Fashion Design and Fashion Art, Creations…

In this Blog–Fashion Design and Fashion Art, Creations, I answer some important questions you may be thinking about Fashion Design in General. I also give you some valuable web addresses, for you to check out this amazing topic.

I have created two Fashion Design-Art Creations, and I have used the Mont Marte–Acrylic Paints, to colour my sketches in. I hope that you at least look through this information, and see if anything interests you.

Lastly I would like to tell you, I have been absent from Posting for nearly a month, because my Laptop and Ideapad, that I do all my research and Blog on, Froze and Shut down completely and was all Blacked Out. I have been on line, Since Yesterday.

Fashion design–is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by Cultural and Social attitudes, and has changed over Time and in Place. Fashion Designers work in a number of Different ways, in Designing clothes and accessories. Designers, anticipate changes in Consumer tastes. Designers conduct research on fashion Trends and interpret them for their Audiences. There is a variation in the market, that is determined by the buying and merchandising approach, the Product and the Quality… Budget retailers use Inexpensive fabrics to interpret trends, the High-end retailers, use the Best of the Available fabrics.

Fashion Designers–attempt to design clothes which are Functional as well as aesthetically Nice to look at… Most clothing worn for every Day use, are produced in Conventional styles, and in the unusual garments, sought for Special occasions, like Evening wear or party dresses. Some clothes are made specifically for an individual, in the Haute Couture or Bespoke Tailoring.

Today–most clothing is designed for the Mass Market, especially for, Casual and every day, ready to wear.

Fashion Designers–may work full – time for one fashion house, as in House designers, which own the designs, or they work Alone, or as part of a Team. Freelance designers work for themselves, selling their designs to fashion houses, directly to shops or to The Clothing manufacturers.

Fashion Designers–work in different ways, some Sketch ideas on paper, others Drape fabrics on a dress form. After this stage,  the designer will contact a Professional pattern maker, who makes the finished, working version of the pattern, out of Card or on a Model to make sure it is an Operational outfit…

This is a basic Fashion design sketch, done in B2 Lead Pencil, and then partly painted in Rose madder, Scarlet, Purple — mixed with the–Titanium white.


This painting is the completed Fashion Design Creation, I have attempted,  in the Mont Marte Acrylic Colours Above, and Finished Off in Black Marker by Sharpie–Fine Point. The pencil outline you see, is to continue the completion Art Creation process further for another project, I need to share, in an Art exhibition.

Spring Time.  Mixed Media.  By Marie. Crimi.  2018.


History-Fashion Design–is considered to have started in the 19th Century, by Charles Frederick Worth, who was the First Designer to have his label sewn into the Garments, that he created. He was the first to tell his Customers what they should wear. Clothing from this period are considered, Costume design. Clothing created after 1858, is considered to be, Fashion Design.

During this period, many Design houses began to Hire Artists to Sketch, Paint and make designs for garments. This Tradition–of Designers, sketching out garment designs, began as The Fashion Design, Economy…

The Types of Fashion–

  1. Haute Couture–until the 1950’s, fashion was designed and manufactured on a made to measure, (Haute Couture basis) French for High Sewing. With each garment being created for a Specific Client. The Look and fit took High priority over the cost of materials and the time it takes to make. Haute Couture makes little direct profit for the Fashion houses, but is very important for prestige and publicity.
  2. Ready to Wear– –  ( Pret-a-porter )clothes which are a cross between Haute Couture and Mass Market. They are made for individual customers, and great care is taken, and made in the choice and cut of the fabric. Clothes are made in Small quantities to guarantee Exclusivity and so are very Expensive. This fashion, is presented by The Fashion Houses, each Season, in The Fashion Week. This occurs twice a year, and is City Wide Based.
  3. Mass Market–currently the Fashion Industry relies on Mass Market. This caters to a wide range of customers, producing Ready to- wear- garments using Trends, set by the Famous names, in fashion. They wait a Season to make sure a Style will catch on, and then produce their own versions. To save time and money, they use Cheaper fabrics, simpler techniques which can all be done by the Sewing machine. The end product is Sold cheaply.
  4. There is a type of design– called– “Kutch” Design, not aesthetically pleasing. Also referred as to wearing, something, that is no longer in Fashion.  (All the above information is, From, the–Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia).

Average Salary Industry: Fashion Design–In Australia, Fashion Designer, Median Salary is from, $44,000 to a Maximum of $112,000…

For–Assistant Fashion Designer–$36,000 to Maximum of $53,000.

The following is a Fashion Design Sketch, attempt I made in B2 Lead pencil and partly coloured in using Mont Marte Colours–Rose madder, Purple, Yellow orange and Titanium white.


The following Fashion Design Painting is the completed version of the previous painting. It has been completed using the above colours, and in the Black Marker by Sharpie-Fine Liner.

Celebrating Spring.  Mixed Media.  By Marie Crimi.  2018.


There are also many divisions in the Fashion Industry, under Fashion, that Employ and Pay excellent Salaries. (Search, Australian Designer Careers and Salary?) , You will be Amazed...

For Fashion Design Study–Check out–

  1. Fashion Design School / The Art Institutes, https://www.artinstitutes. ./academics/fashion/fashion design.
  2. And the,  https://www.coursera.org/learn/fashion-design
  3. Fashion Design/ArtEZ–Europe,  https://www.artez.ml/en/course/fashion-design.

See THESE, TOP, Fashion Design Websites

  1. Art and Design on Fashion Net..–the Number One  HUB for FASHION.
  2. Images of Fashion Design and Fashion Art, design.  ( Bing.com/images )

In concluding this Blog, Fashion Design and Fashion Art, Creations…I can say that I think there are very Big Opportunities in the Fashion Design Industry. Also if the Employment areas, and Salary, Statistics for this field of work, are true, and wide. If you think you have a little potential and interested in this Art Creation Field, I would make it your Business to investigate Career Opportunities for You. Look into the web links above, seriously check this all out. Remember we all have occasions to dress for. Dress is a big personal NEED.

Thank you for visiting my BLOG, this week, if you have any questions, or something any thing you need to say to me, or any subject– or topic, you want me to BLOG, about, please Let Me Know.      Sincerely, see you all next Blog.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Design and Fashion Art, Creations…”

  1. Thank you for your post, you’ve had lots of details. As a designer I know it’s all true. I personally like very much your fashion sketches, they seem childish but they illustrate a strong artistic mind. And you’re right, wearing clothes is a NEED so that’s why fashion world is huge. I think everyone can find his own small place in that world, provided one is motivated enough to learn a lot and work hard. But this lifestyle gives a lot of fun too!

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    1. Hi I have been busy for a few days since you made contact with me, so for the delay n answering you, sincerely. Thank you for your kind comments, especially I liked what you said in regards to my art being childish, yes, I have had this comment, when I initially 10yrs ago ,when I set out on my Art Journey. You are very true, honest and insightful. Thank you for your comment, I value it and You Highly. Have an amazing Week and Professional Career. Bye for now…


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