Painting Abstractions with Spontaneity and Speed…and My Art…

In this Blog, Painting Abstract or Abstraction Art Creations, we Note how to Paint, and What Exactly is Abstract or Abstraction Art? We think about what Value this Art Style, has in Our Culture? We Question whether this Art Creating Style, is Worth our Time and Effort in Attempting to Art Create and to Be Experts In The Abstract, Art Creating? So many Questions, we need to be Answered, let us See the Outcome, of this Question? I will be attempting for this blog, My Unique Style, at Abstract Art Creating.

Is it hard to make an Abstract painting?–If you have the Experience in Painting and making Art, you have the Experience to attempt Abstract Art, in your Next painting. One approach in Abstract painting is to look at the Dominant or Strong lines in an Image, or photo. Then decide on what Colors you, Need to use. ( In, http://www.liveabout.com/how-to-paint-abstracts-from-a photo… )

Abstract Art is the Artist’s attempt To tell a story, in Colors, lines, and Shapes. Then, for the Artist to Express their, Emotions and vision, in the Abstract Art Creating. By relaying this Information, the Artist gives, the Impression that their Painting is a Genuine, Unique Expression, Abstract Art Piece, created by the, Artist.

Why is it difficult to transition from Realism to Abstract art?–From Realism to Abstract Art?, Abstraction characterizes, Time or a movement, at the Same time. It is the Individual Artist’s Expression, that the Artist uses, to Express his/her Individual Style. In the, Initial, Original stage of Abstract Art Creating. Therefore, this process, is Unique and Genuine to the Artist’s Art Creation’s. Therefore, we can say that, Abstraction Art is, the Artist’s Goals, meaning and Emotions in the Expressive, Art Creation Processes. Which detail the exact, Abstract Art’s, REALITY Creation… ( In, http://www.Read found.edu/v.barris/art428/abstraction continum.html )

I have made two paintings for My attempt at Abstract, Abstraction Art Creating. My Style is As an Artist, Impressionist Realist, Painting. In My attempt, I notice My Paintings are A little Impressionist Realist, Abstract Art Creations.

By this I mean, that I have used the same Background, in which the Watercolor paper, has a Collage Background. The Actual Picture is the same, and Yet the End Result of the Paintings, is the Same or Similar to each other.

The first Painting which seems to Me to be, the Most Abstract Painting, is most Impressionist. I made the Painting using, Color Pencils, to color the Main areas, of the Painting. The Abstract Part of the Painting seems, to be, that I used Hard Pastels, for the Water and the Shadows in the Painting.

Hazy in Venice, Italy. Abstract, Impressionist. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

In the Second Painting, in which I used Watercolors and Acrylics Paints, the Result is More Realistic, Abstract, Art Creation RESULT.

Determined in Venice, Italy. Abstract, Realist. Marie. Crimi. 2021…

I am Thinking to Conclude, with The Totally different Abstract or Abstraction, RESULTS, that Maybe? the Art Media You Use in the Art Expression Stage, Makes the Total Difference in the Abstract Paintings, End Result?

I would Sincerely like to See, what your Thoughts or Experience are, or Have been with the Abstract, Abstraction Art Creating Processes? If you have Comments to Make on My Attempts at Abstract Art Creating, please feel Free to Comment. Thanking You.

Why is Abstract Painting Art so Expensive?–Abstract Art is Expensive, because there is a Big Demand for this Abstract, Art Style. It is a Good Financial Investment, and It is A New and Unique Area, as A New Consumption, WANT. The Number of Billionaires, interested in this Art Abstraction, is Growing, Greatly each Year. ( In, Indian art ideas.in/blog/abstract-art/what-makes-abstract-art… )

How to Create Abstract art in Acrylics and Watercolors?–Abstract Art can be freeing to the Artist, In the use, of different Art media, and Color combinations and in the Mixing of colors. In this Translating of Sketches and painting, into Unique and Original Abstract, Art Creations. ( In, https://www.artist network.com/art-mediums/…

Videos: How to Create Abstract, Art, in Acrylic and Watercolors bing.com/videos

Youtube,– Rinske Douna, Youtube–Studio Silver Creek, Youtube–Lori Mirabelli

How to Create Abstract Paintings, in Pastels and Color Pencils?


  • You tube–Beautiful Abstract Paintings, with Color Pencils and Soft pastels, Sara’s Crafts and Paintings.
  • You tube–Portrait Drawing, Using Soft Pastel and Colored Pencils.
  • You tube–How to Create Abstract Art, for Beginners, Using Colored Pencils, Santhy Santiago Art Shack.

What should be Included in a Successful Abstract Painting?–Macaulay emphasies how important it is to View the Abstract, Paintings in Person. The Quality, the Execution , the Intensity of the Layers of paint, the Quality of the Drip, is all Distinguishable, when you view the Abstract painting in Person. This Quality is the Most Important Factor to Focus on.

Abstract Art, is to be Viewed as a Historical Construct, as Opposed to just Experiencing, the Abstract Art Creation. Read the Label and the Date, know a Few points about the History of the Art, Check out your Like and dislikes. Most of All, Look and Look, some More At, the Abstract Art Creation. ( In, What makes Abstract, Expressionist Paintings, GOOD?. ) ( In, Isaac Kaplan, December 21, 2016, at 12.02pm… )



In Conclusion to this Blog, on Painting Abstractions, we can see that Abstract or Abstraction Art, is A Valuable Art Form of Art Creating. It seems, that Billionaires are Attracted Greatly to this Abstraction Art Style, and further are Prepared and Able to Pay Big Money, for the Privilege, of Owning an Original and Unique Piece of Abstract Art.

Thank you for visiting my Blog. Remember to Social Distance, Stay Safe and be Productive within Reason. See You All Next Blog. If you found this Blog Educational or Important, Do Like and Share.

I am, creationsbymariec.art, artcreationsbymariec.art, patreon/artcreationsbymariecart.com, etsy.com/artpaperdesignsmarie, facebook.com/artpaperdesignsbymariec.art

Hazy in Venice, Italy

A4, Abstract, Impressionist, made on Acid Free, Watercolor paper. Color Pencils, Hard Pastels…


Determined in Venice, Italy

A4, Abstract, Realist, made on Acid free, Watercolor paper. Acrylic, Watercolor paints…



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