Fresh Paint–Perspectives–My Version

Fresh Paint, Perspectives, My Version is about how to use different Art Media to create an interesting Unique Art Creation, using different Art supports and Mediums, to give the painting Depth, Wonder and Appeal to the viewing Art Audience.

I will be sharing what the Art Professionals, perspectives are, and what they have to say about this Art Technique, and which are the methods, they prefer to use and why.

I will create a painting using this art technique, which is my usual method of Unique Art Creation, Mixed-media, Collage. I will be doing a Painting of a flower, and I have chosen the Tulip. I plan to use my normal way of preparing the support, which is acid free, Watercolour paper and cutting shapes from Coloured card paper, and gluing them onto the paper. I have decided to use another layer of Collage, taken from the research I did on the history of the Tulip, Flower. I printed the information from the internet in Colour, and have pasted this on top of the, Initial collaged Watercolour paper. I am hoping to Achieve something Amazingly Different in Texture and Appeal to this newer Art technique, using Acrylic paints and Pastels.

This is the first stages of the collage, for the painting of the Tsdc10586-e1530604322172.jpgulip Flowers.



Ann Blockley says, “That adding other mediums to a painting, gives the Artist the opportunity to change the look and style of your Arts interpretation. Which can increases greatly, if you change your medium or combine it with other mediums. You can add details such as pale colours over dark colours. Adding different mediums to an Artwork, can create the atmosphere, in which you can add little, or as many mediums as you like, to give to the painting a Unique look and Finish to the painting.”

I am painting a wash of Acrylic, using the Mont Marte Cobalt blue-Silver Series, mixed with a little Titanium White-Semi matte, colour, to paint over the double collaged Watercolour paper. This will be the initial preparation stage, for my HB Dark pencil drawing of the Tulips. I will then proceed, to use a Fine black Art liner to trace over the pencil drawing, making the drawing, easier to see, and then to proceed to work on, the progressive Art creation to completion, of the painting of the Tulip Flowers.

This is the Acrylic Wash, over the collaged, Water colour paper.


This is the collaged Watercolour paper, Painting, with a Fine line Marker traced over the Black HB pencil drawing.


Sophie Ploeg, reveals secrets, to get your paintings off to a great start. Sophie says, “There are dozens of pastel supports out there, sometimes you just need to start doing, with a good quality ground. If you like to do Mixed-media, Sophie warns, that some of the pastel supports, are unsuitable for water based mediums, such as acrylics or watercolour.”  The Artist will need to explore other supports that are suitable to their, art work processes.  http://www.sophieploeg.com

Hashim Akib – says “Keep It simple. There are plenty of supports available, including paper, boards, panels and canvas. There are acrylic pads, which have a surface texture similar to canvas, which are already primed, so that acrylic glides over the surface of the paper.” Hashim’s preferred support is canvas, the reason being, there is no need for framing, just add a cord to the back, and its ready to hang. Good quality  canvas are very taut. Hashim says, “Think of a drum: the tighter the better. Canvas are also a recyclable, media.” http://www.hashimakib.co.uk   Akib, stresses that as Artists we have no excuses, to avoid doing this art form, because there are many different supports available to the Artist, to produce a Mixed-media Art Work. The paper I choose to work on is Acid free, Watercolour paper, coloured Card paper-for Collage, Acrylic paints and other medium of my choice.

This photo is of the painting of the Tulips, which I have firstly painted in Acrylic paints, using the Mont Marte paints, Rose madder-Silver series, Scarlet- Semi matt with Titanium white-Semi matt for the Tulip Flowers. For the stems and leaves I have used Lamp black-Silver series and Viridian-Silver series, in the Monte Marte, Acrylic paints.


David Grossman says “That it is a gift to stand in one spot, for a few hours and observe the surrounding En Plein Air, area. The changes in the light, in the weather, and most importantly to take notice of your emotions. ” David in his paintings, tries to convey a sense of place, peace and beauty, which surrounds people, in the natural world. In which we have this unique chance to stop, listen and just be.

In my paintings, I agree that Mixed-media, Collage painting would be better to prepare the supports in the studio, and then to take them and paint En Plein Air. I think that in the natural environment, the changing light does make a big difference in which colours, and mediums you choose to use in the painting. I think the colours you use will have more of an impact on the paintings atmosphere and overall detail.

Should you make your Art for Free?  This is an interesting perspective to explore, regarding Art Creations.  Laura Boswell, http://www.lauraboswell.co.uk.  Boswell says ” Making Art is challenging enough, without being taken, advantage of. When art is a Hobby, or you are at the start of your Art career, it is easy to give your art work away. Learn to treat your skills with Respect, Value your creative efforts and make gifting your art, something Special and Worthy. This attitude will boost your Creative confidence and teach people to Respect you and your Art creations. Boswell, articulates her view on this perspective well. I agree, why would you give your work away for free, when effort, work and money all goes into a Unique art creation. Every piece of individual art work created by the Artist, is always special and worthy.

This photo is a completed, Mixed Media, Collage, of the Tulip Flowers. I  made in this Blog, for Fresh–Paint–Perspectives–My Version. I used Hard Pastels in contrasting colours to give, a Bright and Amazing perspective to this painting.

Tulips in The Spring Time.  Mixed Media Collage.  By Marie. Crimi.  2018.


Sale of This Painting

Tulips in The Spring Time. Mixed Media Collage. By Marie Crimi. 2018.


Make a Mixed-media Drawing,  –Terence Clarke says, “What you need to do is a Mixed- media Drawing, which will help, you develop a sense of how Layered your work can be. Mistakes and alterations become part of the Mixed-media language, which adds a Subtlety and a lot of Depth. The use of a range of media, changes the atmosphere, and the final Tone of the painting. Your eyes will focus, on this combination of medium in the Final painting. In the end result you see, the Pleasure and the Risks taken to complete, this Mixed-media Unique Art Creation.” http://www.terenceclarke.co.uk.

According to Terence Clarke, you understand what he is trying to convey to the Artist, is that Mixed-Media can help you create Art work, that is interesting, has a different perspective, to other genre of art. This art form, gives people a new discussion and talking basis for this art expression.  Generally the People who view, buy, critic or judge in art exhibitions, it will be an excellent, novel and welcome, experience.

This is a painting I exhibited this year 2018, which is a Mixed Media Collage painting, of Native Australian Flowers, which is on the topic of this Blog, Flowers, Mixed Media Collage.

White King Protea’s.  Mixed Media Collage.  By Marie. Crimi.  2018.



Sale of This Painting, Without the Frame.

White King Protea's. Mixed Media Collage. By Marie. Crimi. 2018.




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