Interior Decorating Art and Creative Art...

Interior Decorating, Art, and Creative Art…

In this Blog on the,  Interior Decorating, Art, and Creative Art,  I research what exactly is Art and how do we separate, the similar areas of Art.  Most highly, How can the Creative Artist, Contribute in this specific specialisation, and is this particular Art form, and forms valuable to this whole Type of Art Style, and if this Type of sociological need, is paramount, for our Culture and for the specific, specified,  needs of all people…Or just in our Western Society?… I will be contributing my idea and type of Art work, for two specific rooms, the entrance to a home, and a painting for a bedroom. For these paintings, I have decided to use, The Watercolour Pencils, Faber–Castells, with a water wash, to give the effect to, the Unique, Interior Decorating Art, that hopefully contributes to this genre.

According to the Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, it says, that the History of Art–Focuses on objects made by humans in a Visual form, for aesthetic purposes. Visual art can be classified in diverse ways such as separating Fine arts from Applied arts, inclusively focusing on human creativity, and also on the graphic arts.  In the different media’s, such as Architecture, sculpture, painting, film, photography, and graphic arts. In recent years, Technological advances have lead to video art, computer art, animation, television and video games.

In the Interior design article, it says that  Art and Science, is a form of enhancing the Interior of a building, to achieve a Healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment, for the People using the space.

The Following Watercolour Painting is my contribution to this Interior art design, this painting is to be put in a White frame, and to be placed above an Entrance table, at the front door in the house at the entrance, of a Contemporary, home.

This is the first stage of the painting, it is the drawing in 2b Lead pencil, and some colouring in Watercolour Pencils–The Faber Castell. These pencils are easy to use, they glide on, and its a pleasure to work in these colours.



The next painting is the above, completed painting, done in the Faber Castell, Watercolour Pencils and a Wash of water over the Colours. I have then used a Fine Liner, Sharpie–Marker to outline the whole painting.

At the Entrance.  Mixed Media.  By Marie. Crimi.   2018…


An Interior Designer–is someone, who Plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such projects.  Interior designing is a multi-faceted profession that includes, Conceptual development space planning, site inspections, programming research, communication with the Stakeholders of a project, construction management, and the Full execution of the design.

Notable Interior Decorator’s–early decorators, Sibyl Colefax, Dorothy Draper, Pierne Francois Leonard Fontaine, Syrie Maugham, Margery, Hoffman Smith, and others… Many of the most Famous designers and decorators during the 20th Century, had No Formal Training.

Notable Interior Designers–in the world Today, include, Scott Salvator, Troy Adams, Jonathan Adler, Michael S. Smith and Eleven others…

Interior Design Styles–

  1. Art Deco–style began in Europe in the early 20th Century. The Art Deco Style influenced all areas of design, in particular Interior Design, because it spotlighted  all the New technologies and materials.  Art Deco, Style, is mainly based on Geometric shapes, streamline, and clear lines.
  2. Modern Art–grew out of the Decorative arts, mostly from Art Deco, in the early 20th Century. The first to introduce this, was Frank Lloyd Wright.  Modern Art reached its peak in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Modern Art is not the same as Contemporary Design, in which the term is used, to apply to the Changing culture, and movements, which are in recent times, due to Changes in Style preferences, and in the Newer trends, availability.
  3. Arab Materials–Nagash painting is the Decoration of the front parlour of the Traditional Arabic homes in the Asir province  of the Saudi Arabia and parts of Yemen. These paintings are a form of Mural or Fresco, which show Geometric designs in bright colours, called ‘Nagash’, in Arabic, the wall paintings are a Mark of Pride, for a Woman in her Home. In the Arab culture, you realise how serious Interior Decorating Art is, to the home owner, family and in this Culture context.

Specialities in Interior Design–Residential, is the design of the Interior of Private residences. The Interior designer may work on the project from the Initial planning stage, or may work on the modelling of an existing structure. It is often a very involved Process, that takes months to fine–tune and create a Space with the Clients’ vision.

The painting below is drawn in 2b Lead pencil,  and coloured in Watercolour Pencils by Faber Castell. I then  Water washed lightly over the colours, let the colours dry, and then outlined the painting with a Fine Liner–Sharpie Marker, to complete the painting. This painting should be placed in a beautiful White frame, and put up in a Main Bedroom of a Contemporary Built Home.

The Camerra Da Letto.  Mixed Media.  By Marie. Crimi.  2018…


Commercial– design encompasses a wide–range of Sub–specialties. Retail, Visual and Spatial branding, Corporate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Exhibition and Recreation, Institutional, Industrial, Traffic buildings, Sports, Teaching, Self Employment, Employment in Private sector firms. Other areas, include, Amusement and Theme park design and A Host of other specialities.

Professional–Education– to become a Professional Interior designer involve some form of Training. An informal method of training, is Working with a successful Professional designer.  Training through an Institution, College, Art or design school, University are all Formal ways into the Professional practice. In the UK and US, the University design courses available, include Interior Architecture, taking three to four years to complete.

Working Conditions– there are a wide range of working Conditions and employment opportunities within Interior design. Large, and Tiny Corporations, Hire interior designers as employed, In regular working hours.  Some Interior designers work on contract or per–job basis.  The Self employed, make up 26% of Interior designers, working the most hours.  Designers work under stress to meet Deadlines to stay on budget, and to meet the Clients’ needs.  In most cases, Professionals review the work and sign it before Submitting the design for approval by Clients, or Construction pre–Commissioning.  With the technology developments recently, the process of Contacting clients and Communicating alternatives has become easier, and requires less travel.   htttps://

How to Sell Art to The Interior Designers– this is the most important part, in this whole discussion, as the,  Artists’ as producers of Unique Art Creations, need to have this knowledge, which is information that Artists can use in order to Sell, and Profit financially on an ongoing basis, from the requirements of the Interior Decorating Professionals’.

The following are some interesting and informative Websites to look into.

  1. Art Deco/ Homes to Love.  https://homes to
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The following List is of a few,  U–TUBE,  Channels on Interior Design, that are great to get an idea about Interior Design.

  1. Best Interior Design–You Tube Channels.
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The next List is the Top Amazon Texts for Interior Design.

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In concluding this BLOG, I can say that, Interior Decorating, both externally in the Initial building process, and in the Interior completion stage of a Building, is very important to the Post Live ability and enjoyment of a building. Overall the Form and Style is a very important feature, the ARTIST can help Complete the last phase, by Supplying UNIQUE, Art Creations to the Interior Designers, to complete the interiors of Homes…

Thank you for visiting my Blog, have an Excellent Week, see you next Blog.


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