Making Art Through Experimentation

Making Art Through Experimentation

In this blog, I will be exploring what making Art means to Me as an Artist, and how we can make choices in the use of art mediums, and materials. How placing ourselves in different situations, like the Art Studio or other Art Venues, and in En Plein Air, in the Nature Environment, which can give the Artist, Inspiration, Ideas and New Thought Patterns. In which to make newer art creations, and take art, to a new level of art creating.

Making art is a good thing to do, it is good for your time, your mind, and makes your time productive. Art can release you from emotional problems. It could also make you money, from selling your art.

I will create a painting of Paris, in Autumn. This initial two stages, are the collaged watercolour paper, and a wash of Acrylic paint over the top of the collaged paper.

SDC10569         SDC10570


This is the first stages of the painting, the drawing is in pencil, and then the drawing is traced over with a Fine line black texture.

SDC10571        SDC10573

Lyn Mellady, ( ), says that “As artists we are rarely bored. As we experience new things or sights, our brains are constantly put-on alert to the possibilities of paintings we love to paint.”  Lyn continues in saying, “It might be that shaft of light that makes us see something anew. It might be the unexpected colour heightened bark on a tree after rain.” Lyn Mellady confirms what I have been saying, what art is and what art can do for us, and that art is a great creative pursuit for us as individuals, as well as Artists.

Art to me means a place to create, creative art, in my Art Studio. Art creating means creating, art that is unique to me in style and technique. By choosing mediums and colours I can prepare my thoughts, for the new art piece. Then through intuition I look, for a photo that I have previously taken, or search in the free internet photos on the internet, for a picture to draw initially, in the planning stage, and later to the completion stage. Hopefully this gives me the result, that proves, another excellent painting, unique, in style and technique. Every art completion should  leave me feeling proud, happy and that I have completed, another genius piece of art creation, that I can display in Art Exhibitions or in Art competitions.

Art can also fill in time, when you have nothing better to do. Art gives your mind, something productive to do, art can take your mind of personal problems, and relationship difficulties.

Making art gives you a chance to experiment with art materials, different papers, and canvas. Natural materials, like leaves, plants, rocks, feathers, wood, soil, and fruit, vegetables, fabrics, liquids, water, tea, and coffee.

You could also go on En Plein air outings, to the seaside, into the country, to the bush, in the city, walk around neighbourhoods, go to the zoo, to the pool, to the park, on to The Public transport system, just Drive around in your car, to the Shopping malls, to the Museums, and to the Art galleries.

You could choose a particular art medium that appeals to you at a particular time, or place, and continue to work in the mediums, that are specific to the art creation of the moment.

The location you choose to work in, makes your art experience unique to you.  You can choose to paint in your Art studio, or some other Art venue. In your Studio you can paint from photos, you have taken previously, other objects you have, or you can employ a person, to paint a portrait from, the possibilities are endless.

You can also go into Nature and paint En Plein Air, to the Seaside, or in the Woods or into the Bush. The En Plein air situation, and locations help you work well, by giving you a break from your usual life and personal problems.

In your Studio, there is silence and you have within reach all the mediums and materials you will need. The Studio is comfortable place, and is organised to your personal likes. This is your Space, and the thoughts, ideas and actions in this space, in your Art studio are your own.

In En Plein air painting you are in a Natural environment, in the Fresh air and Sunshine.  Nature has a calming and serene tone, in your life. In this environment your Thoughts, and Ideas give to you Inspiration, in answer to Art creation problems you may have, and may give you, solutions to other problems in your life that you think or feel.

En Plein Art painting, helps you distance yourself from your normal environment and to spend the day In, Calm, Aloneness and in a Peaceful environment.

Terry Javis says about En Plein Air Painting, “Never deny yourself the opportunity to develop your Skills, enjoy the Great outdoors, and Experience the power of painting on location. If given the choice I will always paint from Nature, from Life, and all it has to offer.” Javis says “If you are well prepared, you condition yourself to paint better Pictures, but you also condition yourself to come back with more pleasing results.”  ( )

In this photo I begin to paint in the painting, with Acrylic paints, using the Silver series, Mont Marte colours, Scarlet, Light green, Lamp black, Titanium white, Phthalo blue, Cobalt blue and Raw umber. The next painting is the complete painting, which is outlined in Fine black texture and then finished in Oil pastels.

Autumn, on the River Seine, Paris, France. By Marie Crimi. 2018.

SDC10574       SDC10577

Belonging to an art group, can be Formal , or Informal. In a formal art group you enrol in paid classes, to learn the Art techniques, or to learn how to use Art materials and Mediums. You can realise your potential in the Formal art groups, as to where you are located in the Art spectrum, as to Beginner or Top professional. You can also learn how to excel in, Marketing and in Art promoting, your art work.

In an Informal art group, you pay a small amount of money to belong to the Art group. Which is usually a social group, where you share Art tips, and Solutions to Art queries, and  some Interesting conversation is made. In general, you could find solutions to other Personal problems, because in a friendly Art environment people are most happy to share, their Life experiences.

In both, Formal and Informal art groups there is the option to Exhibit your art, or share your Art creations, which could lead to Selling your art. Your Art could win an art prize for best Art work, or you could win Commissions for your Artwork.

This is a painting I exhibited in 2017, its Sydney, Australia, where I visited a few years ago. It is of a location visited, in theme, with the painting of Paris, I have created for this blog.

The Place to be on New Years Eve. ( Sydney ). By Marie Crimi, 2017.


Thank you for visiting my blog, and thank you for your comments. See you in my next blog.


For the Sale of this painting.

Autumn, on the River Seine, Paris, France. 2018 Mixed Media, Collage.


For the Sale of this Painting. Without the White Frame.

The Place To Be On New Years Eve. ( Sydney ), 2017. Acrylics.




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