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Acrylics and Why?…

Initially I did not start my Art Journey in Acrylic Painting. No No, I started my Art Journey in Watercolour paints, and I used the Cotman, Artist Quality, Watercolour paints. The reason I chose these watercolour paints, was because I was new to art and I had read text on watercolours in the public  library, and I thought it would be a good medium for me to work in. I thought, I could just mix water to the colours, and it would be non toxic and easy to use, and clean up and pack up, after working on art all Day. When I actually went into the Jackson Art Store in my local area, and looked at the watercolour  brands in stock at the Jackson’s  store, I realised that watercolours were affordable , and there were so many excellent colours that did not need any Mixing. I was completely overtaken, I thought easy to use, to clean up, easy to store away,and portable as well… So Watercolours it Was. The watercolour paper I used was, Arches, Watercolour, Rough Paper, 300– GSM.

I joined an Art Gallery, where I paid a joining fee per year, to belong to. I could go into the gallery four times a week, for free and to sit and paint with other already accomplished Artists. who were already members. I would go into the gallery two times a week, and on the Saturdays go in to walk through the new art exhibitions every three weeks. This was always very interesting for me to walk through the Gallery, because being new to the art scene, I loved to check out what exhibiting artists, were creating in the art scene. I realised two things, one, that my work was unique in style and technique and secondly, that my work had merit and appeal too. Initially the artists who found fault with my art, were the artists who were trying to convince me that I needed art lessons, to be a better artist. Basically it was that the artists were greedy, they wanted to make money, from my newness, to the art scene. So I kept working on my art quietly and in 2015, I put two painting in a Christmas Exhibition, and I was told I had initially won prizes for both the paintings, I had put in to the exhibition. When I asked the important questions, as to why I was disqualified, I was told by  president of the art society, that something about the framing, not being professional enough, and that the work, was excellent…

Losing out on the big money prizes was not the problem, I got to be acknowledged that my work was of artist appeal and high quality. My sister was with me that moment, and she acknowledged, validated  that I had made progress in my art journey, and that to me was the biggest prize, I could have won. Which was the acknowledgement by my family member… that YES, I was a Great Artist as well. Yes I was right in thinking that I did not need, art classes, I could study, and accomplish high art creativity on my own merits…

Finally, Why I got into Acrylic Painting, I had been visiting  different art galleries for years and looking at paintings, and I realised that watercolour was not a popular medium, people that made art purchases, preferred to buy, Acrylics and Oil Paintings…

I thought I want to sell my creative art work and have my own unique art presence In the art world, therefore I will need to create Art Work that has the possibility of selling greatly.   I also thought, Acrylic painting colours are a lot more Brilliant than Watercolours. From this thought I decided, to read and investigate what Acrylic Paints and painting was about, and why people were buying this form of art creation?…

I read in texts and magazines about Acrylic Paints, and all of the materials said that Acrylics are good to use because, you can use them as watercolours, you can use them to look like oil painting. Acrylics are also non toxic,  and dry very quickly. Acrylics are durable, non yellowing and flexible. They resist aging, like cracking, thinning and wrinkling, in the art work. The colours are permanent, once dry you can not resurrect them. So the artist can build layers of colours, without removing, the before layers of colour.

Acrylic paints are a professional medium, to paint with, and Acrylics have a greater advantage over oil paints. Acrylics dry by the evaporation of water , whereas oils need time and air to dry, and this method takes weeks or months. With  the acrylics you can work at a faster pace and Acrylics are easier to use.

Acrylics are a newer medium, they are a unique medium all on their own, and are not associated with Contemporary or Abstract art.

My goal when using Acrylics, is to work at my own pace, and to use the colours, because they are  brilliant and easy to use, and they dry instantly. The end result is always a Masterpiece of Creative Art.

The reason I avoided Acrylics initially, was that Acrylics were an unknown medium to me, and I had no idea, what the cost was, to buy them. When I noticed artists work, and their work appeared brilliant in colours and texture, and It was hard to work out if the art work was acrylic paint or oils,  I was instantly attracted, to Acrylics.

I have been using Acrylics, since 2013. I enjoy working with Acrylics, because I love the brilliance of the colours , texture purposes, and the end result…

Since 2013 I have been painting in Acrylics. My Art Creations are, New, Unique and Masterpieces. I paint in the Impressionist Realist Style. I paint Australian subjects chosen by society members, in landscapes, Australian Native Plants, Countries I have visited in the world, people, and anything else that appeals to me at any time. I find all these ideas for paintings in photos I have, magazines, texts, newspapers, and from free photo, web searches on the internet.

I also go to as many exhibitions as I can, and check the art work out, for ideas and technique. This method also gives me courage to keep doing and improving on my art creations. Also it gives me great and excellent pleasure to realise that my work is sometimes a lot better, than what is out there in the Art World at any time. To be honest I think this feeling is that I have picked up, that each and every Artist Values and Appreciates their work greatly, above all others art works. I can understand this completely, because in general, it is the inner world of the artist that shows through their unique, and positive creations, and yes, we all acknowledge ourselves as great creators and doers in our lives. To end this discussion, I can honestly say we are doing and acting, in a natural way, completely. When we think like this, we can say, that we are truly normal and Blessed Indeed…

I would like to introduce you to the first two, steps in my Acrylic, Mixed Media, Collage, Art Creations, in this photo I have taken. The first step is the cutting out of shapes in coloured textured paper, and the photo shows, the wash of blue acrylic paint, painted over the top of the shapes.

I will continue the progress and explanation, of the painting in my next Blog. See you all there.


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