How to be a Successful Artist? and My Art Too…

In this Blog, how to be a Successful Artist?, we Investigate what it is, we need to do, to be Artist successful. I will also be Sharing My Art creations, as Mixed media, Abstract art, which I have Recently added as An extra, as The Abstract Part.

Artist Network Employees, say to be a Successful artist, it takes Lots of Effort, Persistence, and a Commitment to Grow and succeed. The Best artist Advice on how to Succeed as an Artist, is given by the Successful Artists in the Juried Gallery Exhibition of the 2021, International Association of Pastel societies, featured in the Best Pastel Artists, who Share what Contributed to Their Success.

Whether you Paint in pastels, or prefer Watercolour, Oil or Coloured pencil, or?, if you are a Beginning Artist, Experimenting with all Media. Inspiration can be Found in the following Words of Wisdom. You only Need One Artists advice, to Launch into Your Next stage of Art, Growth and Success.

  • Go your Own Way–you must be True to Yourself, and do What you Love. We all have a Unique way of Creating, that makes You Happy and fulfilled. Art style, has No rules. No Genre, is Better over Another. You will be more Successful if you Follow your Heart. ( Julie Freeman )
  • Think First–we all need to Think first and Analyze how to Do it. What we are Going to Art create? It becomes a Natural habit, to First Understand your Intention, from the Start of Art Creating. ( Elena Prudnikan )
  • Don’t be Afraid–paint what is Scary, that is Important for Your Growth and Learning. ( Nancie King Mertz )
  • The Artist, Steven Aimone, says, When you Have No idea what to Do, just do the Boldest thing, That comes into your Mind. ( Debora Stewart )
  • Stop and Listen–for your Paintings to be Open to interpretation, you Need to Invite Your Viewers, to Complete the Picture in Their imagination.
  • An Artist needs to Stop painting. Before a Painting becomes Overworked. As an Artist, you Should let the Piece sit for A little. The Art creation will tell you, what the Painting, needs.
  • Keep it Loose–An Artist must Remember, to keep a Composition loose and Abstract, during the Painting process. This approach Allow, for a Poetic quality and a Strong foundation. ( Barbara Saenicke )
  • Paint Small and Often–using this Method of Art creating, Leads to Art break throughs, and Helps to Experiment, further in Smaller Art works. ( Beth Williams )
  • Be Selective–there is No need to Describe, every Single detail. ( Silja Salmistu )

( All the Above in the, Artists, Network )

How to be More Art Creative: the Best Tips from Artists and Experts

Call it flow, call it Focus, it is a Magic feeling, of You being Full of ideas, and One Idea, Leads to another. Being Art creative, feels like the Most Natural thing in the World, and you will Always have Ideas, and Inspiration. It helps to have Every day, Art wisdom, a Creative prompt, and a Place to start. Maybe? Check out An Artist, that will Inspire You?. These Suggestions, and Others will Help you Recapture the Feeling of Flow.

Picasso, was Very Art Creative, He said,–” Inspiration exists, but has to Find you Working” . You put Time in your Studio, and You Keep, on doing, and Your Art creativity will Grow, Greater.

A Jug of Tulips. Mixed media, Abstract. Marie. Crimi. 2022...

Flower Vase, in Abstract Scene. Mixed media, Abstract. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Tips, Prompts and Quotes, from Creative Professionals

Maybe a Simple ten minute, Art creative warm up, using an Easy prompt. Maybe Reflecting on a Quote, or Breaking up, An, Idea you have?. Find ideas that Resonate, take Notes in your Journal or sketchbook. Commit to Not judge, any Work that you, make in the Warm up. The truth is, that it is Hard to initially get started. These, Prompts should give you A Place, to begin.

Articles–On Art creativity

  • Danny Gregory’s, 11 Ways to be More creative starting now.
  • Jeanne Oliver’s, 42 Art prompts, for Discovering New creative Ideas.
  • Fall in Love with the, Creative Process, 23 Art and Creative Quotes.

Articles, on Creative block

  • Fighting through, Creative block
  • Curing your, Art Burnout ( Eric Maisel )
  • Three Creative challenges, to Improve Your Art

Articles–Give Yourself, an Art Challenge

  • Art challenge: 30 Paintings in 30 days.
  • Dean Mitchell’s, 5 Keys to Creating Art, that’s all Your own.

Articles–Listen to Other Artists

  • Doug Kacena, Episode 5, Free your Art, Experimenting With Medium and Meaning.
  • Doug Kacena, Episode 9, The Art of Experimentation.

Advice from Jurors, How to Make Winning Artwork

  • Terri Ford–Every judge, will have a Different outlook. Believe in Yourself, Tenacity, and Due diligence, can Take you a Long way.
  • Mario Robinson–Be Yourself. Let your Individuality shine. No matter what the Subject, Paint it with passion.
  • Mile Beeman–Artists, Paint lots, and Paint, what you Enjoy. Art create, Something Unique, and that has Your Personal style.
  • Robert Carsten–Paint with Love, Do it well. Never Stop learning and Exploring.
  • Barbara Benedetti Newton–A Successful painting, Creates a Relationship through Shapes, Colours, Textures, Lines and Marks. When these Elements are good, they Enter into the Art Viewers, world. The Viewers, Experience, the Artists journey, as their Own. An Artists, Sensitivity and skill as an Art Tour Guide is very important. ( All in the Artist’s Inspiration )

In Conclusion to this Blog, How to Be a Successful Artist. It takes the Artist a lot of Art creating, Persistence, Time and Exploring, New ways of Art creating. Also you Need to paint with Love and Passion. A Successful painting, Creates a Painting relationship, through the use of Shapes, Colours, Textures, Lines and marks. The Painting needs, to Lead an Art viewer, through the Artists, Art journey. Through Their, Art creations, and their Unique, Art Style and technique.

To continue to Succeed at, a Successful, Art career, you must, Never stop Learning and Exploring, in Art and in your Natural environment. You must Do, and Keep doing, Quality Art work and practice.

Thank you for visiting this Blog. See you next Art Education Blog. Remember to Stay safe, Social distance and Work in moderation.

I am

creationsbymariec.art and Artcreationsbymariec.art



A Jug Of Tulips

A4 size, Mixed media, Abstract, on Acid free, watercolor paper. Made in Colourful, watercolours and acrylic paints. Completed in Fine sharpie marker.


Flower Vase, in Abstract Scene

A4 size, Mixed media, Abstract. On Acid free, Watercolour paper. made in Colourful watercolors and acrylic paints. Completed in Sharpie fine marker.



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