2 thoughts on “Being An Art Copy Cat, Is A Good Thing? and my Art Creations, Copied Art…”

  1. I sometimes “copy” other artists’ styles, but I always find that the end result is quite a bit different because of my own style and intuition. Often, I don’t think you would even see the resemblance unless you know.

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    1. hi Maranda, thanking you for liking my post, and yes I do it all the time too, copy the idea but it always turns out, in my unique style and technique, a lot better I have to honestly say. I think Artists who say its their work is a lie, because we need an idea or a thought or see something to improve or add onto whatever it is. First it had to be and then it comes into being in another way or form…You and I think ALIKE. Amanda have an amazing day and week too…Bye for now…

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