contributed to Their Success.

Whether you Paint in pastels, or prefer Watercolour, Oil or Coloured pencil, or?, if you are a Beginning Artist, Experimenting with all Media. Inspiration can be Found in the following Words of Wisdom. You only Need One Artists advice, to Launch into Your Next stage of Art, Growth and Success.

  • Go your Own Way–you must be True to Yourself, and do What you Love. We all have a Unique way of Creating, that makes You Happy and fulfilled. Art style, has No rules. No Genre, is Better over Another. You will be more Successful if you Follow your Heart. ( Julie Freeman )
  • Think First–we all need to Think first and Analyze how to Do it. What we are Going to Art create? It becomes a Natural habit, to First Understand your Intention, from the Start of Art Creating. ( Elena Prudnikan )
  • Don’t be Afraid–paint what is Scary, that is Important for Your Growth and Learning. ( Nancie King Mertz )
  • The Artist, Steven Aimone, says, When you Have No idea what to Do, just do the Boldest thing, That comes into your Mind. ( Debora Stewart )
  • Stop and Listen–for your Paintings to be Open to interpretation, you Need to Invite Your Viewers, to Complete the Picture in Their imagination.
  • An Artist needs to Stop painting. Before a Painting becomes Overworked. As an Artist, you Should let the Piece sit for A little. The Art creation will tell you, what the Painting, needs.
  • Keep it Loose–An Artist must Remember, to keep a Composition loose and Abstract, during the Painting process. This approach Allow, for a Poetic quality and a Strong foundation. ( Barbara Saenicke )
  • Paint Small and Often–using this Method of Art creating, Leads to Art break throughs, and Helps to Experiment, further in Smaller Art works. ( Beth Williams )
  • Be Selective–there is No need to Describe, every Single detail. ( Silja Salmistu )

( All the Above in the, Artists, Network )

How to be More Art Creative: the Best Tips from Artists and Experts

Call it flow, call it Focus, it is a Magic feeling, of You being Full of ideas, and One Idea, Leads to another. Being Art creative, feels like the Most Natural thing in the World, and you will Always have Ideas, and Inspiration. It helps to have Every day, Art wisdom, a Creative prompt, and a Place to start. Maybe? Check out An Artist, that will Inspire You?. These Suggestions, and Others will Help you Recapture the Feeling of Flow.

Picasso, was Very Art Creative, He said,–” Inspiration exists, but has to Find you Working” . You put Time in your Studio, and You Keep, on doing, and Your Art creativity will Grow, Greater.

A Jug of Tulips. Mixed media, Abstract. Marie. Crimi. 2022...

Flower Vase, in Abstract Scene. Mixed media, Abstract. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Tips, Prompts and Quotes, from Creative Professionals

Maybe a Simple ten minute, Art creative warm up, using an Easy prompt. Maybe Reflecting on a Quote, or Breaking up, An, Idea you have?. Find ideas that Resonate, take Notes in your Journal or sketchbook. Commit to Not judge, any Work that you, make in the Warm up. The truth is, that it is Hard to initially get started. These, Prompts should give you A Place, to begin.

Articles–On Art creativity

  • Danny Gregory’s, 11 Ways to be More creative starting now.
  • Jeanne Oliver’s, 42 Art prompts, for Discovering New creative Ideas.
  • Fall in Love with the, Creative Process, 23 Art and Creative Quotes.

Articles, on Creative block

  • Fighting through, Creative block
  • Curing your, Art Burnout ( Eric Maisel )
  • Three Creative challenges, to Improve Your Art

Articles–Give Yourself, an Art Challenge

  • Art challenge: 30 Paintings in 30 days.
  • Dean Mitchell’s, 5 Keys to Creating Art, that’s all Your own.

Articles–Listen to Other Artists

  • Doug Kacena, Episode 5, Free your Art, Experimenting With Medium and Meaning.
  • Doug Kacena, Episode 9, The Art of Experimentation.

Advice from Jurors, How to Make Winning Artwork

  • Terri Ford–Every judge, will have a Different outlook. Believe in Yourself, Tenacity, and Due diligence, can Take you a Long way.
  • Mario Robinson–Be Yourself. Let your Individuality shine. No matter what the Subject, Paint it with passion.
  • Mile Beeman–Artists, Paint lots, and Paint, what you Enjoy. Art create, Something Unique, and that has Your Personal style.
  • Robert Carsten–Paint with Love, Do it well. Never Stop learning and Exploring.
  • Barbara Benedetti Newton–A Successful painting, Creates a Relationship through Shapes, Colours, Textures, Lines and Marks. When these Elements are good, they Enter into the Art Viewers, world. The Viewers, Experience, the Artists journey, as their Own. An Artists, Sensitivity and skill as an Art Tour Guide is very important. ( All in the Artist’s Inspiration )

In Conclusion to this Blog, How to Be a Successful Artist. It takes the Artist a lot of Art creating, Persistence, Time and Exploring, New ways of Art creating. Also you Need to paint with Love and Passion. A Successful painting, Creates a Painting relationship, through the use of Shapes, Colours, Textures, Lines and marks. The Painting needs, to Lead an Art viewer, through the Artists, Art journey. Through Their, Art creations, and their Unique, Art Style and technique.

To continue to Succeed at, a Successful, Art career, you must, Never stop Learning and Exploring, in Art and in your Natural environment. You must Do, and Keep doing, Quality Art work and practice.

Thank you for visiting this Blog. See you next Art Education Blog. Remember to Stay safe, Social distance and Work in moderation.

I am

creationsbymariec.art and Artcreationsbymariec.art



A Jug Of Tulips

A4 size, Mixed media, Abstract, on Acid free, watercolor paper. Made in Colourful, watercolours and acrylic paints. Completed in Fine sharpie marker.


Flower Vase, in Abstract Scene

A4 size, Mixed media, Abstract. On Acid free, Watercolour paper. made in Colourful watercolors and acrylic paints. Completed in Sharpie fine marker.