Flowers, Why, How, History and My Flower Art Creations.

Flowers, Why, How, History and My Art Creations…

In this Blog, Flowers, Why, How, History and My Art Creations… I aim to introduce you to the Why, Flowers– Flower Design and Flower Arrangements, is important in todays world and How, Flowers also, contributed to society Historically. The Flowers importance in our World’s, are through the flowers Natural Beauty, which in return supports our Healing through, our Joys, Love, Abundance, and Despairs. In our personal and unique, Observance through Flower–Design and  Flower– Fragrance’s, we can actually Heal our Lives, there is actually Scientific Proof.   Read all this amazing information in this BLOG.  Lastly, in my Flower Art Creations,   I have attempted to draw and then paint, two totally different, Flower Arrangements, in Acrylic Paints.

The flower expert, says in the article on Flowers and History–that the evidence for flowers dates back to the prehistoric times, and that the flowers, have been discovered in Flower Fossils. There are traces and association of flowers, with humans during the Paleolithic age.  Archaeologists have uncovered skeletons, of a male and two-women and a child buried in soil, containing the pollen of flowers, in a cave in Iraq.

This association of flowers and caved dwelling Neanderthals of the Pleistocene epoch is indictive of the role of flowers in burial rituals. Examination of flower pollen of the time, has enabled scientists to identify many flowers present at that time, which all had therapeutic properties. The use of flowers at that time, acknowledge the abundant floral varieties, available at that time in our History.

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People have used flowers to express their feelings, enhance their surroundings, and to remember important rituals and observances. All forms of Art, show the use of flowers, through music, books, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, tapestries, etc.

The painting below, is the completed version of my Flower Arrangement, Art Creation. The painting, is made using the Acrylic Paints–Silver Series–Mont Marte–Colours–Scarlet, Rose madder, Titanium white, Light green, Cadmium yellow, Yellow orange, Phthalo blue, and Raw umber. And Outlined in Sharpie, Black-Fine-Art-Liner.

Feelings, Surroundings, Ritual, Observances.  Mixed Media.   Marie. Crimi.   2018.





The lower two paintings, are a Flower Arrangement, Art Creation in progress. The first drawing is made using a 2B Lead Pencil, and the second painting is the start of the above painting, in which I test the colours I feel I should use, to work with to further complete the painting, that is completed in the above titled…



SDC10664 (1)

Some of the opulent examples of source materials are flower pictures, produced by artists during, the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, which have all accurately depicted flowers in their incredible beauty. Scientists have proof that there are over 270,000 species of flowers, that have been documented, and also that are still in existence in the 21st Century. The evolutionary history of flowers, is about 125 years old.  During this time, an assortment of more than 125,000 flower species, have recently developed.

During the English, Victorian Era, the language of flowers was as important to people, as was being very well dressed…

Fossils of the woody Mangolia–like plants, dating back 93 million years, are the first evidence of plant life. Recently, tiny herb like flower fossils, that date back 120 million years, have been found by Paleobotanists.

Flowering plants, angiosperms, were believed to have been found 146 billion years ago, and were found in most locations, in the middle of the Cretaceous Period.

A large number of images of preserved flowers and flower parts have been found in fossils, from Sweden, Portugal, England, and along the Eastern and Gulf Coasts, of the United States.

The Following are a few flowers, that have a Long History.

  1. Alstroemeria, Aster, Calendula, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Daisy, Dahlia, Delphinium, Gladiolus, Holly, Lily, Rose, Poinsetta, Queen Anne As Lace, Snap Dragons, Sun Flower, Tulip, Violets…

Flowers and Religions— Culture and Religion work together, in the world. Every Religion has Ceremonies, Traditions and Practices, and Flowers are very  important for  the Major Religions.  From Islam to Buddhism, to Christians, flowers are a necessary factor.  From the Lotus flower to the Rose, and many other flowers.  One can spend a lifetime exploring the deep significance, of how Flowers, which are a Natural and Beautiful Creation, are used greatly, in all off the World’s Religions.

The Healing Power Of Flowers— Human’s show an affinity towards flowers, be it their fragrances, or their stunning beauty, flowers have bought people together under their spell, since Time Immemorial… Flowers have benefits, in terms of affecting our Health and Beauty. Flowers have been used for generations, in making Potions and jams, this knowledge has been passed down through the ages, for their healing capabilities. The flowers abilities are No Fiction, Scientific Studies have proved all the Flowers Truths…

Healing Flowers and Their Essential Oils— Angelica- Herb, Bergonia Flowers, Black Cohosh, Calendula, Jasmine Flowers, Nasturtium Flowers, Sun Flowers and other Flowers. Most of these Flowers are popular ingredients in many Beauty and Healthcare Products, around the World. By choosing the Right products, for yourself, you too can experience many, Health Benefits, that plants have to Offer.

Edible Flowers— The Flower Power, edible flowers, The Daisy, Chamomile, Dahlia, Dianthus, Lavender, Marigold, Nasturtium, Pansies, Snap Dragon, Stock, Viola. From Snap dragon to Stock, a sprinkling of edible flower, will transform your next meal from every day, to Gourmet.

Picking and Storing Edible Flowers— Pick the edible flowers in the afternoon or early evenings, or in the early morning. Store flowers in a sealed plastic container, lined with paper towels, in your fridge’s crisper section.

Growing Tips– Edible Flowers do not need special care, they need lots of Sunshine and well-draining soil. Avoid non-organic sprays.  A word of Caution– Use only edible flowers that are specifically grown for consumption.

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Floral Design and Floral Arrangements— Is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create, a Pleasing and Balanced composition. Evidence of refined floristry can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptian Culture. Professionally designed floral designs, and arrangements include Floral design, of line, space, texture, and colour, and the Principles of balance, portion, rhythm, contrast, harmony, and unity. Note: that there are many styles,  of Floral Design…

The Eastern, Western, European— Styles have all influenced the Commercial Floral Industry, as it is Today…

The following Painting and the following processes, are exactly the same colours, used in a different combination, in the Acrylics, used in the above, Flower Arrangement, Art Creation…

Floral Design and the Principles of Balance.   Mixed Media.   Marie. Crimi.   2018.




SDC10660 (1)


SDC10665 (1)

Ikebana— Is a Japanese or Eastern Style of floral design and incorporates three main line placements, fo Heaven, Man , Earth.

The European Style— Emphasizes colour and variety of botanical materials, in a mass gathering of multiple flowers.

Western Design— Historically is characterized by Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Horizontal, and Vertical Style of Arrangements.

Note: In addition to Flower arrangements, Floral design– includes— making wreaths, nosegays, garlands, festoons, boutunieres, corsages, and bows.  (From, Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia)

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In the Conclusion, in this Blog on Flowers, Why, How, History and My Flower Creations, we can honestly agree that without Flowers in Our Cultures, Religions , Health–beauty-Foods and in,  Daily Remembrance and Observances, in all of our Lives, that the World as we know, it today, and in our history, would not be the same. That, with out all the Natural Beauty and Fragrances of the numerous and special, Flowers and Flower–Design and Flower Arrangements, in the Whole Of The World Today… Flowers– we can all say, make our lives, special and worth Living…We can and should also be highly grateful to Our Maker, or the Abundant Universe for providing, this special power in our Lives, that help us to remember and too forget also…We are all blessed, indeed.

Thank you for visiting my Blog, Have an Excellent week, See you all Next Blog.

If you have any questions, comments or would like me to research a specific topic, please let me know, via my email.  I am,


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