Christmas time, Fashion and Perfume, and Paintings Too…

Christmas each year falls on the 25 December, it is the Celebrating the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was Born on this date, and Bought Light and Life, Love into the Whole World. Christmas is the tradition, that is Carried through History, and Traditionally. All Christians in the world, Celebrate Christmas day. Christmas day is a Religious occasion for the Majority of People on the Earth. I wonder how some Cultures and People, do not Celebrate, this Special gift to all Humanity, the Gift of Light in Our World? the Coming of the Son, ( SUN ), Jesus.

In this Blog it is the Celebration of Christmas, the Material, and a little Love…. I wonder how most People feel Reading this Blog, where our Lord Baby Jesus, is not the central Person, being Celebrated? but Materialism Is… ( Please refer to my next blog, the true Christmas Blog, 24.12.2021 )

Christmas in particular is a time in December, each year to Celebrate with Family and friends, in Joy and Fun. Too give Gifts and share Excellent Food. Christmas usually begins at Home, and these Memories are then cherished, in the Years to come. Christmas is a time when Adults share with all little ones, decorating the Christmas tree, the House, and Wrapping gifts, and making Cakes and biscuits, with Children. Christmas is the Time to be Happy, Joyful, Grateful and to Share, Laughter, Gifts and Love with Family and Friends, and all People, In the World.

A Christmas Angel. Watercolors. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

Christmas Fashion: the Do’s and the Dont’s for Holiday Success.

Christmas time gives you the Opportunities to Socialise greatly. The Variety of Events happen, Before and After the Celebration time. Each presents you with a Unique set of Fashion challenges. Office Party wear is to the Christmas, Party Fashion you wear.

To help you Navigate your Fashion sense through the Christmas holiday, Celebrations, let us Investigate, some Do’s and Nots to Wear, for Holiday Fashion success?

The Office party–Is still Part of your Work, life?, You will need to Maintain a Professional Look, and show a little Personality. Do Not, Wear Tight-fitting clothes, or clothes that show Too, much Skin. Sheer fabrics, and Cut out Sections on the body, are Not good. the Lace dresses, are Both Feminine and Professional.

For the Office Party. Watercolors. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

The Family Holiday Party–Most families keep Fashion sense–Casual for the Christmas holidays. Do not be to Casual, Unexpected Guests could show up. Relatives might bring a Friend and usually a lot of Photos are taken. So you need to Look, Well groomed and put Together at all times. You can Wear Plain fabrics, that have a Little Accent designs. Do not wear Sequins, nothing that Sparkles, because we do have the Christmas tree and the Decorations. Wear Comfortable trousers, do not Wear jeans. Pick Beautiful prints, they are Fun and Party wear.

Cocktail Party with Friends–This Event allows you to be Yourself, to Express what is the Essence of you. You get to Show a Little skin. Make sure your Under garments are the Right colour, for your Clothing. The Outcome is Too, Wear what makes you Look Beautiful and confident.

The Cocktail Hour. Watercolors. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

The Do’s and Don’ts of what to wear for Christmas can change, it all depends on the People you will be Associating, with, in the Social events. ( All the above, information in The, fashion/luxury, article ) in the Reviewers/article by Emmanuel.

Christmas is a time for being Merry and For the Exchange of gifts, to the people you Love, be it Friends, Family, or Colleagues.

Perfumes are the most Cherished, True who would not love to, Open a bottle of Pleasure on Christmas day. Finding the Right scent could be challenging, especially choosing Perfume which is so Personal, to a Person. The fact, that there are so Many amazingly Perfect bottles of Perfume to choose from. The following List of 20 perfumes, find the Perfect perfume, for Women, Men, Unisex, suitable for Christmas, and for other Festive celebrations, through the Newer year.

  • Tabbacco Vanilleeau de perfume for Women–Tom Ford
  • Bonbon eau de perfume for Woman–Victor and Rolf
  • Yvnesse ( Champagne ) eau de toiltte for Woman–Yves St Laurent
  • Kenzo jungle l’Elephante eau de perfume for Women–Kenzo
  • Sensous Noir eau de parfume for woman–Estee Lauder
  • Thiery Muglar a*Men–Thiery Muglar
  • Pour Lui in Black eau de parfume for Men–Mauboussin
  • La Nuit de l’Homme eau toilette spray for Men–Yves Saint Laurent
  • Phantom eau de parfume for Men and Women–by Kilian
  • Aventus e de parfume for Men–Creed
  • Aventus for Her–Creed
  • Hypnotic Poison eau de parfume for Woman–Dior
  • Muddled Plum eau de toilette spray–Molton Brown
  • Botanical Essence No.15 eau de parfume for Women–Liz Earle
  • Feve Delicieuse eau de parfum spray for Men–Christian Dior
  • l’Ambre des Merveilles perfume for Women–Hermes
  • Baie 19 eau de parfume spray Women–Le Labo
  • The One Essence eau de parfume Women–Dolce e Gabbana
  • Whispers in the Library eau de toilette–Maison Martine Margiela
  • Modern Muse le Rouge for Women–Estee Lauder

Perfume Bottle. Watercolors. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

Articles–How to Know what Perfumes, to Give as Gifts for Christmas?

In concluding this Christmas Blog, it is true to say, that, The Joy and Fun at Christmas time is that it is to be shared, it is made up of Special gifts to Share, maybe Perfumes, and Fashion to wear for Social celebrations. On Christmas day, off Course, all the Special Sweets and Food, to Share and Eat with Family and Friends.

Do you Think, Christmas is a Good Idea???…

Thank you, for visiting this Blog. Have a Merry Christmas. Remember to Stay safe and to Social distance. See you Next Blog…

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